Hawaii Five-0 (S07E21) (“Ua malo’o ka wai” is Hawaiian for “The Water is Dried Up”)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

Opposite to what I said last week here I am, at home and writing my blog about episode 7.21 of our favourite show. My plans for the weekend suddenly changed, it happens, but at least that gave me the opportunity to see a very enjoyable episode of the show.

7.21 Moni

Being a fan of thrillers and horror movies I have to say I really liked the opening with the couple in distress out at sea at night (did anybody wonder what on Earth they were doing out there in that horrible weather?) and their finding of the ghost vessel with all its dead passengers. Of course in a scary movie they would have ended up being haunted by the zombies or any other sort of supernatural entity that killed the crew but this is Hawaii Five 0 so lets stick to “reality” (yes, I’m being slightly ironic 🙂 ).

Before getting introduced to the case of the week we had one of my favourite scenes of the entire episode, and that is of course the McDanno playing Doctors one. So funny, those two really are like brothers and know how to get on each other nerves while still having fun. And so do we. I was quite surprised at how patient Steve was, letting Danno sticking a medical instrument in his ear and joke about the lack, or pea like size, of brain in his skull cavity. It also put a big smile on my face when Steve told the Doctor that Danno was there because he couldn’t find a baby sitter for “his kid”.


Poor Doctor, he had no clue about what the two naughty kids were on about when he suggested that Steve’s recovery seemed a bit slower than expected and that he should wait a bit longer to get back to “normal physical activity”.


Truly an enjoyable scene and I’m pretty sure Scott and Alex had a great time in shooting it, being more or less more themselves than their characters.

7.21 Sonni

Of course reality called them back to duty soon enough and thanks to Jerry they found out that the gun’s slugs found on the boat matched to a Yakuza family, no less than the one Michelle Shioma belonged to.

Worried about the possibility of a mole in the H.P.D. McGarrett decided to investigate, together with Chin Ho, Kono and Danno without informing the other authorities. Off they went to Lanai, with only Jerry left at H.Q. keeping a virtual eye on them and trying to make sure they wouldn’t get in trouble.

But this is the Five 0 task force and trouble is part of their D.N.A. so after finding some corpse hanged long time before in the jungle our heroes got captured by a gang of Yakuza representative, which claimed that one of the bodies belonged to Michelle Shioma.


Luckily for them Steve managed to send a text to Jerry before loosing communication.

Steve’s attempt at freeing himself and his team promising the criminal twenty million dollars that Shioma had left after escaping custody lead to the woman to reveal that she was in fact very much alive and present on the island. Poor Steve got quite a bad beating, clearly not following the Doctors orders about physical exertion, but at the same time he managed to “steal” a bullet that, in a typical MacGyver style (wink wink to Peter Lenkov, co-writer of this episode) he used to blow the lock and lead his team out of their cage.


Five 0 engaged the Yakuza in combat but would have been defeated if Jerry hadn’t already sent the cavalry, in the form of H.P.D. helicopters and officers to the rescue.

I loved the interaction between Duke and Jerry, Duke trying to persuade him that Five 0 might have gone dark for security reasons and Jerry being adamant that something was wrong, and willing to loose his job in order to save his friends.

It was also great to see Duke more involved in the rescue and communicating with Steve from the helicopter.


The conversation between Steve and Jerry was touching especially when Steve faked to be disappointed about Jerry disobeying a direct order, in typical McGarrett style.

Another one of my favourite scenes in the episode was Jerry finding an official Five 0 badge on his desk.


I have to admit the scene got my quite emotional. I love Jerry and I enjoyed to see the journey of this awesome character, going from a conspiracy theory recluse to a…. conspiracy theory lovable numpty which is always an integral part of the team and even more importantly part of the Five 0 Ohana. Well done Jerry and well done to the Commander and to the team for acquiring a “brand new” member with unique skills and abilities.


So this was one half of last night’s show, but there was also a completely different sub-plot involving Lou Grover and his son Will. I have always been a big fan of Grover’s and I like his relationship with his family so I was more than happy to see this second part of the show. Also I like continuity so getting to find out the conclusion to the “uncle Clay” story left me satisfied.

The dynamic between Lou and Will is always endearing, father and son clearly belong to different generations but they always seem to find common ground on the important things in life and to support each other when it is needed.


Loved that Renee’s presence was felt even without being actually there, both when Will was warning Lou about not eating too much and when he said to his father that he hadn’t had a lot of sleep as he hadn’t been snoring.

And loved the fact that Lou had an answer for every question or argument, like the “What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago” concerning his love for deep pan pizza and cannoli.

Apart from the funny side of the plot, it was really touching seeing Lou trying to explain to Will why he had to arrest Clay. It definitely hurt him when Will referred to his former friend as uncle Clay but he was really good in pointing out that sometimes the right decisions are the hardest to take but they need to be made regardless of the consequences. And in his case he had to face quite a lot, not only with him and his family getting nearly killed but also with the end of his friendship ties with his old Chicago life. I have to admit I don’t really understand how the other cops could be on Clay’s side, as as Lou pointed out a “code of honour” shouldn’t apply to someone that has killed his wife of twenty years in cold blood or has tried to have his former best friend and his family murdered by drug dealers. Lou’s pain, when his old friends rejected him and when Georgie told him he shouldn’t be at his restaurant, looked very real, not to talk about Chis’ performance when secretly crying in the bathroom so that Will wouldn’t see him.


And how touching was a son revealing how proud he was of his dad and putting a smile back on Lou’s face.

So that’s all for this week, until next, have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


Credit for the pics goes to Monika, Sonni, Belle, Lisa and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter.



14 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E21) (“Ua malo’o ka wai” is Hawaiian for “The Water is Dried Up”)

  1. Mahalo Manu. There were 2 separate stories and each one deserved to be told, but not in the same episode, they diluted each other. Bringing down Michelle Shioma definitely did! And maybe you need to really know and understand the cop code standard to think Lou’s experience in Chicago wouldn’t be a nice bonding experience with Will. As much as I loved seeing the original foursome together, fighting off evil – and I did – the eppy as it was, belonged to Chi. His performance could have been an acting masterclass, he was that good. Bravo to Chi. Back to the Yakuza and Shioma takedown, to quote someone in the sporting world, boxing I think, ‘We wuz robbed.’ This should have had it’s own episode, too much happened off screen! And also, I think the script needed a few more passes around the table! If this part of the story had had it’s own 42 1/2 minutes maybe it wouldn’t have had so many holes in it. What I loved about it… I loved the ‘Dead Calm’ opening too… ‘it was a dark and stormy night.’ How cute were McG and Danno at the doctor’s office, these two at their best! And who didn’t smile when the camera panned onto the badge on Jerry’s desk, huh? Duke to the rescue! Loved that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this eppy, but the one story line distracted from the other, and it could have been better. As always, it’s only my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And as usual your opinion is very welcome 😀I agree, the Shioma case was a bit rushed and it could have done with more on screen time. Also true, I don’t know much about the cop code. But one thing we more than agree on, Chi was amazing, once again 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And probably most people don’t know the cop code, but it’s why everyone hates the IAB, Internal Affairs Bureau and why they are always the bad guys on cop shows. The basic code it this, you never rat on your partner, you always have their back. It’s the basis for the trust that has to be there with partners. It’s not always easy to understand when something like what Lou had experienced was a time when ratting on his former partner was right, Clay was a bad cop and a bad guy. But for most cops, it’s still ratting out your partner. They could have spent more time on this as it was the whole reason Will & Lou had their police escort, to protect them from the other cops. It was there, but IMO, it deserved more time.

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  3. Dear Manu, thanks for your review. The yakuza story should have had an episode on it’s own. Liked the part Steve was pinning Michelle with her kids. Being a mother myself you always want to protect them. Liked to see Duke&Jerry saving the team and Jerry getting his wish fulfilled. Chi was awesome in his part, in many ways, but this should have been another episode too !! But looking back I really liked to watch all of it !!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mahalo Manu! While I loved both stories . Love Grover to bits. I gotta go along with Helma, I think they both would have been great stand alone stories. None the less a wonderful episode. Dr’s office was way too cute and entertaining 🙂 I felt so bad for Lou but Janno is right. Awesome review! Thanks for all you do! 😀

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  4. A beautiful well thought out review Manu, I enjoyed it so much. I loved the entire episode but was hoping all along that “our” Kono would ” take out” Michelle Shioma!! I was so thrilled for Jerry. ‘Bout time!!!! Everybody was amazing in this episode but Chi Mc Bride “owned it” He brought me to tears. I also thought it was wonderful to see “DUKE” finally featured in a larger part. Sometimes we forget what an important part he is to the Hawaii Five-O Ohana and what a brilliant actor Dennis Chun is. I wish I could let him know how much HE is appreciated by all us loyal fans of the show. Please keep writing your review my darling friend.
    I am so sorry your weekend plans fell throuh but happy you shared this amazing episode with all of us

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading sis 🙂
      I so agree about Dennis being an important member of the Five O Ohana, to me he is the embodiment of the Aloha, such a caring and positive person. I am blessed to have him as a friend and rest assured hun, I will tell him what you said and I’m sure it will fill his heart with joy.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you my sweet baby sis. I did not like to impose on our friendship by asking you to let him know but he is such a sweetheart is so many ways it would be nice for you to let him know just how much he is appreciated.
    Sending a big hug my darling girl.

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