Hawaii Five- (S07E23) “Wehe ‘ana” (The Prelude)

Aloha fellow Five 0 fans, a bit late this week but here I am to write my thoughts and opinions about episode 7.23.

It has been a busy couple of weeks so I had nearly decided to skip this one but then I decided I liked it actually too much to not write about it, probably also because I have read quite a few, in my opinion unjustified bad reviews so I just wanted to keep up the positive vibe and explain why I liked the episode.

7.23 Moni

First of all I love Danny Williams. And I have always liked the way Scott Caan portrays him on the show. Liking or not a character is very subjective so it’s far from me to try to persuade anybody to change their mind but I believe that Danno, and his relationship with Steve and the rest of the Five 0 team, is a pivotal part of the show and deserves the recognition that most fans give them.

It seems that the Five 0 fandom is clearly divided on this character, they seem to either love him or deeply dislike him. Either way he provokes strong reactions and that at least means that he is an interesting character.

So episode 7.23 introduces us to how and why Danno was chosen to solve the case of John McGarrett’s murder, which, as we all know, lead him to meet Steve McGarrett, be recruited as the second member of the Five 0 task force and become part of the Ohana we love so much.

The episode merged current time in the story and past time, via flashbacks, in a very clever way, I liked it and I found it original and refreshing as an idea.

One of my favourite things on the show has always been the close friendship between Steve and Danno. After 7 years they are more like brothers in my opinion than just work colleagues or friends. They deeply care about each other, they know each other better than their significant others and they truly enjoy taking the mick (allow me the little Moonlight pun) out of each other. Real life friends do that all the time, I know I do with mine so I don’t see anything forced or fake when I see it on the screen.

The first scene with Steve and Danno decorating Charlie’s room and building the car-bed just shows how different they are in their approach to things and how that works for their friendship because it is complementary. I am like Danno, I hate reading and following instructions for anything and I’d rather work things out myself even if it takes longer and eventually I have to ask the hubby for help. Steve is a more practical, skilled handyman who seems as much at ease with tools and D.I.Y. as he he is with guns and hand to hand combat. And one of his favourite past times is teasing his best friend. Apart from the funny bits of bantering I found very meaningful that Steve would mention the restaurant again. Regardless of what Danno will choose to do with his life after retiring from being a law enforcement officer, Steve has already decided that he will be part of it. “Forget about the restaurant, this will be our career”, when Steve says that they should be part of those shows that renovate people’s houses just to make them happy. It is evident that he is planning to still be Danno’s partner after Five 0. I love that.


The arrival of retired Captain Tanaka takes Danno away from his decorating duties in order to get involved with an old case that might actually become active again due to some news he had seen on TV. An hospital patient that has been in a coma for the past seven years could be the eyewitness that would have allowed Danno to solve a murder case but that disappeared in suspicious circumstances before being able to testify.

tanaka Partner

Ahe’ahe Makino could be waking up soon from the coma and be able to testify against a drug cartel related murderer and Tanaka and Danno are afraid that the culprits might try to silence him before that happens. Their worries turn out to be justified when a paid assassin, impersonating a fake nurse tries to kill both Makino and his protector Danno. We get to see Detective Williams show off his fighting skills, which is welcome as it doesn’t happen very often, as well as we are able to admire some of Scott’s jujitsu abilities, as we know that he is a very skilled black belt. Danno NurseAfter getting rid of the killer Danno, with the help of Tanaka and of caring nurse Jenny, manages to extract Makino from the hospital and to take him away in a an ambulance.


Unfortunately the bad guys follow them not only on the road but also in the improvised safe house where they take refuge. Nurse Jenny manages to keep Makino alive and Danno to keep him safe until Steve arrives to save the day smashing his truck through the wall of the house and taking out the armed assailants. “You must be Steve”, Tanaka’s funny comment show that McGarrett’s reputation always precedes him.

The rest of the team is only seen briefly in this episode but they all help in order to locate Danno and the other people in danger and in order to arrest the drug cartel boss that had put the hit on Makino.

Via flashbacks the writers show us bit by bit the events that lead to Makino being thrown of a cliff 7 years before. We see a Danno, still sporting his shirt and tie look being targeted as the new guy and being reminded at every turn of being a pale skinned haole from the mainland (his colleagues leave a bottle of self tanning lotion on his desk every day).Danny and makino

We also see once again his troubled relationship with ex wife Rachel, who does her best to make his attempts of being with his daughter Gracie difficult. When Makino calls Danny to talk about what he has seen of the murder the Detective misses the call because he is busy arguing with Rachel about her planning a sleep over with her friends for Gracie on a weekend that was supposed to be with Danno.7.23 lisa

This will hunt Danno until the present day as he feels guilty of not being there for Makino and being the possible cause of his disappearance. But that event also causes him to be re-assigned to follow the case of John McGarrett apparently because Tanaka starts doubting about his competence.

Tanaka himself though, in 7.23 tries to persuade Danno that he has always been a good cop and that what happened to Makino wasn’t his fault. The retired Captain also suggests Danno not to open a restaurant after retiring because he had already tried without success.DannoTanaka

The final two scenes of the episode are rather significant and emotional in different ways.

We see Steve, who has finished building up the car-bed for Charlie but has given the credit to his friend, babysitting the kid and being funny and in full uncle Steve mode. I think Alex’s experience with his own sons allows him to portray this kind of scenes in a very natural and instinctive way.


We also see Danno apologising to a still sleeping Makino, danno 7.23explaining that had he had 7 years ago the same kind of back up he has now he probably could have saved his life, but also revealing that without him he would have never met his team mates, and Ohana of Five 0. A very touching moment as we know how difficult Danny finds to express his feelings with words so having him talking to Makino was a clever way to make him achieve it in a way that would make him feel more comfortable.7.23 belle

All together a very different episode from usual which in my opinion worked very well and that i most definitely want to watch again.

And now we are up to the season two final episodes, lets see what the writers have thought up for us in order to bring us back and make us look forward to Season 8.

Until then, have a good week and mahalo for reading,


Pictures courtesy of Monika, Belle, Lisa, Sonni and Hawaii Five o on twitter


4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five- (S07E23) “Wehe ‘ana” (The Prelude)

  1. Dear Manu, I liked this episode a lot too. Eventhough Steve(Alex) is my favourite I liked to see more about Danny and his past before entering the team. We have had background episodes from the others also, so it was good to have one from Danny now. Also liked the Charley/Steve part, because Steve didn”t disturb the chemistry between Charley and his dad by telling him that Danny finished his bed 😉 (instead of Steve himself). This part looked so natural.
    All together a good episode, now waiting for the next ones.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THX Manu. I liked this one a lot too even though it was a McG-lite one! I’ve read a few very negative remarks, comments & reviews of this one too and I just don’t get it. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Loved the flashbacks to the pilot and how they were used in the eppy; loved the guests stars of Lori Petty & Michael Paul Chan a LOT! My favorite scene was Charlie and Uncle Steve, Charlie in his new bed, Uncle Steve as his sitter, putting him to bed. I couldn’t help but think this might be how Alex is with his own son, Lion, who is just slightly younger in RL than Charlie is right now. Only 2 more new eppies before the season ends!! The last 2 of a season are usually some of the best , I’m so looking forward to them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I too thought about Alex as a daddy when I saw Steve with Charlie 🙂 Yep, last two eps coming up, this season ahs gone so fast once again. Thank you for reading!


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