Hawaii Five-0 (S07E22) (“Waimaka ‘ele’ele” is Hawaiian for “Black Tears”)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans, here we are talking about another good episode of our favourite show 🙂

There was a lot that I liked about 7.22 and a lot that made me think, which it’s something I really enjoy.

7.22 Moni

But lets start from the beginning.

How cute was the scene between Amanda and her grandfather Leonard? I have lost my granddad Piero (the one I was actually close to) many years ago, and I still have incredibly sweet memories of growing up with him and grandma Martina and all the things they taught me and most importantly how they showed me with their behaviour how to love unconditionally and accept who we are and what our life is. I wish everyday that I could be more like them.

Granddad was a World War Two survivor too so Leonard, even if he was in the episode for just a few minutes, really left a positive impact on me.

And of course having him in the show gave us another glimpse into Steven McGarrett, our Commander’s grandfather and war hero. I always love when the show digs into the characters’ history and Ohana and of course when the focus is on Steve it has an even bigger impact.

Alex is so good at conveying Steve’s emotions related to his family and this occasion wasn’t different from the others, once again he gave us an amazing performance. I loved the touching scene when he showed the video to Danny, where Michael Murphy explained that without young Steven McGarrett’s sacrifice many more men would have died on the U.S.S. Arizona.


And even sweeter was the final scene with our Steve fondly looking at the pictures of his young and then happy grandparents and at the purple cross, symbol of his granddad’s bravery and selflessness. Steve has so much in common with his ancestor and that’s one of the many reasons why we love him so much.


And now lets come to the case of the week, the private security guys turned bank robbers that caused the death of Leonard Patterson while trying to escape.

This is one of the things I mentioned before that made me think. Lee Campbell and his guys were criminals. But were they really the bad guys? I guess they were from many points of view, as they caused the death of Amanda’s granddad and of the police officers in the safe house but their intentions weren’t entirely bad.

They are introduced to us as thugs with a gun, as McGarrett calls Lee at the coffee shop but then we find out that they were trying to get the money necessary in order to prevent one of their own widow from loosing her house, which the bank wanted to repossess. So who’s the worst guy, the bank that would deprive a family in an already difficult situation of their house or the guys that are trying to prevent that from happening?

The end doesn’t justify the means but sometimes it makes them easier to understand, that’s the way I see it.

Anyways, in good Five 0 fashion eventually the culprits end up in prison (or dead) and the bankers are persuaded to allow Mrs Warren to keep her house, so everyone is happy right?

But are they? Once again an astounding performance from Alex which after the big fight between McGarrett and Lee shows us that winning is not always satisfying for our heroes. The expression of shock and pain on Steve’s face when Lee ends up accidentally killed says a lot about his feelings. I truly admire the writer for showing us this side of McGarrett.

And what a day our Commander had. He gets blown up first, then shot, then has a hand to hand fight with a trained ex-military guy. The Doctor we saw in the previous episode would be horrified, while the rest of the team was just amused when they observed him casually extracting the bullet from his vest.


So this part of the episode was really interesting and intriguing to me and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even more when I’ll watch for the second time.


As it has become customary in the show there was also a completely separate story line that involved Kono’s husband Adam.

Now I’m not always partial to the dual story lines but when Adam is involved I would watch anything 🙂 I truly love him as a character and Ian Anthony Dale as an actor so I was more than happy to see both back.

And I’ve never made a secret of “shipping” Kodam, hands down my favourite couple on the show, so I really liked the first scene we saw of them together with Kono bringing her hubby’s lunch. They look so much in love, even after all those years and events in their lives, they are an inspiration.

Adam happily working in a construction site, after loosing his family’s fortune to go legit was heart warming. But of course something has to go wrong doesn’t it? When finding a bone in the soil he was working on Adam reports the finding to his boss, only to be told to let it go because it could cause trouble.

Adam is conflicted between actually forgetting about it, in order to protect his job and the job of many others and doing the right thing, which is finding out more about the bone. With newly “badgeted” Jerry he finds out that the bone belongs to a woman who was murdered by her cheating husband and buried underneath the house he then sold.

All good what ends well. The only thing that bothered me a little about this case was the fact that Adam didn’t confide with Kono about what was going on. The excuse “I didn’t want to let you down” has now become a bit flimsy in my opinion. Personally I would feel more let down if my husband hid something important and potentially dangerous and lied to me about it, like Adam did with Kono on the phone about being at work, then if he told me that he had lost his job because of his integrity and dedication to doing the right thing.


Clearly Kono is more understanding than me and the love birds ended up being OK as usual and Kono reminding Adam that he could never let her down.


As much as I love the show, and I do very much, its tendency to far too often justify and far too easily forgive lies leaves me very frustrated.

All together though a very enjoyable episode which I’ll most definitely watch again.

7.22 Sonni

To my knowledge now no new episode next week, so until we see 7.23 I wish everybody a very good weekend and week ahead and a very Good Easter to all that celebrate it.

Mahalo for reading,


Pictures courtesy of Monika, Sonni, Belle and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter



2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E22) (“Waimaka ‘ele’ele” is Hawaiian for “Black Tears”)

  1. Great review Manu! Thanks for the hard work. However I guess we just differ on two interpretations: 1) “The expression of shock and pain on Steve’s face when Lee ends up accidentally killed says a lot about his feelings” I personally thought that look on McGarrett’s face was the realization he came very close to losing his life at the hands of Lee. Not to mention going through that glass double door but also nearly being suffocated by Lee. As I said though this is just my interpretation of the look on his face. 2) ” while the rest of the team was just amused when they observed him casually extracting the bullet from his vest” to me Danny was far from amused. The look on his face and the shake of his head indicated to me he can’t believe Steve is acting this cavalier about taking risks with his health and now new liver. But again just my interpretation. Thanks again for your wonderful review 🙂 Can’t wait for 7.23 on the 28th !

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