Hawaii Five- (S07E20) (“Huikau nā makau a nā lawai’a” is Hawaiian for “The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled”)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans and welcome back after the long hiatus 🙂

And what a great episode to come back to, I have to say I found 7.20 really entertaining, funny, full of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming.

Really happy to see the character of Harry Brown back, with his suave ways and his charming demeanour. I think he was a very valuable addition to the show.

7.20 Moni

But lets start from the beginning. First of all I loved the opening scene, with a regular guy doing some regular shopping, paying the cashier as anybody would do and then boom! he opens the booth of his car and we see a woman tied up in there sharing the space with all the groceries. Five 0’s irony never ceases to make me smile.

After that we had a scene that re-introduced a character that fans find controversial, Rachel Edwards, soon to be ex wife of Stan Edwards and already ex misses Williams. I’ll get back to Rachel and Danno’s relationship later, but for now I can just say that every scene I saw him into in this episode reminded me why I like Danno so much. Behind his facade of tough cookie and sarcastic comments he truly has a heart of gold. Rachel has broken his heart in more than one way but he still perceives that there is something off in her behaviour and intervenes in enquiring about the cause and in making her feel better.  “I don’t believe you” when she says she is OK and “It takes 2 people to wreck a relationship” are lines that show us how much he still cares and how much more aware he is now of the part that he has played in the failure of their marriage.

Later about this. But now let me say that I always enjoy the conversations between Steve and Lou. They are a breath of fresh air, funny and quirky, they always put a smile on my face. Poor Lou, his dream of buying a boat after retirement are being crushed by Samantha being accepted in North Western and by the substantial amount of money that will take to put her through this level of education. Poor Steve tries to comfort him but his enthusiasm at the idea that Lou will never retire until he dies seems to miss Grover’s point. Of course we know that Steve is still thinking about the conversation he had with Danno, wanting to retire, in 7.18 and being happy at the idea of not potentially loosing another one of his colleagues and friends any time soon.

Lou and Steve are interrupted by the sudden arrival, on the cold floor, of an old Five 0’s acquaintance, allegedly retired P.I. Harry Brown, which has been stopped by the armed guards for entering H.Q. with a concealed weapon. Harry also has a head injury to account for, which Noelani helps to sooth, and explains to the guys that he has witnessed the kidnapping of a wealthy woman he was following after being hired by her husband on suspicion of cheating.

Steve and Harry pay a visit to the “worried” husband, Tom Stratham, and are shortly after joined by Danno. I have to admit right now that I have truly enjoyed every McDanno scene in this episode. Aided by Harry they managed to be cute and funny at the same time. I loved that Steve enquired about Danny’s hairstyle, which to be perfectly honest seemed exactly the same as usual to me, and that he didn’t miss the opportunity to mention the retirement issue again after Harry admitted that it wasn’t a life style for him.


My favourite scene though was the three ways cargument between Steve Danno and Harry. Steve instantly knew that there was something wrong from Danno’s pouting and making “the face”. Priceless and hilarious also Harry’s comment about not choosing that specific face if he had the opportunity, sorry Harry I have to disagree there, I very much like our handsome Danno’s features. Anyways I loved how Harry pretended to misunderstand Steve’s comments about “therapy worked for us” (us being Steve and Danno) and calling them lovebirds. Also liked the fact that Steve was completely against the idea of Rachel and Danno giving “it” another go, as he believed that was what Danno really wanted. And Danno was just incredibly cute putting his own feelings aside and thinking about the well-being of his children first.

My second favourite scene, surprise surprise, was the other Steve/Danno/Harry conversation in Danno’s office. Quite revealing, as Harry points out, the fact that Danny says he likes Melissa very much, but doesn’t use the word love, as one would expect after years together. And the fact that Danny is convinced that Stan can’t forget, or forgive, Rachel for having Charlie with Danny, as much as Stan is convinced that Rachel is still in love with Danny.

In the meantime the investigation for the case proceeds and also thanks to Jerry’s help we find out that the husband was in fact cheating on his wife with one Natasha Baron, which turns out to be the girl we saw in the car’s booth at the beginning of the episode. We also find out that scumbag Tom never payed the ransom to save his wife. Poor wife towards whom we feel even more sympathetic when she is released by the kidnappers with a bomb strapped to her body.


Even our perceptive Commander McGarrett is fooled by her and does his very best to keep her calm and make her feel safe and protected.


We find out eventually though that, together with her boyfriend (she was a cheater too after all) she was the mastermind behind the organisation of the kidnapping. Loved how Harry showed us the small details that made him realise who the guilty parties were. like the different “kidnapping style” of the two women ad the lack of tying up injury on Celine’s wrists. Clever way to reveal a plot twist.

Also sweet the final conversation between Harry and Steve, in which we find out that John McGarrett wasn’t a very good poker player, it is always heart warming to see Steve happy to hear things he didn’t know about his late father.

And finally we have the closing scene with Danno supporting Rachel when she tells the kids about her getting divorced from Stan.

Personally, in season one I was a Rachel/Danno supporter, I liked that they got back together and that they were having a child. I was quite disappointed at the beginning of season two when we found out that the child was allegedly Stan’s, which to me meant that Rachel was cheating on Stan with Danno, and at the same time on Danno with Stan, as to be confused about the paternity she must have been intimate with both men. Even more disappointed, even though not surprised I was when we found out that Charlie was in fact Danno’s child. I have always found the excuse “I wanted to protect him from your life style” very weak and not acceptable to justify such a big lie.

rachel danno

Anyways, I have no problem with Rachel and Danno having a good relationship for the sake of their kids, and even with Rachel and Danno still having feelings for each other, God knows if people do the stupidest things for love.

What I hope though is to not see Danno turning into a cheater himself (Melissa is still very much in his life) or into a door mat that takes back, with incredible ease, a woman that has broken his heart in many different ways and has deceived him for years.

To be honest I have had enough of that regarding Steve and Cath (and I fear that story-line is not even finished yet) so I wouldn’t really want to see that happen with Rachel and Danno too.

If a reconciliation was to happen I would prefer it to be very slow and gradual. Love might last forever but trust takes a long time to be rebuilt, if that is even really possible, when it has been breached so badly.

So that’s all for today my friends.

I don’t think there will be a blog for next week’s episode, as I’m away for the weekend, so have a good time until I see you next.

Mahalo for reading,



4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five- (S07E20) (“Huikau nā makau a nā lawai’a” is Hawaiian for “The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled”)

  1. Excellent review! I agree the carguments were great. While I did enjoy the banter with Steve and Lou it also made me sad knowing Steve may never experience this for himself 😦 Thanks again!!

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  2. Mahalo, Manu. I enjoyed this eppy too. Wm Forsythe was wonderful! I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said here too. One thing that has me concerned is all of this retirement talk from and directed to Danny. With Rachel back on the scene and in the picture as a single parent, are we being prepped for Danny to actually retire from 5-0 and police work altogether? It sounded like Danny had some respect for Stan because he was in the lives of his kids, with Stan gone, I can see Danny thinking he needs to step up. Especially with Charlie being so young, his parental responsibility is really gnawing at him. I’m not always the biggest Scott fan, and Danny can be very annoying, but Danny is such an important part of Steve’s life, I don’t want to see Steve have to face this loss. I really, really do hope they’re just playing with us, wanting my concerns to be what fans are thinking just so we can breath a sigh of relief when I’m proven wrong.

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    1. Mahalo for reading 🙂 I wouldn’t worry too much about Danno, Daniel said that both Alex and Scott will be back for S8 so I’m pretty sure they will be both be there for us and for each other. After that…who knows…we might have neither Steve nor Danno for a potential S9 😦

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