Hawaii Five-0 (S0622)“I’ike Ke Ao” (For The World To Know)”

Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

Good thing we have our favourite show to cheer us up as this week has been quite a pain! I won’t bore you with the other details but just 10 minutes ago I’ve vacuumed up my Ipad’s cable so now I have to order another one to be able to use it again.

Oh well, good thing Five 0 got to this week’s perpetrator before I confessed being an idiot, otherwise I might have been at risk of being kidnapped as well.

Jokes apart, I have to say I really enjoyed this week’s episode, I thought it had a great balance of suspense and fun, creepiness and light hearted humour.


The villain of the week was down right scary! Not so much in himself or his demeanour but for his skill in invading people’s lives and spy on their every movement. When that little green light came up on Addison’s computer I found it nearly as creepy as the cannibal’s facial expressions last week.

In our modern technological world it seems so easy for someone that has the right skills to hack anybody’s life. I don’t know you but the concept freaks me out. So I really felt for poor Addy when the computer, the air conditioning unit, the baby monitor and even her phone started to act in a weird way. Great set up from both writers and director.

If any of you, like me, watches TV series Z Nation though we should have known that someone called Addison is not to be trifled with, and I was very happy to see our girl fight for her life, unlike many other victims in the past, and getting the upper hand on her assailant more than once. Gutsy Addison was a strong and capable character and I was more than happy to see her win her fight against the bad guy.

She did something really bad in her past covering up a hit and run but Jacob Home didn’t have the right to appoint himself as judge, jury and executioner, as McGarrett described, a vigilante with a God complex.

Of course, as any respectable human, Addy needed our McGarrett to finalize the life saving process, teaches the villains well to try to sneak up on the Commander even when he is distracted by the damsel in distress, sorry bad guys, he is a Navy Seal, no match for any of you 🙂

Once again Jerry was pivotal in helping to figure out the crime of the week but this time his skills weren’t enough for the task so Kono had the great idea to involve another one of Five 0’s favourite guest Starrs (pun shamefully intended) , Martin Starr as Toast.


I like Toast because he is so quietly cool. He plays it so well, the contrast between his calm and understated demeanour and the ego typical of a genius of calibre. And surely Five 0 couldn’t have done it without the help of the creator of Penguo Poop. Now how funny is the concept of the game that Toast created? I can see myself getting easily addicted to it as much as Grace and Charlie, and eventually even our own Steve. How sweet was he playing the game while sitting in first class right next to Toast, asking him for tips on how to poop better on the skateboard kids? I love to see the boyish side of Steve coming out, it makes him even more likeable and relatable.

Even Danno seemed secretly impressed by the game, even though having to pay for the virtual food to give a boost to the flying pooping penguin made him a bit understandably grumpy. Probably as much as sitting in economy, with snoring Jerry as a pillow and a crying baby as a lullaby while his partner was comfortably sitting in first class.

Well at least I hope he’ll get to enjoy those famous Waffles once in LA. Very gracious of Toast to take them all on a little vacation even if Jersey and McGruff had spoiled his chances with the blonde model the day before. It was a good episode for funny nicknames too, I liked when Danny referred to Jerry and Toast as Scooby and Shaggy when they went to visit Patrick (A.K.A Noel Legend), the creator of the “cherry bomb”, the spyware that unfortunately allowed Jacob Home to hack his victims.

The crime of the week wasn’t the only storyline in this episode, the second one wasn’t though a crime, but a bit of comedy relief involving Kamekona, Cousin Flippa and Max.


I always welcome any storyline that gives us some more Max, especially out of the pathology lab so I really enjoyed this part of the episode.

Kamekona has his fourth business venue up and running, Catamaran Cruise, even though he seems to need to perfect some little details. Cute little scene at the beginning with Kame, Flippa, Max and Steve before the inaugural voyage. I’m pretty sure that if McGarrett hadn’t been taken away from duty he would have made sure that every little detail of the “ship” was perfectly fine, even though he was only consulting pro bono as a nautical expert. Instead he only got to smash a tiny bottle of champagne on “Thong magnet”.

I have to say I really like Steve’s new aloha shirt, not that I usually pay any attention to the wardrobe details (yes I’m lying), like the fact that he changed his shirt three times in this ep, obviously he didn’t want to stain his light shirts with the blood of any perpetrator.

Kamekona clearly didn’t choose his First Officer very wisely as Flippa got drunk and didn’t even know that the engine and radio were battery powered, which evidently wasn’t charged and landed them in trouble when the wind stopped and the sail with the big Kamekona face couldn’t take them home anymore. Sail that got burnt with the emergency flare as, quoting Max, “Letting the drunk in charge of a firearm is not usually a great idea”. Max’s unique humour never fails to make me smile, especially when he explained to Flippa that his outward confidence helps him dealing with stress but inside he was terrified.

Also amusing when Max was so proud of having found an alternative source of protein with critters and caterpillars while Flippa was trying to persuade Kame to eat him in case he died first, and got a bit annoyed when his cousin respectfully declined (good thing he didn’t make the same offer to the cannibal from last week’s episode).

Very nice also how Shawn Garnett finally got to show off his singing skills on the beach, nice opportunity taken, and Max admitted that he would have liked to join Doctors Beyond Borders, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time we hear about that on the show.

Even with his massive I.Q. and knowledge though Max failed to realise that the island were they shipwrecked wasn’t after all deserted but had a holiday resort less than a hundred yards away. No need to eat cousin Flippa after all.

Next week’s episode seems another intense one, as we know already that Chin will find out he has a new member of Ohana… Looking forward to see how that works out.

Until then, have a great weekend and an even better week ahead!

Mahalo for reading,


(thank you to Jilly, Sonja and Surfbelle for the gorgeous graphics)


6 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0622)“I’ike Ke Ao” (For The World To Know)”

  1. I liked the yin/yang concept that this eppy employed… the very hi tech COTW vs. the no tech aspects of the Thong Magnet’s disastrous maiden voyage (no charged batteries is something everyone can relate to!). While I would once again liked to have seen just a little more exposition in the COTW, I understand the time restraints and this eppy needed the comic relief, even if some of it was a bit silly. What I liked was seeing the 3 cast aways interact, what a trio they made! As to the villain, the actor was exceptionally creepy, in the mask or out of it and the creepiness continued with his warped sense of justice. As disturbing as the perpetrator was I think I was like most normal people, the real sinister aspect was the way this guy got into people’s lives. Chalk one up for the nerds of the world and how they love their position of power over us! And I loved seeing Toast again, I have always enjoyed his character.

    I would like to make a comment about Scott Caan’s character, Danny. I feel like the writers are sidelining him, maybe by Scott’s choice, but more and more Danny has become less visible, less involved and therefore less important to the story, unless his character has the focus on him, but these eppies are few and far apart. He only served 2 purposes in this eppy; first, that because he had kids who loved Toast’s video game app, Poopie Pengiun, he could contribute some knowledge of it in the face of McG’s ignorance. Second, the ending where he isn’t in 1st class on the flight to LA. I’m just not understanding the thinking here. Are they setting us up for Scott to be less and less involved because Scott is ready to bail on the show? I would not like to see that happen. In my mind and heart they are a team, a family, this ohana… the original 4 plus the 2 newbies, who I do love. From what I’ve seen of the 3 remaining eppies this season, maybe they will be more unified by the end of this season. Thanks again Manu, a well done recap and review. Aloha.

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    1. Mahalo for reading Janno 🙂 I think there are many fans that agrees with you that Danno hasn’t been used much this season and that there is something missing in the McDanno dynamics. Even when they interact they are far from the “heart of the show” that they used to be, as Alex himself said. I’m hoping that if not the remaining 3 eps at least the very last one will redeem the relationship. It seems to be a very McDanno centric episode and I hope to see some strong, meaningful interaction between them. I miss McDanno, and I say it as a non-shipper, just because I love their friendship and I miss it.


  2. I completely agree with you two! Loved the episode. Toast was great! Addison was so strong. As soon as the thermometer went down in the house you knew something really bad was going to happen. I miss the McDanno moments too. Hopefully in these last 3 episodes we’ll see more of that♥ Excellent review!

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  3. I have to say the episode was jsut OK for me not as excellent as other ones. The side story about Kamekoma shipwreck was kind of dumb fo rme, Looking forward for next episode as it seems very intense and full of action and I hope it be that way.

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