Hawaii Five-0 (S06E23)““Pilina Koko”” (Blood Ties)”

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

What did you think of episode 6.23? Personally I liked it very much. I loved the plot twists, the revelation, the connection between the main crime of the week storyline and the Hirh-Kono subplot.

The opening with Chin having his beauty sleep disturbed by Jerry and Abby giggling and eating ice-cream at 3:04 a.m. was quite funny. Also quite revealing of the fact that Jerry is still living with Chin, which I hadn’t realised, and that the relationship between ex-Agent Dunn and “Kelly” (quoting Abby) is going strong, as she seems to pass quite a few nights at his place, as Jerry mentions in his conversation with Chin later on.

I thought that Chin asking Jerry to finally move out was a bit harsh, but at the end of the day our boy needs to find a bit more of independence. I wonder if after having lived with Steve first and Chin later he might end up “squatting” at Danno’s next.

So the crime of the week this time started as an apparent robbery gone wrong when single mom Vanessa Diaz was found shot dead in her house.


Eric helped with his forensic expertise but it was an old Five 0 acquaintance, Gerard Hirsh to play a pivotal role in the resolution of the case this time. I have loved actor Willie Garson since “White Collar’s” times and I’m always glad to see him back to Five 0. I find that he has this kind of quirky, cheeky, cute sense of humour that never fails to entertain me. I love the detail of him having all different kinds of “music mixes” on his phone, like the crime scene mix at the beginning of the episode. And it was Gerard to find the secret “safe room”, potential murderer included, that allowed the team to eventually break the case.

The first suspect, serial burglar Doug Murrow, turned out not be such a bad guy after all, as we find out from Max’s examination that he left behind traces of DNA that could identify him in the attempt of saving Vanessa’s life performing CPR on her. Nice first plot twist of the evening.

I can’t fail to mention the little McDanno scene at Vanessa’s house, loved the “What are we thinking buddy” from Steve and the similar toned answer “We are thinking…” from Danno. I am ever so happy to see those two being at ease which each other again, without the need of pointless arguments and snapping at every turn. I’m really liking the tone of their conversations in the latest two episodes that we have seen. It feels more “like them”, if you know what I mean.

Of course Gerard discovering the hidden thief in the safe room and getting hurt in the process induces McGarrett to assign him a protection detail, which turns out to be, to Hirsh’s delight, his beloved Kono. The assignment doesn’t start in the best of ways when Kono discovers a full size portrait of herself in Gerard’s bedroom and declares that she might shoot herself (instead of taking a bullet for Hirsh) just to get out of the duty of protecting him.

Poor Gerard tries to explain that the portrait was painted before he found out that she was engaged to “what’s his name” and he thought they still had a future. He even goes through the trouble of setting up a “dinner date” for Kono (Kono mix music included), interrupted by a phone call from the retirement home where his father lives.

6.23 b fertig

We then get to meet Gerard’s dad, Emile Hirsh. Very sweet old man, that, as we find out after his secret conversation with Kono, only pretends not to know about his son’s criminal past to let Gerard believe that he is proud of him. That leads to a sweet scene between Kono and Hirsh junior, in which they exchange stories about how hard it is to take care of sick parents (Hirsh’s dad and Kono’s mom), which brings them closer than they’ve ever been before.

Kono’s promise to Emile that she will keep an eye on Gerard, to make sure he stays on the “straight and narrow” is already maintained at the end of the episode, when she starts giving him surfing lessons.

Getting back to our crime of the week, Max reveals that a second type of DNA was found under Vanessa’s fingernail, which, together with Murrow’s contribution with some pics taken the night before leads Five 0 to identify Jimmy Brigante as the real killer. Brigante is a known associate of Michelle Shioma, which is once again interrogated in the “blue room” by Steve and Danno, and who once again shows a level of defiance typical of a hard boiled, self confident villain. I think we’ll see Mrs Shioma again and I hope she will stay as our new resident female bad girl on the show. She is an interesting, mean, powerful character.

The case brings us back to the fact that Vanessa had a daughter, Sarah, who luckily was sleeping over at a friend’s house when her mom was murdered.

Our Duke, which is always involved when the Ohana theme appears in the show, tells Chin Ho that Sarah has an uncle in the police force. We have then one of the most adorable scenes that Chin has been into, a conversation between him and the little girl. From the conversation we find out that she really likes rabbits, in fact, as her mom told her, she never takes off her rabbits bracelet. I also liked Chin’s mention of Rabbit island in Hawaii, it warms my heart when the show mentions places that I have visited when I was overseas.

But of course the biggest revelation of all is that Sarah’s middle name is Malia, and she was named after her aunt, whom was married to a member of the Honolulu Police Department. It doesn’t take long to Chin to realise that Sarah is in fact his niece, and Gabriel Waincroft’s daughter.

For that very reason the little girl ends up being kidnapped by Brigante and 3 other guys of the Shioma’s crew, while Chin is shot in the attempt to prevent them from taking his niece.


Even if I know that eventually they are going to be OK it always breaks my heart to see anyone in our Five 0 Ohana getting hurt (I already know that Steve getting hurt again next week will reduce my to tears)) so I could understand Abby’s worry even when Steve was reassuring her that Chin’s wounds weren’t life threatening. Luckily he managed to whisper something about the bracelet in Abby’s hear, which lead her to understand that there was a tracking device in it, allowing the team to find the location where Sarah was held captive.

And while a “simple” tonsillectomy has recently kept my hubby off work and home bound for two weeks, Five 0’s ever miraculous recovery times allowed Chin to sneak out of the hospital after being shot twice to join the team and be one of the three perfect shots that took down Sarah’s captors.


Jimmy Brigante didn’t meet a better end, being shot dead by McGarrett for refusing to let the little girl go (bye bye witness and leverage against Michelle Shioma).

And next week we have a double dose of our favourite show, a two hours season finale that promises to be full of action, McDanno, tears and as Peter Lenkov said, little character related (cliffhangers to make us wish for September to come quickly.

Until next week then, don’t forget to prepare your box of tissues and have a great weekend and week ahead.

Mahalo for reading, Manu

(Graphics courtesy of my friends Surfbelle, Sonni and Monika)




6 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S06E23)““Pilina Koko”” (Blood Ties)”

  1. I loved this one too, this is the kind of eppy that gives us fans of the show what we love about it… the character involvement that shows us the meaning of Ohana. I also love Hirsh ( he will always be Mozzie to me tho) and the way they gave us some background on him, bringing him closer to being Ohana. And the writers cleverly gave us that signature on his sketch of Doug Murrow, 5-0-hana! I also appreciated the McDanno use of ‘we,’ so much better than bickering for no reason. The COTW was terrific with the usual ‘TV magic’ making everything come together within the 43 minute limit (besides Chin being able to move and function after 2 bullets ripped into his body, his car was available for him to drive?). Can I mention 2 cosmetic things? McG’s sideburns are becoming a work of art! They remind me of Mick’s! Also those delicious green pants McG wore, the fit was perfect! Great recap and review Manu. Till next week and our 2 hour reward for being loyal fans! Got my tissues ready… ;>)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mahalo for reading Janno 🙂 Well Steve was adamant that his sideburns were not to be touched, he must like them too! Yeah, TV recovery times are a bit unrealistic but our Five 0 guys are more superheroes than real cops so we can forgive the “poetic license” 😉 Next week is going to be tough, my heart breaks every time they hurt Steve but we know that Danno will come to the rescue (and the full team too from the BTS pics)


  2. I loved the episode also. Very good review Manu! I would agree, the fact that Chin barely showed any signs of even slowing down after being shot twice is a bit unbelievable to say the least 😀 But it is television. I am really hoping we may see him raise little Sarah or at least stay in her life. I actually didn’t think Chin was too harsh on Jerry. He did at least say he just wanted to get the dialogue started but they didn’t have to decide anything right then. And frankly Jerry kinda strikes me as the kind of person that most likely would just stay put if he wasn’t asked to move on.
    There were many facets to this episode that were so enjoyable. I found myself actually rooting for Gerard. I guess that’s a sign of good writing along with very good acting.
    Thanks for the review! Can’t wait for next week although it’s going to be a hard couple episodes to watch :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahalo for reading. IKR? It’s going to be heart-breaking to see Steve getting hurt again but at least we know that Danno will be there for him and the full team as well. And being him SuperSeal…3 days later he’ll be up and running and doing all McGarrety stuff all over again!


  3. This is another great review. I enjoy reading all of these reviews. It seems to me it’s probably time for Jerry to move on also. He’s living at Chin’s rent free. I think his next move may either be at Danny’s place or maybe he’ll start bunking out in his office, the batcave. I loved the interaction between Steve and Danny. It seemed they were in sync again. I noticed right away when Steve called him buddy. I love Danny getting the respect he deserves on these cases. Danny is a good detective and I’m glad that Steve asked him that question “What are we thinking?” Those two are the best crime fighting duo on television and I love seeing them work together. My favorite scene between Gerard and Kono was when he told her she was a “good egg”. The conversation was very heartwarming. Speaking of heartwarming, Chin and his neice are adorable. I can see some bonding between Chin and Danno as they discuss raising a daughter as a single father. I am looking forward to the finale (lots of McDanno) and season 7. I live in Minnesota and the only thing I don’t like about the show is that it makes me wish my summer away. In July when they start filming I start counting down the days to the season premeire. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahalo for reading 🙂 I totally understand, I love summer too but I’m always looking forward to July to see them all again and to September for the new season to start


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