Hawaii Five- (S07E18)“E mālama pono”(Handle with Care)

Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

I hope you liked the new episode of our favourite show as much as I did. How long have we waited for a good McDanno episode this season? Well I most definitely thought 7.18 was it! Lots of bromance and Steve and Danno working together in a difficult situation, always good ingredients for a successful recipe.


Say the truth, the clip we saw yesterday on twitter of the team getting blown up by a bomb left us all feeling uneasy. I mean, we knew that our heroes would be OK eventually but especially knowing that the episode was about them facing the deadly threat of a dirty bomb that clip was worrying and rather unnerving. Visually very beautiful and spectacular though so I’m glad that we got to see it.


I still felt a lot of relief when it was revealed that the simulation was for the benefit of the students at the H.P.D. Tactical Teamwork Seminar, where Danny and McGarrett were teaching the cadets about the importance of trust and effective communication.

Of course Danny’s expression when Steve mentioned those words didn’t leave us with any doubt that he wasn’t in complete agreement with his partner’s vision. More than that, Danno was pretty sure that trust and respect were important in a working relationship but felt that Steve had breached them while reading a personal list of things he would like to do that Danno had left on the desk in his office.

Personally on this one I have to agree with Steve that he didn’t do anything wrong. I believe that the Commander went into Danny’s office in search of a pen and happened to see the list in plain sight and moved by curiosity had a look at it. I would have done the same. Quoting Steve I couldn’t really understand why Danno was having such a “temper tantrum” about it.


Luckily our Duke intervened to get our boys out of that embarrassing situation, explaining on behalf of the students that they had already “learnt a lot” for the day.

Steve and Danno though weren’t ready to let the conversation go and after a few seconds of tense silence restarted it with one of their famous carguments. Quite funny of Steve trying also to persuade Chin on the phone that his theory of “if it’s not hidden it’s not forbidden” was right, while the poor guy was trying not to take sides. I very often find Steve’s boyish behaviour incredibly cute.

His light-hearted conversation was unfortunately interrupted by his noticing that someone had, yet again, broke into his house. This time it was a bloodied Sang Min, shot in his abdomen, that Steve found lying on his kitchen floor. Noelani taking care of Sang Min reminded me, with a bit of nostalgia, of the time when Max saved Steve’s life after he was stabbed by Hector Hesse. Poor Noelani couldn’t understand why the Commander was protecting this ex human trafficker, ex murder suspect, current cheeky chops of a man (we weren’t surprised to hear him asking her “are you single sweet-cheeks?” right after mentioning “spicy” Kono) but we all know that Sang Min is now Ohana and Steve knew he wouldn’t have gone to him for help if he felt otherwise.


Turns out that Sang Min was led to believe by a friend of his that he was helping a family to be secretly reunited in Oahu, while instead he was “importing” one of Interpol’s most wanted terrorists and bomb maker Desmond Abadi.

Steve and Danno decided to check out a remote location in the jungle where Abadi might be while the rest of the team pursued his accomplish Nadim Tahem.

The catch is thought that there were apparently no roads to access that location so the duo had to parachute to get there. A terrified Danno was not looking forward to take the jump strapped to giddy Steve (his laughter couldn’t hide his amusement) but the two made it to the ground safe and sound.

During they hike Danny finally revealed that the list Steve saw was about the things he would like to do when he retired from being a Five 0 officer. Danno is approaching his 20 years of service and would like to prevent little Charlie from having to daily worrying about his father’s safety and well being like Grace had to do for her entire life. To Steve’s request he also shared that he would like to open an Italian restaurant after quitting his current job.


Of course their conversation about future plans was rudely interrupted by the bad guys of the week capturing Steve and Danno and taking them (big mistake guys) to their compound, were Steve realised soon enough that they were cooking T.A.T.P., a very unstable explosive that coupled with the missing uranium would create a dirty bomb that could decimate the population of Oahu.

The bad guys though underestimated The Commander and Detective Williams, who just exchanging a couple of glances managed to free themselves and take down the criminals with their own guns.


Unfortunately though one of them managed to activate the dirty bomb and McDanno found themselves having to fight against time (only one hour to detonation), lack of communication (no cell phones signal and satellite phone killed by a bullet) and an uneven terrain which was far from ideal to transport the volatile explosive to safety.

One of my favourite parts of the episode was most definitely the interaction between Steve and Danno. Of course there is the bickering and the teasing but mostly there is the way they deeply care for each other. Steve managed to express it more with words in this episode while Danny expressed it just with his presence close to his partner and his never being very far from him, not even when the situation was at its most dangerous.


I found it very touching when Steve, just before starting the truck said to Danno ” If this doesn’t work…I love you bro”. In 7.18 Steve seemed the most emotionally vulnerable of the two, feeling left out from Danno’s intention to retire and wanting to still be close to his partner even is he was to quit his job, asking him to at least call his Italian restaurant Steve’s. I love when the show gives us this version of McGarrett, our tough, capable, brave cookie still with a tender heart and not afraid of showing his emotions.  I love this version of Steve, and even more when it comes out in connection with Danny. I’ll never get tired to say that the bromance takes out the best of both main characters.

There were so many touching McDanno moments in this episode and I’m very grateful to the writers for that.

Even Steve letting Danno drive the truck across the hand made, unstable bridge was meaningful and his continuous encouraging his friend. How many times did we hear Steve saying “Good job buddy” and how many times did we see him protecting his partner’s life above his own. He even compared their relationship to Danny and Rachel’s marriage. That is how strongly Steve feels about his bond with Danny. Steve needs it and so does Danno.


Danno might have been in a typical sarcastic mood in 7.18 and he might have missed the opportunity to say a “I love you too” back to his bro but eventually he admitted to Steve that he should have told him about his idea of retiring.

I loved, once again, when Steve told Danno that him calling the restaurant after his name would mean a lot to him because that way that could be together even if they weren’t partners at work anymore.

We finally saw Danno starting to practice his culinary skills at Steve’s house, with the full Ohana, including a sulky Sang Min that didn’t like Lou’s diversion tactics when he pretended to be willing to let him be shot, reunited for dinner.

Dinner that was a bit spoiled when Lou, and consequently Steve was informed that not only Five 0, but also H.P.D. and the Governor were very likely the intended targets of the dirty bomb.

I have to admit one of my favourite episodes from a McDanno point of view in a long time.

The only thing that left me wondering in 7.18 was the absence of continuity with the Alicia/Dr Gray story line from the week before. Not a mention nor a reference, nothing that would let us know if Alicia had actually killed the deranged serial killer, and if her actions brought her to face any consequences.

I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

For now, have a wonderful week and mahalo for reading.

Pictures courtesy of Monika, Belle, Sonni, Hawaii Five 0 on twitter.


8 thoughts on “Hawaii Five- (S07E18)“E mālama pono”(Handle with Care)

  1. Dear Manu, like you I loved the bromance moments between Steve&Danno. Being a bigger Steve fan, I am glad that in this episode Danno was important too. They make such a good couple !!! I really loved this episode with the action and funny moments (the teaching, Sang min being back, etc) So many things happening. Like you I wonder how the situation from the episode last time, with Alicia/Dr.Gray, will continue. Guess we have to wait until next time. Thanks for your review, until next time. Mahalo.

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  2. While I also loved this episode, I can say it was for a much different reason than you. If Alex hadn’t been so gorgeous and such a BAMF (something we haven’t seen for a while) Danno’s behavior would have completely ruined it for me. I understand where his character was coming from as far as wanting to spare his youngest child that feeling of wondering if Daddy is coming home at the end of a work day, but his constant whining and bickering about nothing is tiresome at best. Please don’t misunderstand me, I know this is the way the character is written and has nothing to do with Scott personally. I have had several people comment how his behavior of late is making them feel like a set up for his character to leave the show… I hope that’s not true. However something needs to change as far as how his character is written IMO.
    Great wrap-up Manu 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading sis 🙂 I have to admit that Danny was more negative than usual in this ep and we could do with a bit less whining. The writers can’t seem to find a balance, sometimes Danno is like that and sometimes it is Steve that seems to be the insensitive one in the duo, definitely it needs sorting. But I hope Scott (or Danno) are not leaving as McDanno would be sorely missed in the show.


  3. Mahalo Manu. I’m going to agree with Jilly here, I do understand where the Danno angst came from, but the writers seem to be setting us and Danny up for either a straight up departure from the show or even more time off for Scott; it has felt this way all season to me. I had a big problem with the way they had Danny behave in the seminar; it wasn’t a bit of comedy relief it was a set up for the whole episode! To me, Danny’s whining and ever present complaining has gotten real old, I’m so tired of it. But thanks to all the eye candy, it was an enjoyable eppy. One thing about the opening… it was FAN-TAS-TIC!!!! I hope to see something about this – how it was created – on the S-7 DVD!!

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  4. I enjoyed the episode it was one of those old ones we had missed. I have to be honest that even though Jerry could be helpful for the team and in small doses. I can say I did not miss Jerry in this episode., this time all the team work together, like it has to be and like in old times, something that fans were missing for a long time. Like Manu pointed here in this episode Danny{s whining was exaggerated, we all know Dannys have this attitude of complain and whine for everything and his character was written like that to be the opposite as Steve but here he went over the top. and also that Steve is the insensitive one. The writers will have to balance this thing if there is going to be a 8th season in the future.

    Like everyone here I agree that the incident of last week episode was never mentioned or even brought up on the team. No mention on anything. The writers of this show has a habit for that unfortunately.

    I also wonder about Danny´s future goals as a cook, I mean he in a indirect way is thinking about that if he will quit as a cop he will dedicate to be a cook in his own restaurant and this in a also indirect way could be leading for people to assume that if there will be a season 8 if Scott will be on board or not.

    I like the scene about everyone eating at Steve house. That call that Lou received that the H%= headquarters and teh Governor were the intended targets made me wonder if one of the last episodes of the season will have to deal with that about a bomb or something even if the bomb was already detonated.

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