Hawaii Five-0 (S07E17) “Hahai i nā pilikua nui” (Hunting Monsters)

Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

I hope you had a very good week and your weekend started in the best of ways. Well, it’s always good to start the weekend with a new episode of our favourite show, especially when it promises to be an exciting one.


Episode 7.17 saw the return of two characters that were part of an exciting story arc at the beginning of the season, Doctor Madison Gray, A.K.A a psychotic and yet very smart serial killer, and Alicia Brown, retired F.B.I. agent that was the target of DR. Gray’s twisted mind game but managed to survive thanks to our heroic Commander McGarrett.

Last time we heard of her Dr. Gray had managed to escape from Hawaii, after commissioning the murder of several people, plus McGarrett’s blue truck and relocate to the mainland.

The new episode opens with the woman we know as Madison Gray walking into the Honolulu Police Head Quarters with her hands covered in blood and a suspicious case of amnesia about the events of the previous 24 hours.

Our Duke was among the officers that “welcomed” her and didn’t waste any time from calling Five 0 to deal with this unexpected situation.

In the meantime our task force was enjoying the opening of Kamekona’s third shrimp truck at Oahu’s North Shore.

It was good to see Jerry there and Nahele too, and finding out that Steve’s “adoptive son” is keeping out of trouble and working with Flippa. Flippa that was making Kamekona’s proud, as, quoting him “a good man does while a great man delegates” until he revealed the logo on the truck, apparently Flippa’s truck rather than Kame’s.

Guest of the great opening was Max Weinberg as himself (we had seen him previously in the show playing the owner of a gun shop in town) which created a little “fanboy excitement” in Danno, which for a change didn’t miss out and even got to take a “Jersey boys” picture together with one of his idols, courtesy of Steve.

Unfortunately the team had to get back to reality soon enough, having to deal with the sudden appearance of Dr. Gray.

I thought Elisabeth Rohm’s acting in the opening scenes of the episode was just brilliant. She was very convincing in my opinion as Lauren Parker, tourist from Wisconsin who had no idea on whom Madison Gray, or Steve McGarrett were. Her confusion and desperation were really believable.


Not so much to the Commander though, who didn’t believe her story for a minute, not even when a psychiatrist confirmed that she might be suffering with dissociated identity disorder or when she passed the polygraph test.

It was very meaningful when Steve jumped back in his seat the very moment Lauren/Madison tried to touch him, he might be a tough cookie but the trauma and pain the woman put him through in the past, while stabbing him in the back and trying to kill him by drowning, still weights a lot on him.


And he was right not to trust Madison, as, as Danny suggested she came back because she wanted something from Steve. A chess player without a worthy adversary becomes soon a bored one right?

The situation becomes even more complicated when Kono reveals that the blood found on Lauren’s hands is a close match (close but not perfect) with Alicia Brown’s.

Steve and Lou quickly rush to Alicia’s residence, whom according to McGarrett has been in isolation since the events that lead that to Dr. Gray’s escape from Hawaii.

They find her safe and sound, gardening.

Alicia agrees with Danny that Madison is not done “playing” with her and McGarrett and demands to see her, also providing the idea that Dr. Gray might have collected her blood when she attacked her the previous time.


Lauren’s first slip to reveal that she is in fact Madison Gray is when she recognises Alicia’s as “the woman that tried to kill her”, a detail that she had apparently previously forgotten. She even points out that she had cut her assailant on the forearm, perfectly knowing that Alicia had a similar injury after falling over while hiking the day before.

If at this point we were all still confused about who was lying to whom, the cold, calculated smile that Madison gives Alicia before she exits the room lets us know that there is no Lauren Parker, but only Madison Gray playing her twisted games.

A worried Steve suggests to assign a protective detail to Alicia, which she declines saying that she can take care of herself so the Commander ends up offering his service as a body guard.


We have then a cosy scene at Alicia’s place where she finds out that Steve is also a good cook and where the two reveal to each other that they like their solitude. They have a couple of “funny” moments when Steve announces that he is staying for the night and at Alicia’s amused reaction he rushes to explain that he meant on the couch. There is also a mention of Danno, when Alicia says that she is not very sociable and tends to bring people’s morale down and Steve says he is used to it having to work with Danny for eight hours a day. The full scene was OK, but I’ll get back to my opinion about the Alicia/Steve topic later.

At this point we have the “silly action of the day” when Alicia sneaks out on Steve and goes to the Police Station to talk to Madison.

And here my doubts start, number one: how did she manage to persuade the lady cop to let her interview the prisoner? She has no badge, no Official authority to do so and when she was previously there with McGarrett probably that officer wasn’t even on shift. One of those Five 0 mysteries that will stay unsolved.

Anyways, Alicia tries to force Madison to reveal her game with a blade to her throat but Madison persuades her that she has a very important secret to tell her and consequently Alicia breaks her out of prison to find out what that is.


I have to admit that I though the secret was that Madison knew where Alicia’s daughter was buried and who the killer was.

While Steve continues in his blind defence of Alicia’s actions Danny reminds him that he is not being objective and Alicia either snapped or is just out for revenge.

And here we have my second perplexity: the team finds out that Alicia and Madison were at the Airport and have left the island. I ask myself how? Is security really so crappy in Honolulu airport that a wanted serial killer can freely go through it not just once but twice now? I have been there and the security is actually pretty tight so I seriously find it scarcely believable.

In the mean time Steve and Chin find out that the connection between Madison and Wisconsin could be Edward Sear, the serial killer connected with Alicia’s daughter’s murder. They go to interrogate him, but clearly they have never seen “Silence of the lambs” as they pass him pen and paper to write an information and he ends up sticking the pen in his own throat. Luckily though Steve finds some letters hidden in his mattress, fan letters from a Benton Jones, which from what he writes seems to be the actual killer of Sienna Brown.

In the mean time Alicia and Madison have already arrived at the residence of Benton Jones, Alicia goes in on her own while Madison “surprisingly” takes off and leaves her.


In the isolated house Alicia (and us) finds the real twist of the episode, not the body of her daughter but the girl well and alive, even though visibly shocked. Benton Jones suddenly shows up too, shortly followed by McGarrett that shoots him and saves the day as typical of his persona 🙂

When Steve Alicia and Sienna come out of the house we see a very similar glance from Alicia to Steve to the one she gave him after saving her life the previous time, the lady sees him as her hero, that much is evident.

The following scene is once again Alicia and Steve goofing about talking about a possible dinner (including Sienna) and hugging each other in a quite tender way.

I was convinced that would be the end but then Dr. Gray suddenly appears again (doubt number three: how on Earth did she manage to come back to Hawaii again????) trying to persuade Alicia to shoot her. While Alicia is on the phone with the police, saying that she wishes to report a murder we hear a shot.

Could be Alicia killing Madison, or it could be Sienna that suddenly woke up and decided to take matters in her hands or it could be Steve that for whatever reason decided to come back and shot Dr. Gray to save Alicia.

I guess we’ll find out next week.

Apart from a few details that leave me perplexed all together an ejoyable episode.


And now let me express my feelings about the Alicia/Steve situation. I think that if the writers want to go in the direction of making them into a couple they should probably get on with it already. I don’t see all those sparks, I just see Alicia and Steve as good friends but that’s just my opinion.

But if that’s the case it would be gracious of them to let Steve break up with Lynn first, as we have seen in last week’s episode that they are still very much a couple. That’s not what I would like to see, as I really like Lynn and Steve together but I don’t enjoy waiting for the worst to happen so I wish the show would go in either one direction or another, not in three different ones (yes, I’m including also Cath in Steve’s complicated love life).

Another thing that I don’t particularly like is how the official twitter page for Five 0 seems to find funny to create division and drama in the fandom. Why post polls in favour of either Alicia or Lynn? Or very recently Cath or Lynn? Does it really help the success of the show? I doubt it.

Granted that as fans we should not take this kind of things too seriously, and believe me I don’t, but I still find them rather annoying.

One last thing, doubt number four: should Alicia not be in trouble for freeing a serial killer just to find out about an alleged secret? Given the results there might be attenuating circumstances but nothing at all? Nope, I don’t buy it.

Anyways, lets move on and look forward to next week’s show, another exciting return, the infamous missing uranium.

Until then have a great weekend and a very happy week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


Pics courtesy of monika, Belle, Lisa, Sonni and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter




9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E17) “Hahai i nā pilikua nui” (Hunting Monsters)

  1. Hello Manu just watched this episode. Liked it very much, but me too wondered how dr Gray could pass security at the airport more than once. I especially liked the scene where Steve met Dr Gray for the first time, telling her she’s lying. The way he backed up when she tried to touch his hands, a great scene. So many things happening, just hoping that Steve/Alicia stay good friends instead of lovers. Time will tel. Looking forward to the next episode. Mahalo for your review, until next time. Aloha from Holland 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mahalo Manu! I LOVED this eppy, this is what I want to see from our hero and his gang! So, mahalo to the writer and director too, whom I forgive for their little faux pas, all of them you caught too Manu! I will chalk them up to TV magic, you know, how some things happen or don’t happen because it’s a TV show and not real life! NO WAY would Alicia get in to see Dr. Grey without some authority being present, no matter what time it was! We’ve been waiting some time to see these three (yes, I’m including McG) reunited and it was worth the wait! There is some speculation that someone else, not Alicia, killed Dr. Gray, just as you noted. I certainly hope this is addressed next week! I DO feel the chemistry between Alicia and McG. Frankly, it’s the most I’ve seen between Steve and anyone on the show, including Cath, but not sure this will result in a romance that we get to witness. And one more thing, after last week’s fiasco (I hated it!) this was just what I wanted and needed to see. Till next week!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Wonderful recap Manu! Thanks so much ❤ I’m going to go one step further as far as Dr. Grey showing up at Alicia’s home without being noticed, I got the impression this is was shortly after Steve left? It amazes me how she comes and goes with such ease 🤔 Oh well as you say TV magic perhaps. I do see the chemistry between Steve and Alicia. One hundred times more than Steve and Lynn from last weeks throw away episode. What was that even? Not reality IMO. Again thanks so much for your review ❤

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Here’s my guess: Dr. Gray was already in the house. She got in there too quickly after Steve left. They took up valuable screen time showing Alicia lock that door after he left, right? That’s to make sure we’re shocked when Dr. Gray appears so soon. Since every second of screen time is precious in the 43 minutes they have to tell their story, every second should count and it usually does. My ex taught me that every time the camera takes the time to show you something, don’t take it for granted. I certainly hope they show us next week!!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. The episode was exciting and I believe it is Alcias daughter the one who kill Dr. Gray, she must have heard somethign in the hhouse and went down to check and saw her mother with Dr. Gray and her mom pointing the gun to Dr. Gray.I think we havent seen the last of Dr. Grey in case she iwont be killed.

    I also saw a flaw in the episode who can a cop like Steve gives a serial killer a pen in his cell? I mean dont they know that any device , especially if it made out of metal for as little as it is in hands of a prisoner is like a weapon for them to use. Really Steve, did not you know a pen was a risk item, to give the prisoner? How come Chin or Steve did not know that the prisoner was not going to say anything and the pen was just going to be used to kill himself?

    Alicia and Steve seems they are very good close friends and it seems they care for each other, but like Manu said, it seems the writers want to take another route with them and it seems they like to make them a couple for the way they get along. I mean writers make up your mind. Is either Lynn or Alicia but do not play with both ladies. I mean Lynn seems to still be Steve lady so it wont be fair that Alicia will take over just like that, just saying

    Liked by 1 person

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