Hawaii Five-0 (S07E16) “Poniu I Ke Aloha” (Crazy in Love)

Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans and Happy Pre-Valentine Day weekend 🙂

If your hubbies or partners are as romantic as mine then the coming week won’t be much different from any other week, and that’s one of the reasons why I was looking forward to episode 7.16 and the double couple staycation at the beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Hotel.


A bit of romanticism in our “virtual life” can often make up for the lack of thereof in real life.

Well, I have to say I had fun watching the episode but I have to admit that it left me a bit disappointed in the romance department. There were some cute moments but altogether I felt left wanting for more. Serves me right for expecting too much, it often works like this with Hawaii Five 0, when I expect to not like something much than I am usually proven wrong, when I expect great things…

Anyways, lets get to it 🙂

In this week’s episode we had Steve and Danno enjoying a Valentine weekend with their girlfriends Lynn and Melissa on one side and Lou, Kono and Chin working a murder case on the other side.

We initially see Steve entering the Ali Presidential suite at the Hilton with McGarrett sounding quite enthusiastic at the idea of the staycation away from work but without the hassle of travelling and at passing some quality time with his lady friend. And there we had Steve’s attempt at kissing Lynn, with the silly girl diverting her head before that happened (how could you Lynn :(). One and only real romantic moment that we saw between Lynn and Steve, and this was the thing that left me more disappointed in the episode. I loved the funny moments but I missed some of the heat that we had seen between the two either in last year’s Valentine episode or in this season’s 7.07. Is this a way of the writers to slowly rip the band aid, as we know from Peter Lenkov’s interviews that Lynn might not be in Steve’s life for long? I don’t know, but i didn’t like it.


But enough with me whining, I’d rather talk about what i DID like 🙂

McDanno! I always like them two together. And if I’m a supporter of he bromance and not of the romance between the two best friends I have to admit that they were the best “couple” in the show.

Their initial encounter on the balcony was rather funny. I loved Steve’s “whoohoo” and fake enthusiasm when the girls revealed the surprise and Steve and Danno conversation about Mr. Williams wanting to be romantic with Melissa despite his reputation as a “social weirdo”. So sweet Steve’s attempts at reassuring him about keeping his judgey eyes and face at bay, even setting up “chicken salad” as a safe word for Steve butting out of a situation before embarrassing Danno too much.


The volleyball match was one of my favourite staycation scenes, closely followed by the guys walking out of the water, and yes, I promise that the shirtlessness had nothing to do with it (and of course I’m lying). Super competitive Navy S.E.A.L. McGarrett teasing Danno for “needing to win” made me smile as well.


I also enjoyed the scene at the SPA, with Steve being unable to keep quiet for more than one second and Danno eating the cucumber eye pad and storming off to investigate the disappearance of his sunglasses. I a way there were two investigations going on in the episode, the crime of the week one and the mystery of the stolen sunglasses.

Raise your hand if you thought that the kid was innocent. I bet we wouldn’t see a lot of voters 😉 I admit i joined Danno in believing that the annoying kid had taken his glasses as revenge for being told off when he didn’t apologise to Melissa for frisbee-butting her.

Steve could not resist not joining Danno in his mystery solving endeavour, even if it meant walking out of a Yoga class with Lynn and Melissa that he seemed to enjoy very much (NOT). So I guess one can be a super fit Navy S.E.A.L. and at the same time completely lacking flexibility and balance? Not convinced, I’m pretty sure Steve can do much better but he just wanted an excuse to check on Danno and make sure he wouldn’t get himself in trouble doing something as stupid as for example entering another guest hotel room without probable cause….or real reason.


And there we have the twist of the episode, the kid didn’t steal Danno’s $20 sunglasses, which we find out shortly after were “hiding” behind a cushion in his bedroom. The scene of Danno apologising to Melissa for being distant was quite cute, I guess the poor girl really meant it when she said “I knew what i signed up for” referring to her goofie boyfriend.


And finally we had the romantic dinner, completed by a live singing serenade, and Steve promising that they all had a great time and that next time him and Danno will organise a way to hang out all together again. Sweet of him to give Danny credit for organising the meal, complete with his goofie attempt at helping Danno expressing his feelings towards Melissa (including a “more Alex than Steve” touch to Scott’s ear) and poor Danno trying to get out of the embarrassing situation invoking “chicken salad” multiple times.


One of the things I liked about the staycation was to see that Lynn and Melissa seemed to get along very well, they seemed good friends, that was quite refreshing.


Oh yeah, there was also a crime of the week.

Chin Lou and Kono worked on the murder of Jeremy Holder, an insecure guy that apparently managed to “score” a hot girl thanks to “The method”, a girls pick up course that “guru” Blake Stone taught for a living. Blake turns out to be a fraud when the team discovers that his techniques don’t really work and he is giving the guys t.b.c (total confidence built) via paying escort girls to pretend they are charmed by their newly acquired skills.

Unfortunately for Jeremy one of the girl’s he “picked up” ex clients was the “madly in love” one mentioned in the title of the episode. Quite literally in fact, given that he believed Vanessa was in love with him after meeting her once while recovering from the heartbreak of being dumped by his fiancee.

Funny thing is that as silly as a “pick up guru” job might sound, I have seen in another T.V. program that such figures really exists, there are  real life guys that teach this kind of classes in the world.

I’m hoping they will be a bit more successful than Blake Stone, whom not only wasn’t able to help his clients but didn’t get good results for himself either, being turned down by our Kono more than once.

Loved her when she described his “job” as “helping men to feel better about themselves by objectifying women” and when she pointed out to him that she was a married woman, and even if she hadn’t been the answer would still have been NO. Way to go Kono!


And now next week we’ll have the return of the lady serial killer Doctor Grey and of her nemesis Alicia Brown. Curious to see what they are both up to.

Until then have a good (and hopefully romantic week) my friends.

Mahalo for reading.

Pictures courtesy of Monika, Surfbelle, Lisa, Sonni, and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter.


9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E16) “Poniu I Ke Aloha” (Crazy in Love)

  1. Mahalo Manu! You liked this one so much more than I did, I thought the writing was terrible and much of the acting was also (except for our main cast & ‘Melissa’). The only romance was bromance and why would McG & Danny be sitting next to each other for their beach side Valentine dinner? Disappointment doesn’t cover my feelings for this one! The kid on the beach bit was ridiculous! The crime-of-the-week was lame and I feel like this scenario has been done to death!! I do wonder if the network didn’t realize this as there was no promo at the end of last week’s eppy and I never saw one promo for it this week on CBS. There were promos but every one I saw was a new version of the MacGyver-McGarrett one, with new footage, including a few seconds of last night’s eppy. At the end of this week’s show, again, no new preview for next week, only a voice-over the H5-0 wave logo. This has me concerned! This is February sweeps, one of three times a season that the ratings count most. If I wasn’t a diehard fan, this episode might not bring me back and the lack of promotion isn’t good!! I will end with a positive comment… Alex looked stunning all wet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading Janno 🙂 To be honest I have been a bit more diplomatic on my blog than what i really wanted to be, I couldn’t not say though that I was a bit disappointed. Luckily the ratings were good so i wouldn’t worry too much, hopefully people that are not “loyal fans” of the show and consequently are not as invested as we are in the development of the characters and relationships will be less bothered than us about yesterday’s ep. There were a few good moments but in the whole it was a let down…Fingers crossed for better eps in future.


  2. I had the same opinion as Janno. Like you Manu, I was disappointed. The funny parts were very funny and of course the bromance was once again intact. I just expected much more. And the COTW meant nothing. Seemed stupid to me?? Like Janno said lame!! Thanks for your wrap up 🙂

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  3. McLynn seem very distant even after all this time. Neither of them seems invested in a long lasting relationship. The girls bonded more than either couple for sure. Maybe some real couples therapy in our future. That would be fun. Thanks for the recap Manu.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading hun 🙂 Unfortunately “couples development” has always been Five 0’s most lacking department, pity, because it gives depth and “reality” to the characters. Lou and Renee seem to be the exception, even Kono and Adam, which are better developed than others as a couple only seem to be there to somehow get in more trouble.

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