Hawaii Five-0 (S07E13) “Ua ho’i ka ‘ōpua i Awalua” (The Clouds Always Return to Alawua)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

When I realised that I was going to miss writing my blog for episode 7.13 I was rather upset as Max has always been one of my favourite characters on the show and I really wanted to say “goodbye” to him in my own way. Usually a weekend without a new Five 0 episode is not welcome but it was this time, as it has given me time to catch up.

And boy am I glad I did. I LOVED this episode. It made smile, think, cry, all the ingredients that put Hawaii Five 0 at the top of my list of tv shows.


There are many reasons to love Max but I guess one of them, for me personally is that I feel we have a lot in common. We are both slightly peculiar scientist to start with. I hope and believe to be a bit less socially awkward than Max but I often share his reluctance to express my feelings to the people in my life, while, mot of the time that would make a person’s day so much better.


Anyways, enough about me and lets talk about the episode.

Before I focus on Max’s farewell I have to say that there were wonderful little moments that made me giggle like a child, for example the opening scene with Lou Grover lecturing Steve about how to dunk a malasada into coffee. I most definitely agree with Lou that malasadas are awesome, but I also share with the Commander the fault of never having had the pleasure of dunking one in coffee, hopefully I’ll remedy that next time I go to Hawaii. Priceless was Grover’s confidence in knowing the best way to do it ( and what not to do, like the double dunking that might create dreaded “free dive”). And how cute was Steve, just indulging his friend and trying to clumsily follow his instructions? I always love the interaction between those two awesome characters. The only downside of that scene was the fact that it made crave malasadas, carve that will have to stay unfulfilled as I don’t even have a standard donut in the house at the moment 😦

Another cute scene was the one between Danno and Charlie. Danno is always so sweet with his kids, and seeing him willing to be hit in the face with whipped cream multiple times, just to make little Charlie happy was just adorable. Daddy mode Danno, we love you.

Another thing I loved in this episode was seeing my friend Dennis Chun, as Duke, having some more on screen time than usual. Dennis is such a talented actor and lovely man, it’s always a pleasure to see him more in the show. I really liked the scene in which he was briefing the police officers about the Police Expo in Oahu, or the “Cop’s spring break as Lou pointed out). I was also very happy to see Dennis’ lovely partner Laura back as Duke’s wife Nalani in the final scene of the goodbye party for Max.

Jimmy Buffett was also back in 7.13 as Frank Bama, in Hawaii for some relaxing time and accidentally aware about the missing uranium from a previous episode. We all know that it will be back to hunt our guys in the future.

The episode was definitely not shy of beloved guest stars, as Willy Garson also returned as Gerard Hirsh, always funny entrepreneur trying to promote his crime scene cleaning business and always ending up helping our task force in solving their cases.


The crime of the week was rather interesting as well, as full of twists and turns and involving multiple guilty parties with different agendas and levels of criminal involvement.

First we have the big explosion that turns out to be caused by a crew that was attempting to retrieve an item from the safe of a solicitors firm. Than we have the easily cooperating lawyer that turns out to be covering up not only an old murder but also the current blackmail of his client. Client that we found out not to be a victim but instead the perpetrator of the killing of one Heather Mayfield, whose brother is out for revenge against the original murderer, causing in the meantime the deaths of another two innocent people. Very interesting case that kept our attention focused and our curiosity going.

I couldn’t possibly not mention that the crime of the week gave us also the first Book Him Danno of the past few years, long gone but never forgotten by us loyal Five 0 fans 😉 .

But it’s needless to say that my favourite, and most disliked part at the same time, of the episode was Max’s farewell. I say most disliked because I never wanted to see him going and I will miss him terribly.

But I loved the way it was dealt with, giving us multiple flashback into his history and connection with Five 0 via the daily journals that he wrote and that Jerry accidentally found and read while “helping” him packing.

The first flashback was to my ever favourite episode of the 7 series, episode 2.01. Injured Steve freshly escaped from prison went to Max’s house to find refuge and help. It was very touching to find out that that was the very moment when Max started looking at the Commander not only as a colleague but also as a friend. Steve took a giant leap of faith in that occasion and he was rewarded in finding a new friend, whose loyalty would never falter until the present day. I personally feel that in that occasion Max became officially part of the Five Ohana.


The second flash back was to when Max clumsily asked Sabrina out for the first time. What a cute, funny and heart warming scene. So typical of Max to consider something so “normal” an incredible act of bravery and so nice and clever of Sabrina to see what a wonderful person Max was behind the goofy appearance of his persona and behaviour. Apart from Kono and Adam, Max and Sabrina have been the only other long lasting couple in the show and I’ve always loved to see them together and to know that their relationship was strong and loving, rightfully ending up in a happy marriage. Mahalo Kono for encouraging our shy Max towards revealing his feelings to Sabrina.


Flashbacks number three was probably the least emotionally involving one but it gave Max the opportunity to let us know how much he admired Danny so I’m really grateful to the writers for that. I often have the feeling that Danno is not appreciated enough by the fans of the show while personally I find him a very interesting and all together awesome character. In the flash back we saw Max being very proud of his newly acquired car, a flashy yellow Camaro that he parked right next to the now deceased Danny’s grey Camaro. Max had to sell his priced collections to afford the car but seeing him so childishly happy about it was heart warming.

max danny steve.jpg

And if the other scenes were touching and emotional what to say about the final farewell party? It made my cry, that should say it all.


Loved how almost everybody was there, Steve and Danno, Kono and Chin, Jerry and Lou, Kame and Flippa, Gracie, Hirsh, Mamo, Duke and Nalani and also Max’s replacement and new M.E. Noelani.



Even more I loved how Max thanked everybody in a very professional way, managing to hold it together and stay light hearted until he looked into his friend Jerry’s eyes and decided to take his advice about sharing his real feelings. After all from now on, quoting Jerry, he will have to deal with “real people”, not with stiffs so this new acquired skill would come in useful.

I think Masi’s voice was really broken with tears in that final scene, he was acting but was also expressing his sadness in living the colleagues that had become also friends in the past seven years.


Mahalo to Max for referring to Steve McGarrett as the big brother that he’d never had, to Danny Williams as a role model as an individual, to Chin O’Kelly as the person knowing and living the real meaning of the word Ohana, and being already a good father for little Sara. To Kono Kalakaua for being, together with her husband Adam an inspiration for any loving couple that want a long lasting and strong relationship. To Lou Grover for being a ray of sunshine with his beaming smile and for making Hawaii a better place with his presence. To Jerry Ortega for being a true friend and for allowing Max to grow as a person and as a man.


Forgive me for being soppy but I have to join Max in saying that all the characters mentioned above feel like Ohana and that we’ll love them forever.


The final song with the touching lyrics ” All good things gotta come to an end” was just perfcet, coupled with the further flashbacks of Max’s yearly Halloween costumes as one of Keanu Reeves character and his ever funny and peculiar dancing at Kono’s Wedding.


I love you Max and I hope to see you back next Halloween with a new costume, maybe in a video from Madagascar. And best of luck to Masi for his future, both private and professional, it was a pleasure to share the show with you for all these years.


And to my fellow Five 0 fans, have a good weekend and an even better week ahead!


Thank you for reading,


Mahalo to Surfbelle, Lisa, Monika, Sonni and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter for their wonderful graphics and pictures.



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