Hawaii Five-0 (S07E14) “Ka laina ma ke one” (Line in the Sand)

Aloha fellow Five 0 fans, I’m back after a week off, due to the loss of my grandfather and having to go back to Italy for the emotional farewell and for being there with and for my family.

I’ll write my blog about episode 7.13 as soon as there will be a Friday without a new episode, I wouldn’t miss the farewell to Max as he has always been one of my favourite characters, but this week I would like to dedicate my blog to episode 7.14. But still I couldn’t help but noticing the absence of Masi’s name and cheerful face already in the credit and I found that a bit upsetting, I miss him already.

And what a touching, well written and interesting episode it was.

As an emigrant living in a different country (England) from the one of my origins (Italy) the concept of “my home” has become a bit blurry for me. When I’m in England I say “I’ll go back home (to Italy) in May….When I’m in Italy I say “I’m going back home (to England) on Tuesday. They say that home is where the heart is, so I guess my heart belongs to both countries now, for different reasons.

When I go home to Italy to visit family in our small 5000 people village in the Padana countryside everything feels at a different pace, filled with memories of childhood, carefree times, the familiar faces that have aged but are always vivid in my mind.


That’s probably why episode 7.14, with its dive into Hawaiian tradition and history and ways of life that we don’t often get to see has made me feel quite emotional. Even the pace of the episode, slower and quieter than usual seemed to perfectly fit with the subject.

I have to admit that even being a big lover of the Islands and having been there twice already I had never heard of the Nation State of Hawaii before. I’m glad the show touched this topic as I was instead aware of how much the Hawaiian people love their land, their traditions and their unique life style. I was also very happy to see how respectfully the Five 0 team dealt with a difficult and potentially explosive situation.


Of course the episode also had light hearted, funny moments, as usual many of which involved our beloved McDanno combo.

Naughty Steve apparently has neglected to renew his driving license since returning to the Island 7 years ago, as Danno promptly points out to the D.M.V. instructor, and now has to prove that he is competent for the task. The poor lady seemed really concerned when “Mr. Annoying” described the long series of driving infractions that his partner commits on daily basis, and Steve didn’t do anything during the test to prove Danno wrong, including running what I usually call a very late amber and checking his phone when a telephone call from Duke called him back to duty. She was probably less than impressed when she stumbled out of the car, pale and sick, after Steve dropped her off driving at his usual crazy speed. Did he pass the test? We’ll probably never find out but I’m sure we’ll see him driving again in the future 🙂

The episode had also a brief but funny cargument in which Steve admitted to not being able to read Danno thoughts while Detective Williams didn’t seem to have any trouble in guessing what was going on in McGarrett’s head. Those two together are always an enjoyable part of the show.



The crime of the week was about a murder, allegedly committed by Kanuha Noe, a native Hawaiian who found refuge in the “Nation State of Hawaii, Independent ad Sovereign” trying to escape from the police.

I really liked how the relationship between Bumpy, representing all “his people” and the Five 0 task force was portrayed, based on respect and trust, especially between Bumpy Chin and Steve.

Having Chin been accused unjustly of a crime before, his sympathy, patience and understanding of the situation were beautifully portrayed by Daniel.

I also liked how we were kept wondering if Kanuha was actually innocent or guilty, especially when we found out half way through the episode that he had been lying and had been committing burglary again, crime for which he had already passed seven years in prison, while his former partner, the murder victim Mr. Akemoto got away with it with no jail time because of a technicality.

I have to admit that I was almost immediately suspicious of the parole officer when he was introduced but I was focusing on the wrong person as it was in fact his brother that turned out to be the guilty party eventually. A nice twist.

Another funny part of the episode was Jerry interviewing a potential flat mate, and meeting a conspiracy theorist (whom believes that the moon doesn’t really exist and that we are only the products of a virtual reality) even more extreme than himself. As it often happens he was pivotal in the resolution of the case finding out that the gadget used to open the safes was connected with the victim, and consequently with Kanuha and inevitably with his employer Devon Barres. For all his cunning unfortunately Jerry ended up being about 700 dollars worst off for buying a very expensive gadget without asking for permission first.

The episode had also a rather famous and interesting guest star, Lou Diamond Philips, in the role of U.S. Deputy Marshall Lincoln. Even though Five 0 had the situation under control the “cavalry” arrived when they were tipped off that an “armed group” was harbouring a fugitive. The difference in the way the Marshalls dealt with the situation underlined even more the deep understanding and respect for the Hawaiian people from our team.

Lincoln didn’t have a doubt that the suspect was guilty and only seemed interested in flushing him out from the protection of his people, no matter which means he would employ to obtain the result, including leaving innocent people without food or water to provoke them.


Five 0 and Bumpy were instead interested in finding the truth, I found really admirable that Bumpy was more than willing to give up a murderer but only once it would have been proven without doubt that he was guilty. Innocent until proven guilty, that’s how it should always be. Kanuha wasn’t a saint but as Chin pointed out there is a big difference between a thief and a murderer.

All ending well, it was really lovely to see the final scene, with all the Five 0 team, including Duke, being part of the Hawaiian Ohana and sharing food and time with them.

Even more touching when Bumpy thanked Chin for respecting “his home” and Chin answered “our home” exchanging the embrace with the meaningful head contact that symbolises a communion of spirit and positive energy between the two men.


A very enjoyable episode, well done to the writer, Sean O’Reilly, the director Peter Weller and all the cast and crew.

Mahalo for reading, have a great weekend and an even better week ahead,


Credit for the pictures goes to my friends Monika, Surfbelle, Sonja and to Hawaii Five 0 on twitter.



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