Hawaii Five-0 (S07E12) “Ka ‘aelike (The Deal)”

Alohaaaa fellow Five 0 fans!

Finally a new episode of our favourite show after the long Christmas hiatus!


We were all waiting in trepidation to find out how the team would get Chin back from the Mexican drug cartel and even if we were pretty certain that eventually he would be OK it was quite worrying to think of him in the hands of unscrupulous criminals.

Well I have to admit that the resolution to the previous cliffhanger wasn’t my favourite part of the episode.

I liked a few aspects of it, like the constant Ohana support that our guys show to each other every time one of them is in trouble. Lou comforting Kono and reminding her how strong Chin is and that they would get him back was one of those touching moments.

I am always happy to see Adam back, Kodam is one of my ever favourite couples on the show and I love that Adam and Kono are always there for each other but seeing him coming to help instead of Abby didn’t make much sense from a plot point of view. I understand why the writers had to make that choice, since Julie Benz was busy filming another show, but still, I struggled to see what point Adam’s presence had apart from supporting his wife. Having said that, the fact that Adam even violated his parole in order to be there for Kono is another proof, if we needed any, that their love goes above and beyond the ordinary meaning of the word, so I’m OK with it. Steve calling him brother Adam also goes to show how much he is now part of the Five 0 Ohana.


The scene between Chin and Carlos Diego was pretty cool, the hungry dogs that hadn’t been fed for 6 days and the prospect of one of our guys becoming their meal was right down scary. I truly admired Chin showing no fear towards his captors and reminding Diego that avenging his brother’s honour was pointless as he had none, having betrayed the cartel for his own gain. Carlos mentioned Gabriel being a friend as another reason for wanting to get even with Five 0.


The following scene of the team saving the day with a rain of bullets left me a bit disappointed, it was all over too fast and too soon, I was expecting a bit more in terms of planning, moving in and executing, but nonetheless I was happy to see Chin back with the good guys safe and sound.

I absolutely loved to see Chin reunited with cute little Sarah and also the meaningful scene between Chin and Steve. Touching the way Chin thanked Steve for allowing him to keep the promise of coming back to Sarah and Steve giving him back his badge. Nobody gets left behind in the Five 0 Ohana.


Finally Chin had some good news on the Sarah front as the Morales family decided to relinquish their custody of Sarah, having realised that she would be safer in Hawaii with her uncle rather than in Mexico with them. It will be cute to see Chin back in “daddy mode”, him and Sarah are adorable together.

Concerning the first part of the episode I was glad that the two big absentees of the day were at least mentioned, Danny in Mexico “loading the car” and Abby in Hawaii taking Sarah to the beach. Still didn’t justify Danny’s absence for the rest of the episode though, but better than nothing.

And then, we were suddenly back to Hawaii. I always love to admire the beauty of Oahu and the familiar landscape.

The scene between Lou, Steve and Jerry at the Five 0 head quarters was more meaningful than what could be initially perceived. Jerry, not having yet found a place where to live after moving out from Chin’s house is currently sleeping in McGarrett’s office, and looking for a place where to stay. This, and the box of donuts, half eaten because Jerry sleep-eats bring us to a topic that will be dealt with in next episode, the departure of our beloved M.E. Max. A departure that upsets me very much as I love this quirky character top bits and Masi’s portray of him is impeccable.


To explain better, it turned out that the donuts were a subtle bribe from a wannabe new M.E., a Doctor Kimble, as Max was looking to hire a new member of staff, allegedly due to being short-staffed. That, and the fact that his apartment was up for rent made Steve realise that despite his arguments Max wasn’t just moving to a bigger place with his wife Sabrina, but he was leaving Hawaii altogether. The Commander is always the first to detect that something is going on with his friends and to support their decisions no matter what. Very touching when Steve reassured a worried Max that he wasn’t letting anybody down, but instead he was following his heart when he was lead by the desire of helping others. Max had been changed by his experience with Doctors without borders but quoting Steve’s words, not matter how far he would go, he could always come back home to Hawaii and to his Five 0 Ohana. I’m pretty sure next week’s episode will bring me to tears but I join Steve in wishing Max, and of course Masi, best of luck in their future.


Before I forget, there was also a crime of the week in this episode 🙂

And in this case the character that had the spot light was Lou Grover. I love him very much and I’m so glad Chi gets to show his funny side as well as his skills in the dramatic part of the show.

Believe it or not, a member of the Five 0 team can still go under cover in Oahu. Lou pretended to be a car salesman to solve the murder of Mitch (sorry I forget his surname). Our lead suspect is Paul Burrell, another salesman and rival of Mitch for a big 50,000 dollars bonus. As much as we all wanted Paul to be guilty, to erase the annoying smug grin from his face, this obnoxious character had an iron tight alibi. At least we had the pleasure of seeing him scared when Kamekona was test driving his truck, raising his hands from the wheel to answer to a text from McGarrett.


The killer turned out to be hapless Bob Mason, whom, blissfully unaware that Lou was in fact a cop tried to bribe him with a year’s worth commission when a stain of blood was discovered underneath a plant in his office. I truly enjoyed how Lou lead him into confessing to his crime, using evidence, intuition and deduction from what he saw, and didn’t see, in the office.


The potential self defence murder lead the team to unveil a much bigger threat than Bob. Mitch was involved with Korean drug dealers and used to smuggle drugs in the cars that he regularly sold to them. But interrogating their leader Steve found out that Mitch had recently switched side and got a new deal with Namal Jared.

Jared ruthlessly killed a cop and a civilian who had accidentally bought “his car”via Bob, and from the injuries on the unfortunate guy’s body Max found out that the car wasn’t smuggling drugs this time but a radioactive substance with which Namal was planning to build a dirty bomb.

Namal’s death due to exposure to radiation seemed to end the case, as the team seized a suitcase that displayed high levels of radiation.

Before the end of the episode we got to see a moving scene between Chin and Adam, where Chin admitted that all the doubts he had at the beginning of Adam’s relationship with Kono had all gone now that he had seen how Adam put Kono always before himself and how he considered and treated Chin as Ohana too.

The cute scene that I mentioned before between Steve and Max unfortunately got cut short by the revelation that the suitcase was empty and that the dirty bomb had disappeared.


As we recently found out from a spoiler the team, and especially Steve and Danno will have to deal with it in a future episode.

All together a very enjoyable come back from holidays for our show.

I am looking forward to next week’s episode and at the same time I dread it because I know already that Max’s goodbye will lead me to tears.

Until then, have a great weekend my friends and an even better week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


Pictures courtesy of Monika, Belle, Hawaii Five o on twitter, Maureen and Sonni.



3 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E12) “Ka ‘aelike (The Deal)”

  1. Thanks Manu, Happy New Year.

    I didn’t dislike this eppy, but I didn’t love it either. The ‘cliffhanger’ was resolved too quickly, it became a device for ratings (IMO), instead of the story needing more time to reveal itself, which for me, is the reason we have should cliffhangers. That Adam showed up in Mexico had no relevance whatsoever! Yes, he’s a part of the team… but did he have to violate his parole? I didn’t buy it at all, this has to have more meaning somehow, perhaps it will come up later. We know that Scott does five fewer eppies per season, but they need to be more clever about his absence. He’s packing the car? Took off for a needed vaca? The writing needs to be better or at least they need to plan Scott’s time better.

    Chi had a chance to shine, I’m OK with that, the ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ nod was fun. But it all felt cobbled together to me… taking a few lines from this story and sticking it into another script. Of course, now we have another cliffhanger… are we getting them just to have them now? Not the kind of smart writing I like to see.

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