Hawaii Five-0 (S07E8) “Hana Komo Pae” (Right of Passage)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

And let me tell you we really need it right now, in the World and in the fandom. The past couple of weeks have been full of drama, possible misunderstandings, some disappointment and some apprehension so it was a real joy to have a good, more light hearted, non contradictory, pure Five 0 classic episode.

I really enjoyed 7.08.


The very brief introductory scene, once again with perfectly placed “It’s going to be a good time” music, showed us a strangely deserted school where there should have been a Winter Formal dance. As always no celebratory event goes smoothly in the TV fictional world.


In 7.08 we had quite a few Ohana moments, always welcome because they give us more insides to our favourite characters and because they allow the writers to develop the dynamics and to give a more tridimensional vibe to them.

The first one was the scene between Lou Grover and his son Will. I like both actors very much, they portrayed the father and son dynamic so well. Very funny how cool Lou was about it all, in contrast with the awkwardness that we could perceive coming from Will. Having had that kind of talk, long time ago, with my mum too I have to admit that I totally understood the boy. Nice how the father tries to teach the son how to shave, when Will was perfectly convinced that a Youtube video would be sufficient. And even funnier was “sugar-butt” Grover showing his son some of his most famous dance moves, as Will said “What woman could resist him after seeing that”. Of course things got serious when Lou explained that dancing can lead to other things, mercifully the writers let us go before we could hear what can after the “No glove no love” introductory speech.


The second Ohana scene that I loved was the one between Steve and Danno. Yes, they are very much family. Incredible the ease they have with each other. I loved the contrast between Danny dressed to the nines and Steve in his, in my opinion, less than flattering aloha shirt. I usually love his casual wardrobe but this one was more suitable for an old lady. Nevertheless Alex managed to look good in it, magic trick of “His Gorgeousness” O’Loughlin. Moving on from my fangirly digression, Danny explained to Steve that he couldn’t stay at his poker night because he had volunteered to accompany Gracie to her Winter Formal dance. Steve’s surprise disappeared when he realised that it was a cunning plot for Danno to be able to be an “involved” (spying) parent and find out who Grace’s secret boyfriend was. However, taking his sandwiches duties very seriously Danny brought to Steve some provisions, with the only catch that he wouldn’t take the credit for them. We’ll find out later how reliable Steve’s “sailor promise” was.

Danno wasn’t the only one to do some spy work in this episode, we also saw Sara, from Mexico, being benevolently conned by Chin in giving him the tour of her relatives’ house via Skype, which lead to Chin being told off by Kono. I think he was perfectly justified and I loved to hear him calling his lovely niece Boo again.


Continuing with the secret missions theme, Danny surely didn’t fool his daughter with his, as Grace made it pretty clear in the car that she knew about his intentions of wanting to meet her “special friend”. That was probably why she run away from her father quickly, leaving poor defenseless Danno to deal with the advances of a rather forward “welcome lady”. Danny is a very attractive man, so who could blame her, but unfortunately for her the only young woman Danny was interested into was Grace.

Danny thought he could find an ally in Will, just to find out that his friend’s son was no one else than the mistery boyfriend himself. In this brief scene we meet also one of Will’s friends, which will turn out to be an important character later on. For now we only know that he is into pakalolo (cannabis for the non Hawaiians), which will turn out not to be such a bad thing as he will miss all the drama of the terrorists taking his school mates hostages because of it.

Danno calling Lou to inform him of his new discovery leads to my favourite scene in the episode, the poker table discussion before and after Danny’s call.

Of course Steve takes credit for providing Danny’s apparently amazing sandwiches while playing poker with Jerry, Lou, Kame, Chin, Mamo and Dog, quoting the Commander “Nothing but the best for his boys”. Everybody’s facial expressions when Lou is talking to Danny on the phone are priceless, funniest scene ever. And when Mr. Cool Grover puts down the phone and picks up his cigar as nothing had happened the collective laughter was just so uplifting that I could watch that scene over and over again and keep smiling like an idiot. What can I say, seeing Steve so carefree and happy after last week’s angst fills my heart with joy.


In the meantime Danno makes good on his promise to interrogate both Grace and Will, having his name tag removed by his daughter in the process. Danno and Will’s awkward bathroom talk turns into a mutually beneficial cooperation when the terrorists take over the dance and start looking for “that boy”.


Loved how Danny and Will worked together in saving the day, first when the tech savvy boy was able to change the message on the board and then when talking about Grace helped Danno to get over his claustrophobia issue. Will seemed to have a pretty good head on his shoulder and plenty of respect for Grace. Always also great so see some bad ass Danno in action.


The terrorists jamming the phones signal leads to Lou’s decision to go to the school, leaving his scotch unattended and promptly stolen by our playful Steve, again another little detail that I loved and made me smile.

Lou finally understands that something is very wrong when, after talking to the acting suspiciously security guy, he hears shooting from inside the school. After calling McGarrett and the others for back up he interrogates Frank Pine and finds out that the criminals want the boy because he is the son of a Consul General whose country is about to execute a terrorist leader. The exchange of person is their end game, but we find out from the father that negotiations are impossible as the leader is already dead.

Finally, when the terrorists turn off the phones jammer Danny cleverly manages to make the guys understand that Will is safe and can help them to locate the bad guys and set up an intervention plan.

Before the cavalry arrives we have a cute scene between Grace and her dad, when she calls him Danno and says she is really glad he is there. Those little cute details are always good.

The room is finally breached and the day is saved. Priceless to see Steve charging in calling out Grace’s name in a worried and apprehensive way, he really cares for his Ohana and needs to make sure she is OK. When he is certain of that he of course looks for Danny as well asking this time for hug and finding his partner more than willing to share this affectionate moment. Danny with an arm around his daughter shoulders and the other grabbing Steve to finally get away was another little delightful touch.


Grace and Will finally have their dance, with Lou and Danno having a lovely bonding scene in the car, telling each other how proud they are of their children and sharing one of Steve’s famous sandwiches. Or so Lou thinks until Danno reveals the truth, I’m sure Steve will hear about that later on.


All together a very enjoyable episode, full of little significant moments that show how close a family our heroes have become. Every single one of them being indispensable and impossible to replace in the show. Those of you that know me well will be very aware of what I’m referring to. I love this show, I love those characters and the actors that give them life. They are Ohana to me as well now. Enough said.

Until next week, have a great weekend and an even better week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


Pictures courtesy of Moni, Surfbelle, Lisa, Sonni and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter



7 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E8) “Hana Komo Pae” (Right of Passage)

  1. Loved to watch this episode, liked it very much. You perfectly described all what happenend. I agree about the characters that are needed to make this show a success, only future can tell what is going to happen to our “ohana”. Thanks for your wonderfull review. Until later Manu.

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