Hawaii Five-0 (S07E7)) “Ka Makuahine e me ke keikikane” (Mother and Son)


Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

First of all let me just express my congratulations to everybody involved in the show for making it to this incredible milestone! 150 episodes are an enormous achievement especially nowadays when shows last a few seasons and then disappear. 7 Seasons and hopefully one more to go is an unbelievable accomplishment and it couldn’t have been possible without the producers, writers, actors, stunt men and women, every single member of an hard working crew and cast that bring us our favourite show every week.


Mahalo everybody and well done also to us loyal fans, we might not always see things the same way the writers do and between each other but it’s been a great and fun journey to take together. And lets hope it will last for another year and a half.

But back to business. I was a bit worried about this episode and how much I would enjoy it (or not) but eventually I really liked it. Just in the past week I have read so many interviews, spoilers, seen previews, heard contrasting opinions that I thought “oh, there won’t be much of new to see now” but I was pleasantly surprised.

A little warning, if you haven’t read interviews from Alex or Peter Lenkov this week please do not read where I will put the SPOILER warning, I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun for present or future episodes.

So lets get started talking about episode 7.07.

I loved the opening scene very much. Seeing Steve cooking for Lynn was adorable, it’s great to see the characters doing some “real life” stuff now and again, and let me tell you, our Commander seemed pretty competent in the kitchen. My heart skipped a beat when “we” moved to the bedroom and off goes the white t-shirt to allow Steve to get into a nice suit to welcome Lynn for their romantic dinner. He was clearly making an effort to impress his girl and impressed she definitely was, when she turned up, looking gorgeous as well, for their evening of romance and fine dining. Lynn and Steve seem very comfortable with each other, ready to joke, be light hearted, more or less like a normal couple.


Steve was so cute when he complimented Lynn for her new hairstyle and I loved to see some passion in their kisses when she went to get some more wine, a nice gesture considering all the effort he put into making the evening special. I presume that after his near death experience, doubts about his legacy and serial killers worries things can’t have been easy for his girlfriend so it was nice to see them having a bit of normality.


Of course, as we mentioned last week, our Five 0 heroes can’t enjoy a date without some trouble ringing on the phone or knocking at the door, or both, as it happened in this occasion.

Steve’s ex Catherine arrives to bring him the news of his mum having been captured and needing rescuing. I’ll talk about Steve and Catherine later. I loved the way Sarah Carter played Lynn’s annoyance and stupor about Cath’s sudden arrival, who wouldn’t in that kind of situation. In the same way Cath seemed genuinely surprised to find Steve with his new lady, and I was happy to see that the scenes between the two women were written and played with awkwardness but also with respect, instead of the cats fight that some promotion on line seemed to foresee.

Lynn let slip that Steve had intended to propose to Cath, I thought that was a bit silly but I understand that it was needed to give meaning to a scene that happened later on between Steve and Cath.

Also loved how concerned Steve was about Lynn and how understanding she was towards him, just expressing her concern about his well being. Trust and respect, I will never stop saying that McLynn has all the potential to be a wonderful love story. I love Steve McGarrett and I really would like him to be happy in his private life. I like Lynn and I would like it to be with her. SPOILER …………………. From an interview he gave last week it seems instead that Peter Lenkov doesn’t see Lynn in Steve’s future (link if you wish to read http://parade.com/521324/paulettecohn/hawaii-five-0-boss-answers-burning-questions-about-mcgarretts-love-life-chins-adoption-and-more/#.WByi4yCYok4.twitter ) I would like him to change his mind, I will keep hope until the worst happens, which I hope will not involve breaking Steve’s heart once again. He deserves better.


Anyways moving on, Cath tells Steve that she has a lot of explaining to do to but at the moment the most pressing issue is the fact that his mother tried to free Wo-Fat’s father and got captured herself. Steve immediately understands that once again Doris used him to find out Yao Fat’s location and he is less than eager to step in to help. But we all know that he will, not only Doris is still his mother, but as Cath says, he would regret it if he didn’t go. He has a forgiving, caring heart and he would never abandon anybody, not even someone that abandoned him first.  On the plane Steve and Cath have a conversation about her lies and the way she left him. As Alex said in a recent interview Steve understands but he is also aware of the fact that Cath could have handled things differently. He is a trained operator, she didn’t have to lie to him, she could have trusted him and revealed that she was an agent. She made her choice.

The title of the episode is “Mother and son” and I was truly happy that we had a lot of interaction between Doris and Steve. I found it funny when it was meant to be, sassy in other parts and deeply emotional in others. Both Alex and Christine Lahti did a great job. I loved that Doris is still able to take down a younger, even if not yet completely healthy opponent in her son. Their exchanges in that scene were priceless “Hi mom” “Stephen you shouldn’t have come here” “I regret it already” and so on, I truly enjoyed it.


Also truly enjoyed how brilliantly Alex portrayed Steve’s angst and bottled feelings about his mom and at the same time the still deep and needy love that he harbours for her. And Christine can be so funny like in the scene where Steve doesn’t have anything to tie up the guy and she reprimands him for not being prepared adding “Who raised you?”. The humor between Doris and Steve helped to make the episode a bit more light hearted and I truly enjoyed it.


The flash backs (I have to mention here that young Doris McGarrett was played by Christine’s own daughter, whose resemblance with her mom is amazing) helped to show how different Doris was in her roles of good mother and spy. We all know, despite Steve’s reassurance to her at the end of the episode tat she is right when she says that she was a better spy than mother. She is still convinced that she has made the right choices but that doesn’t change the fact that those choices have severely affected her life, Yao Fat’s life and his family, they have led to the destruction of her own family and to her son having deep abandonment issues.

Anyways, she is now trying to make amends towards Yao Fat, as has she said he has lost his family and 20 years of his life because of her. As Steve explains to Cath the guilt that Doris feels is very strong and would be with her for the rest of her life.


Luckily for Doris, Steve and Yao Fat Chin Ho, Kono, Lou and Cath are there to provide back up, as Steve said to his mom, hiding the fact that he nearly did the same “Only an idiot would try such a difficult op alone”.

That leads me to mention that it was great to see the full team, missing Danny, coming to the rescue because Steve and Doris are Ohana. Chin makes it pretty clear. Thanks to Steve we also find out that it was thanks to Danno (and Lynn BTW) if the others were properly informed. Danny was missing from this milestone episode due to Scott’s schedule but luckily we find out that he had a good reason, his father was undergoing surgery. Still, I would have preferred for Danno to be present in such an important episode and for such an important thing as to save Steve. His absence was a void that should have been filled.


It is actually Lou, in a scene at the beginning of the ep that reveals that, when Grace is at his house to study with his son Will. Lou has a little secret mission of his own for Will, instigated by Danno, and it is to find out who Grace is dating. Will is very reluctant because as we’ll find out in next episode the mysterious boyfriend is no one else than himself but he tries to put his dad off his scent, helped by Kono that recruits Lou to go to get Steve out of trouble.

There is another storyline in the episode, an emotional one for Chin. At the beginning we find out that he’ll soon know if his appeal against Sara’s adoption has been accepted. Unfortunately he looses and when talking to Kono in Morocco he reveals on the verge of tears that Sara will be gone by the time he returns home. We see him sadly looking at the draws of the little girl’s memories of her time together with her uncle at the end of the episode. Daniel is a master as well at conveying those emotions. I’m sure we’ll see Sara again but for now there’s another scar on Chin’s already troubled heart.


Of course the rescue mission eventually ends well and we see Doris, together with Yao fat and Catherine once again boarding a plane and bidding farewell to Steve.

But she reveals to her son that there is a box hidden in his house that contains all he needs to know about his mom. The loving one. We see Steve eventually finding his mom’s diary and reading how excited her and John were when they found out she was pregnant. Finally some good memories for Steve to hold on to concerning his mum.


At this point we have the scene that persuaded Alex that McRoll should be over. (read one of the many interviews in which he expresses that here http://www.tvguide.com/news/hawaii-five-0-recap-mcgarrett-catherine-150th-episode-alex-oloughlin-doris/?ftag=twtrsoshares ). Steve asks Cath if she is happy with her life and she says yes. Opposite to what her supporters thought, she wasn’t forced to leave Steve and start a career as a C.I.A. spy, she made her choice willingly. Then she tells Steve that she knows about his missed proposal. He asks what the answer would have been out of curiosity, and she says she would have said yes. I wonder why. Does she mean she would have given up her spy career or that she would have said yes but then left him anyways to go on secret and dangerous missions? And would that have been good, or fair? I don’t know, I just completely agree with Alex when he says that Cath is not the one that got away, she is the one that wasn’t meant to be. She choose herself over him, it should be done and dusted with. I have no idea how (if) Peter is going to undo that but like Alex I hope it won’t really happen. Cath can be back, as Peter said until the show ends but she doesn’t need to be involved with Steve, romantically. It is his show, and at the end his vision is what will be and like it or not we’ll have to accept it. Alex might have to act against his own belief on what should have happened (or not happened), it happens, we all have to do things that our bosses say even when we don’t agree.

But we are entitled to our opinions and I just wanted to express mine. Honestly and respectfully. I don’t have anything at all against the McRoll supporters, my good friend Pommienana is one of them and I love her dearly.

It’s just that sometimes the fandom is divided in a mean way. We can like or dislike characters and storylines and still respect the writers and each other. I wish it could happen more often.

Apologies if my blog is a bit different from the usual but this week my emotional side was very much involved and it came out stronger than usual. I LOVE Steve McGarrett and I wish he could be happier. And I love and respect Alex and I think his vision of the show and his character is wise and very well thought.

So back to the fun next week with a more “relaxed” episode.

Until then, have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


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Pictures courtesy of Monika, Lisa, Belle,Maureen and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter


4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E7)) “Ka Makuahine e me ke keikikane” (Mother and Son)

  1. I havent watch the episode yet but I would like to know opinions about what do you all think about Alex saying in an interview that for him Steve and Catherine is over but it seems the show producer have other opinión about it and for Peter it m ay not be over. Why the show producer like to mislead fans? I mean that is no good in my opinion

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  2. My darling “little sis” Manu. I was so happy that you mentioned our loving relationship in your very astute, wise and very fair review. It is interesting that we are on completely different sides on this issue and probably always will be but you and I share a very great love for Alex and all his characters from “Mick to Steve and all the wonderful meetings and experiences we have had with him!!! Not to mention all the photo ops[ SO BLESSED AND LUCKY-RIGHT???
    Just to mention as almost all as all my friends in Alex’s Fandom know that Marcus leaves me cold and LOTS of my friends see him as a naughty hottie!!} another way I might differ from you and other fans but hey we are OHANA and families don’t always agree of course we All agree Hawaii Five-0 is fabulous and Alex is our fabulous star and Mr Gorgeous forever and that is a GIVEN. On with the show. XOOX

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