Hawaii Five-0 (S07E06) “Ka Hale Ho’okauweli” (House of Horrors)

Hello my Five 0 fellow fans and Happy Halloween weekend 🙂

Hubby and I always enjoy this season of the year, being both fans of thriller and horror movies so I’m always looking forward to my Halloween episode treat. And it definitely didn’t trick us, but delivered some good suspense, fun and once again a sprinkle of heart warming moments.

Last year I really enjoyed Matt Wheeler’s Halloween episode, I thought it had a lot of creepy moments typical of the genre I love and this year he was joined by fellow writer David Wolkove, who added humor and fun to the ensemble, creating a very enjoyable episode.


The first scene, set in 1940 Honolulu, puts us immediately in the right creeped out mood, starting with the scary moving eyes of the doll in the porch, to the terrified woman that tries to prevent the officers from entering the haunted house, to a very realistic Poltergeist scene where the cop gets attacked by a malevolent entity.

Of course it soon turns out that it was a story Steve was telling Danno, talking about the “haunted” house where a medium, Marjorie Weeb, was found dead, in mysterious circumstances. Danno has already his sceptic head on (even though we shouldn’t forget that he is the only member of our team that has actually met a ghost in Season 2) and seems to be the only one that doesn’t believe the Phantom Manor rumors.


Before they enter the house Steve and Danno welcome Max back from his Doctors Without Borders experience (the single greatest of his lifetime according to our favourite M.E.). I am always more than happy to see Masi in the episodes, I missed him so far, and I’m always curious to see which Keanu Reeves character Max will represent at every different Halloween. This time is the turn of John Wick, and I was  very pleased with it as I thought Masi really suits the scruff and the longer hair. Max seems a bit more grounded and “grown up” than usual in 7.06, and we find out that the wedding ring he is wearing is not only to more accurately identify with John Wick but also because he actually tied the knot with Sabrina.


As glad as I am for the happy couple, I was a bit upset that we didn’t once again get to see a Five 0 wedding, it would have been lovely.

Of course I can’t forget to mention that after this scene we see the credits, with a special appearance from Danny The Pumpkin Williams, especially carved by our Jerry.

Max informs the team that Marjorie has basically been scared literally to death and died of a sudden and catastrophic cardiac arrest. Her personal assistant confirms that the medium was recently scared of being alone in the house and that herself has heard footsteps when nobody else was present and that strange phenomena were happening in the house.

The arrival of Eric Pee-Pee Russo provides the first funny moment of the episode, when he explains that he was scarred for life when at ten years old he was terrorised by Danno and his friends when dressed up as the pink Ninja Turtle at Halloween. His fears disappear when later on he finds out, together with his uncle that the house isn’t really haunted but has been in fact rigged to look so. That gave me my second giggle when Danno mentions “a stab in the dark” after trying to scare Steve, Chin and Lou and Steve threatens that that’s exactly what he is going to get if he doesn’t come out. It’s nice to see the guys having fun.

With the proceeding of the story we find out that Marjorie wasn’t a real medium (do they really exist? I guess that’s a discussion for another time) but a fraud that not only took advantage of vulnerable people but also added tragedy to their already sad lives.

The first family affected by her incompetence are the parents of Eli Jones, dead way before she assured them that he was still alive, inducing the family to spend a lot of money to try to find him. They are exonerated as suspect based on the fact that they moved to Canada.

The second suspect, The great magician Triblaine, also turns out to be innocent, only guilty of the “crime” of trying to expose the fake medium.


Fingerprints and D.N.A. found at the house finally expose the real guilty parties, Ian Miller, deceased right after Marjorie and Julie Hillman, who turns out to be nobody else than the personal assistant we briefly saw at the beginning. In 2010 she run away from home and was believed dead by her parents after they consulted Marjorie. Unable to cope with the situation her dad committed suicide and Julie had been plotting her revenge since. As Steve points out she blamed Marjorie for causing a tragedy that she could have easily prevented herself just going back home to her parents.

Lots of good twists and turns in the first storyline of the episode.

At the same time we had the side story of Jerry babysitting a sulky Gracie and an enthusiastic Charlie. I thought that grounding his daughter a year after the event of last Halloween’s party was a bit harsh of Danno so Grace’s disappointment was understandable. I loved Jerry’s costume, really cool headless version of himself and his attempts to involve Grace in the Halloween fun.


Also cute was Danno calling to make sure that everything was OK and ending up being more worried than before about the possibility of his Gracie having a boyfriend and his little boy brandishing a big rubber knife. Teilor did a good job portraying a typically moody and cell phone glued teenager but it was heart warming that eventually she changed her mind and didn’t miss the chance of going trick or treating with Jerry and her little brother. I liked this secondary storyline and Jerry’s Halloween music mix that was used also for the final credits.


The third storyline was probably my least favourite but I will forgive how far fetched it was because it is a Halloween episode and “anything can happen”.

But definitely every single member of the Five 0 task force should give up doing anything that any normal people do for fun, it never really works out. They meet criminals on their first dates, they bump into terrorists when they take their kids out for a family weekend, they get kidnapped by murderous strangers when they go fishing or into the woods with the girl scouts….A never ending list of “holidays” from hell.

So why should it be any different for Kono and her newly free Adam when she tries to surprise him with a trip to Turtle Bay? On Halloween? She should know better. But love makes us do silly things and of course they run into a death cult, get kidnapped, free themselves from chains in the most unbelievable ways, keep the cultists at bay using their own guns and boiling water (maybe it’s the start of a crossover with MacGyver?) and get finally rescued by H.P.D.


Good thing I like these two so I actually enjoyed the ride through madness and even had some fun when they “accused” each other of being trouble magnets.


All together a very enjoyable episode.

But even though the Halloween one should be the scariest episode of all the one that I have been dreading since the beginning of the season is coming up next week.

The 150th episode is a great achievement for everyone involved in the show and I’m hoping it will be a very good one, despite the return of two of my least favourite characters  in the show. I have to say though that I am looking forward to see Lynn again with Steve, hopefully celebrating their first year together with a romantic dinner.

Until then, have a wonderfully scary Halloween weekend my friends and an even spookier week ahead.


Mahalo for reading,


Pictures courtesy of Monika, Belle, Sonja, Maureen, Alohaspaceman, Hawaii Five 0 on twitter and myself as the last ones are of my Halloween decorated windows.


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E06) “Ka Hale Ho’okauweli” (House of Horrors)

  1. Thanks Manu, another excellent recap and review! I’m also a fan of Halloween, from the truly scary to the campy, so I always look forward to H5-0’s Halloween episode too. I LOVED the Ghost Story segment, and learned this morning that this is an authentic Hawaiian one, which made me appreciate it more… at least the backstory that McG tells Danny as they approach the house is authentic. One of my favorite moments is when Danny & Eric attempt to scare McG, Chin and Lou, whose initial reaction is a resounding ‘Oh hell no!’ I think our big, brawny former SWAT leader might have a bit of susceptibility in him after all!

    I also was happy to have Max back, but I wonder if we’ll ever see Sabrina again; Rumor has been very busy with her acting and singing career lately, though I’d love to see them together again.

    Also loved the Jerry ‘babysitting’ Danny’s kids portion, both funny and sweet by the end. It also gave us the ‘Danny Jack-o-Lantern’ we saw in the opening credits.

    But I didn’t like the Kono-Adam portion. It didn’t need this and it felt forced into the episode. I do agree with you that Adam had his own MacGyver moment. This wasn’t a bad story, it could have been a great one, but it needed more time for exposition, maybe it could have been the major storyline for next year’s Halloween episode. I also felt it was ‘too soon,’ let them have their romantic weekend away from the team, they deserve it. To tie into Halloween we could have seen them doing a little dress-up roleplaying… some cosplay might have been fun and sexy.

    I do have one wish for the H5-0 Halloween episodes that we surely have coming in future seasons, can we see McG in costume at least once? What should he be, a superhero? Maybe not, after all he’s kind of a super hero already! I would vote for a sexy vampire, maybe get to see Alex as ‘Mick’ one more time!! And I think he should host a party at his home, with Mary and Joanie in attendance! That’s my wish!!

    I’m excited for next week’s 150th episode, it should be epic!! Mahalo and Happy Halloween!

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