Hawaii Five-0 (S07E04) “Hū a’e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile” (The fire of Kamile rises in Trimph)

Aloooooha fellow Five 0 fans.

Hope you had a good week and your weekend started very well with a new exciting episode of our favourite show.


We knew it would be an intense one and it definitely lived up to expectation from that point of view.

I liked that after the build up in episodes two and three we found out more about the character of Alicia (Claire Forlani). In the opening scene we already discover that the young woman we saw in the picture with her in her house was her daughter, Sienna Brown, which following her mom’s footsteps was studying to become an F.B.I. profiler. While the episode unravel we see flash-backs from Alicia’s past that explain very clearly why she has retired from hunting serial killers and was very reluctant about joining Five 0 in the case of the “Chess pieces killer”.

In a scene that had a bit of a “Silence of the lambs” vibe Alicia finds out from a serial killer that she has put behind bars that her daughter had been murdered, more than enough reason for her to give up her job and distance herself as much as possible from the world that has torn her family apart. I thought the difference in behaviour in her character when we see her in the “5 years ago” flash-back and “now” was very cleverly written. Back then Alicia was confident, strong, borderline arrogant while now she seems much more emotional and fragile.

That of course doesn’t stop her from directly challenging Dr. Gray about her working relationship with Detective Lau and from foolishly breaking into her house to find a connection between the Doctor and the murders that the Detective was investigating. Rash behaviour that unfortunately brings both herself and McGarrett, who had clearly asked her to stand down,  to be stabbed and incapacitated by our lady villain.

Needless to say that seeing a big knife in Steve’s back made me cringe and cry out, our Commander is still recovering from a near death experience and a liver transplant, surely being stabbed in the back is not favourable for a speedy recovery. The wound must have been more superficial than what it looked though as it didn’t seem to bother Steve much (nor Alicia hers) in the following scenes. Must have been the adrenaline rush and the survival instinct. And of course him being a super SEAL, as Peter Lenkov himself described him yesterday on twitter.

The verbal confrontation between Alicia and Madison in the Doctor’s squeaky clean house was really interesting. Intriguing character this serial killer lady, obsessive with cleanliness and order, rather disturbing the way she coldly washed the knife after stabbing Alicia and Steve and the mallet after hitting him (was I the only one thinking “not the face you b.”?). Jokes apart, Alicia tried to get into Madison’s head, after Steve’s failed attempt to a rational approach, and connect with her inner demons about a tough childhood that turned her into the cold blooded killer that she is. From Madison’s expression we can guess that some of Alicia’s assumption might be true but she failed at “breaking” the psychologist which in turn counter-attacked bringing into the game another couple of pawns, serial killers Mallory and Donald Witten. As we find out later the Wittens didn’t really help Dr. Gray only as unware pawns but also wanted to directly target Alicia who sent Donald to prison some years before. Another clever plot twist.


Mallory and Donald seem to be the final missing pieces of the chess board, the King and Queen which leads me to mention the only thing that left me a bit perplexed about Madison, meaning  the stupidity of her leaving the chess set in plain sight with the missing 7 pieces used in the murders. Foolishness or just arrogance? We’ll probably never find out but at least it allowed the rest of the team to understand who (what) she was and come to the rescue when they finally arrived at her house.


Good thing we had some comic relief in the episode to let us take a breath (pun intended) before the finale. Once again Kamekona uses members of our team to experiment on his culinary skills and export ventures, this time with shrimps donuts, pardon me, malasadas, about which Lou and Kono seem much less than enthusiastic.

We also see Grover turning into one of us, meaning an emotional and unable to speak properly fangirl, when he meets sports legend Otis Wilson. Lou’s reactions are always a breath of fresh air.

From her conversation with Kamekona we also find out from Kono that Adam will be out of prison in a couple of days, having his sentence shortened for helping Five 0 in re-capturing the escaped convicts in episode 6.10.

Right after that we have the cutest scene between Chin Ho and Sarah, with an adorable reference to Daniel’s play “The king and I”. Chin calling Sarah Boo before they joined Jerry was a heart melting moment. Jerry found out that the apparently spotless record of Sarah’s family in Mexico might not be so clean after all and they might be involved in the drugs business. This brings Chin to ask for the help of State Attorney Robert Coughlin, who seems to have gotten over his hate for Five 0 and sounds even happy to hear that Abby is doing well with HPD. Nice little note of continuity that Abby gets mentioned, even if not seen as Julie Benz is currently busy filming a different show.


Also appreciated the mention of Danny by the team, who wasn’t present in the episode because of a trip to Jersey, presumably to visit his family.

Going back to Alicia and Steve’s troubles we find out that the Wittens plan to drown them, in a beautiful location that many tourist have seen (including myself) and know as the “blow hole”. Steve tries a futile attempt to escape, once again reminding us not only that he has been recently stabbed but he is also not 100% his super SEAL self, before both him and Alicia are thrown into a semi-underwater cave.

Alicia is apparently terrified of drawing, the horror being played very well by Claire in that scene, while Steve finds a way to get out of trouble in typical McGarrett style. I wonder how many of us, despite the scary situation, didn’t envy Alicia for “having” to hang on to Steve all the time and being brought back to life with a “kiss of life” from him 🙂


In the meantime Kono and Chin find Mallory and Donald’s green van and kill them both while a dripping with water Steve and Alicia suddenly appear.

Cute little scene between the two when McGarrett wraps her up and she pulls him close thanking him for saving her life. Some unseen glances are shared but personally I didn’t see them as the beginning of a romantic interest. Surely at that very moment Alicia considers Steve her hero and is eager to express her gratitude but on his part I believe he was more thinking about “Jack’s” words in the chapel and the importance of his job in saving lives.


Time will tell also considering that both Cath and Lynn are back in episode 7.07.

The episode claimed a close to home victim however, as evil Dr. Gray blew up McGarrett’s blue Silverado right before vanishing (and reappearing in Beverly Hills at the end of the episode). We all loved that truck, it will be missed.

I’m glad that she didn’t die or got arrested, I’m sure she can still be a good opponent for our team.


As usual now looking forward  to another new episode next week and specifically in the return of a beloved character like Adam.

Until then have a good weekend and an awesome week ahead my friends.

Credit for the pictures to Monika, Belle (Surfbelle), Sonja, Lisa (alohaspaceman) and Hawaii Five 0 on twitter.



9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E04) “Hū a’e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile” (The fire of Kamile rises in Trimph)

  1. THX Manu. I’m always happiest when we all agree on how good an episode is, and this one was a winner, a ’10’ in my book! I loved every aspect of it from the writing (can’t we always tell when Peter has his hand in penning an eppy?) to how this one looked! Those camera angles were amazing and not that he ever looks bad, but they certainly made Alex shine in the best possible way. And the acting level of everyone involved, from Chi’s obvious, but understated, concern when McG didn’t answer his phone to Claire’s drowning phobias coming true were astounding. And Alex… he was perfection, there wasn’t one false note by him. Finally RIP to the blue Silverado, but I’m not sure how it lasted as long as it did! Till next week!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I really can’t add anything to our Janno’s marvelous comment about your incredible review except to say YES YES and YES It was very hard for me to watch on a personal level as I have a complete Phobia about Knives and stabbing. I can;t even watch CM as amazing as Alex was as Vincent. but it was a brilliant episode with great acting and writing all round. Not to mention the stunt work and special effects/ your review did it full justice dear Manu and I really look forward to the next one

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally have time to read it, still having my holidays. This episode was a real good one, I totally agree with you. Waiting anxiously for more to come !!! Thanks for your review Manu 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Definitely one of my favorite episodes EVER! I really loved it. You could plainly see Steve saw a bit of himself in Alicia which to me is very important. You could tell they had a real connection.
    Excellent review!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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