Hawaii Five-0 (S07E03) “He Moho Hou” (New Player)

Alooooha Fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

What did you think about episode 7.03? I hope you liked it as much as I did! Very different fro the 007 vibe from last week but full of all the things that we like in our favorite show.

First of all we got to know better the lady that I believe is the “new player” from the title. Episode two introduced Alicia Brown (Claire Forlani), retired FBI Agent, specialised in profiling serial killers. Alicia was very adamant in refusing to get involved in the case when Steve and Danno asked for her help in catching the serial killer that terrorised Oahu in episode 7.01.


She was however persuaded otherwise by the villain himself (or is it herself?) when she awoke in a puddle of blood after the corpse of the latest victim was placed in her bed while she was sleeping. As she tells McGarrett, the killer knows that Five 0 came to her for help and decided to make her part of his (her) twisted game. This time the victim is not a willing participant to the game, but merely a sacrificial pawn to get things moving in the direction the killer wants them to move.

I found Steve’s comment about Alicia being shaken up funny, even though she has been hunting serial killers for a living all her life I don’t think anyone would stay cool finding a bloodied corpse in their bed. Oblivious Steve, just the way we like him 😉

If we thought she was a bit cold and distant in the previous encounter, this time we see a more pro-active, even slightly cheeky Alicia, when she has Detective Lau’s body exhumed, finding out that he was murdered and didn’t commit suicide, using McGarrett’s name, and forged signature to obtain results. Steve doesn’t seem to be bothered, I guess the aim justifies the means, righteously so in this case.

We see Alicia teaming up with Steve again towards the end of the episode, to go to visit the police psychologist that Detective Lau consulted before being killed, Dr. Madison Gray (Elizabeth Rohm). After a funny exchange with the Commander, which shows the two characters are getting a bit more comfortable in each other’s company, Alicia spots a book about “History of Medieval chess” in the Doctor’s office. I’m pretty sure we’ll find out in next episode the implications of that discovery for the case and in order to find out the identity of the villain. Is Doctor Gray the mastermind behind the game or just another pawn? Intriguing plot.


The second opening scene, after the credits, brings us back to Chin and his niece Sarah’s storyline. Chin seems to be resigned to loose custody of his niece after finding out that her relatives in Mexico have apparently a spotless record and very good jobs, but as Kono points out the fact that Sarah going to Mexico is “for the best” doesn’t make it hurt any less. Will Chin follow her advice of fighting for Sarah? I hope so, they are incredibly cute together and the role of daddy seems to suit Chin very well, as we saw in the sweetest scene of him combing Sarah’s hair in the previous episode.

The scene also offered a nice moment of comic relief with Kamekona and Flippa “working out” together, meaning that Flippa walked a full 54 steps from the parking lot and burned the amazing amount of 2 calories.

At the end of her conversation with Chin Kono receives a telephone call from Duke, whom always seems to be present when there’s a need for connecting Five 0 with different members of Ohana or friends, calling her to HPD in order to bail out of jail one of her ex surfing competitors, Rosey Valera. Apparently the young lady doesn’t have anybody else to rely onto.

Some fans might not particularly like when members of our team are taken out of the weekly action to attend to personal matters but I do. It helps us to get to know them better, to find out more about their past and the way they have changed over time. 12 years previously to this episode Kono and Rosey were rivals, nearly forbidden from being friends, afraid of the other’s strength and skill and faking smiles when all they wanted was to beat each other.


Now we see a very different Rosey, a veteran that has lost, as her mom says, not only her legs in Iraq but also a part of herself. During the episode the relationship between the two women goes from awkward to friendly to actually being based on trust and respect towards the end. Rosey tries to hide from Kono the fact of being homeless and tells her that she needs to sort out her life on her own. Kono doesn’t accept that and pushes Rosey towards accepting her help.

A very clever and thoughtful way of Five 0 to talk about the veterans and their difficult reintroduction into life after the trauma of war, and a way to give hope that even the most difficult hurdles in life can be overcome with help from caring people like Kono.

Of course there was also a crime of the week in the episode, a quite complex case involving DEA good and corrupted agents, a drug cartel and their greedy members and a bag containing a million dollars and eventually a very sharp shooter.

To be honest my favourite part of the crime of the week story was that it gave us quite a few funny and very likeable McDanno moments. Priceless the scene where, after being once again reminded that he only had liver transplant surgery and a near death experience six weeks previously, Steve decide to turn into Spider-man and chase the car driven by Hermando Sanchez on foot, just to realise that a very cool Danno could once again save the day just taking the elevator and shooting at the car just millimeters before it would run him over. Steve’s expression is just adorable in his incredulity.


Another cool scene was the one in the blue room, where Steve asks Danno to play “good cop” while he pretends to be trigger happy “bad cop”. Very funny the fake disagreement between the two perfectly played with words and gestures between Alex and Scott. Danno’s references to “having an expensive suit ruined” and getting the drain clogged” were other cool interrogating gems that I really enjoyed.

Say what you will but team McDanno was, is and will always be one of my favourite parts of the show.

Another inventive way of getting rid of the bad guys was “literally” introducing Kono in the case, at the end of the episode and in the bag that contained the money. I noticed how Steve put the bag gently on the floor but was never expecting to see Kono coming out of it. Not sure if he could really have carried her like that but definitely a clever way to close the case.

The episode, on the other hand was closed with the heart lifting scene of Kono and Rosey surfing together, in this case also the music that was played was very meaningful, inciting to never surrender. BTW, Kono’s suit was just gorgeous as well in that scene.


And now of course we know that McGarrett and Alicia will get in deep trouble in next episode and I’m really curious to see how they’ll get themselves out of it and if the serial killer’s identity will be finally revealed as Dr. Gray or someone else.

Until then thank you for reading and have a great weekend and week ahead.

Credit for the pictures goes to Monika, Hawaii Five 0 (on twitter), Surfbelle and Lisa (Alohaspaceman).


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E03) “He Moho Hou” (New Player)

  1. I havent watched the episode yet but now im confused about something about the serial killer. Who was Detective Lau anyway? Also in the premiere episode the runner blonde guy who was supposed to be the serial killer who murdererd another killer, (the one that showed up dead at the H50 headquarters right) at the end was not the killer cause the guy died was he then working for someone else and in this case this is the person Alicia, Steve are looking for now? So can you clarify? Thanks.


    1. Hi Maria, detective Lau was the cop that was investigating all three the serial killers that were killed in the first episode. Apparently he committed suicide but in reality he was killed by the “chess killer” that Steve and Alicia are chasing now. The free runner killer that died in the first episode was just one of the pawns of the “chess killer”, not the mastermind himself. I hope this makes things a bit clearer? Thank you for reading.


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