Hawaii Five-0 (S07E02) “No ke ali’i wahine a me ka ‘aina”(For Queen and Country)

Aloha fellow Five 0 fans,

After the exciting premiere last week here we are to enjoy episode number two of Season 7

And what an episode it was. I was already intrigued by the spoilers, teasers, previews and the show definitely lived up to my expectations.


I think this episode can be easily described as a mini Bond movie. It has all the elements of a two hours feature wrapped in a 43 minutes episode, not easy to achieve but brilliantly executed by writers, cast and crew.

 I really liked both the main guest stars, Alicia Brown, played by Claire Forlani and Harry Langford, played by Chris Vance.

 As we know Alicia is going to be a recurrent character in at least three episodes this season. She is a retired F.B.I. agent, specialised in Behavioural Analysis, which makes her an asset in the still unsolved case of the serial killer that was introduced in episode one. With her skills she can provide a useful inside to the personality of the villain, explaining to McGarrett that the killer doesn’t see him as a pawn, like the bad guys from the previous episode, but as a dangerous adversary, worthy of admiration and up to the most exciting challenge.

When Steve and Danno ask for her help Alicia refuses categorically, saying that she is retired and doesn’t intend to go back to work. She might come across as a bit cold and definitely we can already spot some sadness in her expression, but I guess we’ll find out in the following episodes what brought her to that decision. McGarrett tries to persuade her mentioning all the innocent people with families that might get hurt if they don’t catch the killer soon. He notices a picture of Alicia with a younger woman, presumably her sister or daughter, which I’m pretty sure we’ll eventually find out the identity of and in which way she affected Alicia’s decision.

Steve also conveniently forgets the chess piece, evidence that the killer has left in his house, on Alicia’s table, in the hope that it might induce her to think about the case and decide to be part of it.

His little trick works as we see an already intrigued Alicia shorty after at Five 0 headquarters, already having found crucial information on the case, like the fact that Philip Lau, an HPD agent was investigating the three killers before shooting himself three months before.

She is adamant that she hasn’t changed her mind about coming out of retirement but I’m sure we’ll see otherwise soon enough.

 And then what to say of British MI6 agent Harry Langford? I absolutely loved his character. Good looking, suave, cool as they come. We see him first in a typical 007 scene in which he infiltrates a very elegant party, steals a little doll that we’ll find out later contains diamonds and escapes capture hiding the goods on an oblivious escort lady. Also in typical Bond style he’ll manage to get the poor girl killed after seducing her to retrieve the diamonds.


That’s how he gets involved with our Five 0 Team, when Casta Mitchell is found strangled and with his DNA underneath her fingernails.

Five 0 also discovers that the girl and the agent are also connected to Lucky Morad, an Egyptian businessman whom might be either embarrassed by what Langford stole from him or involved in an illegal activity.

After an exciting car chase and a hand to hand MI6 agent vs Navy SEAL fight that shows that the Commander is still not 100% his old self Danno comes to Steve’s rescue an Harry is apprehended.

While Steve and Danny interrogate him Jerry enjoys studying Harry’s spy gadgets, nearly melting his hands with acids coming out of a pen and giving us one of Lou’s priceless facial expressions when he tells him that the wallet is to contain money and credit cards J

We find out that Langford is after a man called Nasheed El Hamedi which is behind a bomb attack in London that happened in 2012 and is plotting a cyber attack in Europe, with a device that was supposed to be in Lucky’s safe but was sold and paid for with the diamonds.

Getting close to Lucky Morad means that the full team has to go to a party and boy do they look the part in their tuxes and hot red dress for Kono.

The scene is both amusing and intense, with Chin joking about the continuously getting smaller tux for Lou and Danno reminding Kono that she doesn’t need any luck looking the way she does.


Morad is tricked into following Kono outside where Harry and Steve are waiting for him.

We are treated once again to one of Steve’s interrogation techniques by hanging the guy from the roof, and in this case Danno isn’t even bothered, in fact he offers his partner some expensive and tasty lobster in the process.

Steve, Danno and Harry fly to Prague to intercept the device, scene that gives us a sweet moment between Danno, which asks Steve if he is OK, I presumed because of what happened in their previous flight together more than out of worry for Steve’s controlling issues for not being able to pilot Harry’s plane.

 Very cool to see Prague and London as locations in this episode, considering that all of it was actually shot in Hawaii. A friend of mine was there when they were filming so I know very well where they were when they shot the “Prague scenes” but it was shot so well that one would really believe they were in Europe and Asia.

 The guys manage to stop the villains from obliterating Europe by regaining control over 100 nuclear reactors which cooling system was compromised by the cyber attack.


When we think everything is over, Danno proposes to Steve to go to London, where he has eaten the best fish & chips on his first anniversary with Rachel. Steve is worried that the memories might upset Danno and in the meantime a sneaky Harry disappears with the device.

When Steve and Danno catch up with Harry, thanks to the bug that Jerry has placed on him before, we find out that he is out for revenge on the man that caused his wife’s death in that bomb attack in 2012.

The boys end up being honoured by the Queen of England, which makes a cameo appearance on the show, with a tense Steve being reassured by a much more relaxed Danny that his tie looks OK.

 All together an amazing, exciting, full of action and fun episode. As I said I loved it.

Only one little glitch will keep me from calling it perfect though.

And that’s the scene at the cemetery where Harry Steve and Danno visit Harry’s wife’s tomb and when Harry says “ She was the only one I ever really let in” Steve answers “I got one like that” clearly referring to Cath. A cute scene that shows a softer side of Harry but once again leaves me perplexed on how Steve’s relationships are perceived in the show.

I believe the continuous mentions of Cath are in preparation for her return in 7.07 and caused by Steve’s current depressed and reflective mood after his near death experience. Having said that I find this references to a character and a relationship that were far from being as meaningful and important as they are depicted rather annoying and already tedious.

At least when Harry asks “Is there any way you can get that back” Steve answers with a decisive NO, which makes me hope in final closure in episode 7.07. Dragging that storyline further wouldn’t be beneficial for the show or the characters in my opinion.

 And now looking forward to see Alicia back next week.

In the meantime have a great weekend and an even better week ahead.

Mahalo for reading,


Credit for the pictures goes to Monika, Lisa (alohaspaceman), Surfbelle and Sonja


7 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E02) “No ke ali’i wahine a me ka ‘aina”(For Queen and Country)

  1. Thanks Manu and welcome back. I absolutely loved this episode and I hope we see Chris Vance back again as MI-6 agent Harry Langford, I thought he, McG and Danno made quite the team. You’re so right when you said they packed a lot into 43 minutes! And I’m looking forward to seeing more of Claire Forlani as Alicia Brown; I thought she had a lot of chemistry with our Commander! So far S-7 is fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The episode was ok but for me a bit exxagerated a bad Bond movie on TV. Some actions scenes were good and Harry was also good. As much as I like the carguments and Steve and Danny bantering to each other, I dont know why they ahve to banter each time they are in front of strangers, if it was me I be embarrased to do it so in front of the strange public (not the rest of the team cause they know already how Steve and Danny are). Other people will doubt abotu their profesionalism as cops if they argue and argue and look like kids.

    The ending was like What? The queen{s wig terrible!!

    Also I have a question how come H50 task force has juridisticion in other countries to act as if they were local pólice.

    The mention of Cath I agree with you Man is getting ridiculous, tiring and tedious, this has to stop now and I hope ep 7 will be the last ep we will see and hear from Catherine. Now that Cath is gone Steve keeps mentioning her and is acting like he is regreting that things did not work out and he felt guilty?. Now it seems he really misses her and have sentiments and kind of love her? Why he did not tell her he loves her when she was more present with him. But the mention of Catherine so far in 2 episodes for me is bad writing.

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    1. Thank you for reading.
      LOL I guess a Bond themed ep will always be a bit over the top, that’s the fun of it, but I really liked Harry.
      I agree about your opinion on the Cath mentions, no consistency in the writing between different seasons.


  3. Excellent episode!! It took a couple viewings to get everything in! I agree so much with your review. I think Alicia will be very interesting but as far as chemistry with Steve, I think she looks a bit old. But then I also felt Mick and Beth had no chemistry, jealousy I guess 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ll always be jelous of Alex’s characters’ girls, it’s just natural, nothing wrong with that 😉 I loved the ep too, wouldn’t mind to have Harry back in another ep.


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