Hawaii Five-0 (S07E01) “Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani?” (Ready to Play?)

Aloha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂


Finally the long hiatus is over and our favourite show is back! And what a season opener we had! Full of all the things we love about the show, Ohana, great action, McDanno carguments, McGarrett super SEAL, an intriguing new villain.

The opening scene showed us our Steve as usual chasing the bad guy, jumping up and down, in and out, left and right, one would think that months have passed from his near death experience and liver transplant, not just two weeks, until….He goes a bit too far and ends up with a bloody belly on the roof of a building. Bad Steve! But that’s who he is and we wouldn’t have him any other way right? Steve Mcgarrett is the Commander, the leader, the action man of the Five 0 task force and Danny can use up all his breath in convincing him to take it easy but his instincts are always going to prevail.

We could see a good change from his usual impetuous self in the flash back to “yesterday”, when Steve is reflecting in the hospital chapel about his own mortality and the impact that his career choices have had on his life. I thought it was a very thoughtful and unexpected idea to have Steve McGarrett talking to…an alternate version of Steve McGarrett. The homage to Jack Lord was surprising and touching. The advice that the old ex cop, happily married for 45 years, gives to Steve is enlightening and wise, straight to the point and meaningful. The reference to Catherine as “not the right woman” makes me hope that finally Steve will move on from the unjustified feelings of guilt that he has towards his failed relationship with Rollins. The relationship didn’t fail because of him or his job, but because they weren’t meant to be together. They both had other priorities than each other and as much as they cared for one another their love was not strong enough to make it long lasting. Move on Steve, it’s finally time. I was surprised to hear him saying “No” when Jack asked Steve if he had a girlfriend. Him and Lynn have been seeing each other for a year now. But probably Steve is still too cautious and confused to be willing to define his status with Lynn so he is holding back probably in order not to get hurt again and not hurt in response. Hopefully we’ll see the relationship developing in Season 7, after getting over the “bump” of Rollins’ return in 7.07. All together it was good to see a more reflective side of Steve. Especially when Jack persuaded him that despite the toll that his job might have taken on his private life the balance of the lives he saved and changed for the better out-weights the negative. And that’s not only true for the people he actually saved from the bad guys but also for the Ohana he created with Danno, Chin-Ho, Kono, Lou, Max, Abby and everybody involved with him and Five 0.


Of course the introspection didn’t last long as soon after we saw him racing Danno on a wheelchair already with complete disregard for his own safety. It was uplifting to see McDanno back in action. They might bicker until they loose their voices but those two truly care for each other. Danno puts on the “I don’t want my half liver to go to waste” disk when really he wants to say “I care a lot about your well being Steve and I’ve risked loosing you not too long ago, so for God’s sake please be careful!” And Steve puts on his devil-may-care persona when instead he wants to say “I love you, and, Thank you!”. Oh wait, he actually says it eventually 🙂 I will never get tired of seeing their brotherly relationship growing stronger and better but of course being the alpha males that they are they will only say the “right things” when it is more or less impossible not to. That’s the way we love them.


One of the things I liked the most in 7.01 were the frequent, light hearted Ohana moments scattered in the episode. Lou and Kono betting on the wheelchair race, Kamekona trying to persuade Lou to invest in exporting Hawaiian products to Chicago, including the unlikely successful shave-ice, Abby being now a permanent member of HPD, Eric being Eric and already planning to hit on the new Medical Examiner Noelani (BTW I like her but I already miss our eccentric Max), Chin being caught in the “I drive you drive” triangle with Steve and Danno (Daniel face was priceless in that scene) all contributing to make the show the way we like it.

Talking about Ohana it’s impossible not to mention the growing bond between Chin and his niece Sarah, the pancakes scene was very cute. Of course we know it’s not going to be smooth sailing for uncle Chin but hopefully the dispute between him and Sarah’s family in Mexico about the custody will have a happy ending.

Loved the way the new menacious villain has been introduced. A serial killer that targets other serial killers? Is he a vigilante? Is he a good or a bad person? Someone might even call him a hero, it has been done in other TV shows, but of course in our case he needs to be stopped. Good to see the task force dealing with a shadow, theoretically and practically as it happened in the final scene with Steve, someone that lurks in the dark and seems to always be a step ahead of them (are we sure Dexter didn’t move to Hawaii? We should have Jerry checking that out).


And what to say about the action? The chase lead by the amazing actor/stunt man Jesse La Flair was just phenomenal. What the guy can do seems to defy gravity, agile like a cat, light like a bird, fearless like a lion. Big thumbs up to all the stunt team for those heart stopping sequences. And once again thanks to Danno for shouting “Steve don’t do it” right before McG was about to follow Pierre Shaw all the way down to the pavement.

Looking forward now to see where the vigilante storyline takes our guys and also to meet an intriguing new character in 7.02, Alicia Brown played by Claire Forlani, that will surely become a great asset for the team, and as spoilers have it a good friend and confidant for our Commander.

Until then, have a good week my friends and keep enjoying our favourite show,


Credit for the pictures goes to my friends Monika, Surfbelle, Lisa (alohaspaceman) and Sonja.




10 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S07E01) “Makaukau ‘oe e Pa’ani?” (Ready to Play?)

  1. Thanks for this, happy seeing them all back on screen again, with the ohana, action etc. Great stuntwork too👍 until next time, being excited and curious about the next episodes.

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  2. Well. The new season has jsut started. This first episode had several things.

    I liked Steve and Danny carguements, talking about the liver they each have of one another, how Danny is more aware he has to heal well so he wont do anything stupid; and it is more conscious about his health status, on the contrary it seems our commander do not give a ratz about it and he feels he is 100% healed and can do everything that he did before the gun shot. Steve will never learn that is the way he is, stubborn to the core. But at the end he acknowledge he had to slow donw a bit and he aint Superman.

    Chin land Sarah so cute together but I guess it wont be a good outcome for Chin in keeping his niece, lets see what will happen.
    Abby looks good as a HPD cop. I hope she stays around a bit longer.

    The case of the week a bit creepy with a serial killer and the opening scene of Steve in the chappel creapier. I have to be honest the CGI effect to amke that guy looking like JackLord, was not very convincible for me.

    The serial killer chase in my taste was a bit exaggerated and oiverboard. It seems the guy (who by the way was kinda cute, lol!!) had some parkour training cause the way he jumped, landed, run and climb buildings and streets without a scratch seem like a person who practice the parkour discipline.

    My guess is that this guy was not the real serial killer, he may had worked for someone else and did the real killer the job in murdering people, cause the chess piece Steve found in his house, it seems there is another serial killer on the loose using also the chess pieces or maybe a copycat? cause the blonde guy with that fall fromt hat tall building is not possible he could have survived and besides you could see the blood coming out of him when he died.

    Overall the premiere was ok not that bad not that good. It was acceptable in my opinion.

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  3. Excellent recap Manu. I never really thought of the Steve/Cath think as him feeling guilty but I think you’re right. I would like Chin to raise Sarah. That would be so cute ☺️
    I have a feeling this is going to be a great season! 😃

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