Hawaii Five-0 Episode (S06E25 )“O Ke Ali’i Wale No Ka’ U Make Make” (My Desire is Only for the Chief)”

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans, for the second time this weekend 🙂

The last hour of the finale of Season 6 had too much good to be talked about in the same post as 6.24 so I decided to write a separate post.

From the previews we already knew that it would be a very emotional episode with Steve McGarrett being seriously injured and the team, lead by Danno, doing their best to save his life.

I liked the completely different format of the episode from what I expected, it made it unique and standing out.


The episode started with undercover Steve and Danno flying back to Oahu in a plane together with Dae Won, leader of a drugs distribution gang that has recently caused the dead of at least 11 people on the island.

The tone of the conversation is funny and light-hearted until an helicopter appears beside the plane and starts shooting at our guys, hitting Steve multiple times. There starts the truly emotional journey that Danno takes us onto, played with amazing talent and depth by Scott Caan, when he realises that his partner is in serious danger for his life. The panic and despair in Danno’s reaction were so tangible that we all wanted to be able to do something for him and Steve.

Luckily the tension was temporarily eased by a flashback to 36 hours earlier, which shows a blind folded McGarrett being taken to a CIA compound in Morocco, where he unexpectedly gets to meet Woo Fat’s father. Priceless the expression in Steve’s eyes when he realises who’s sitting in front of him, courtesy of our Alex’s amazing acting skills, while he is probably wondering, as much as we are, if the old man is to be trusted when he says that he has forgiven McGarrett for killing his son, as Woo Fat’s thirst for vengeance was his ultimate undoing. He also expresses his undying love for Doris McGarrett and his gratitude for her raising his son, even though he hasn’t seen her for two decades.

I think we all join in Danny’s doubt about the story, when we see Steve confiding about it with him first, and with Chin later. The conversation with Chin also lets us know that Abby has gone back to San Francisco but only to get her things so that they can finally live together (long lives Chibby :)) and that Chin is seriously considering adopting his niece after Gabriel’s death.

Steve and Danno’s conversation is interrupted by a very upset Nahele whom tells Steve about a friend of his, only 16 years old of age that has died  because of that bad batch of Cristal Meth. Steve reassures Nahele that as much as he as promised to him that he won’t let anything bad happen he has made the same vow towards the people of Oahu, and he intends to maintain it, being a man of his word.


There starts the hunt for the people responsible for the drug trafficking, including a drug addict, a distributor and a pilot, all of which fall victim of angry McGarrett’s interrogation techniques. Say what you wish about them but the Commander gets results and he needs them fast, including putting himself (and Danno) on the front line while going undercover as pilot Evan and mechanic David. Steve has to break the original pilot’s arm to make his story more believable, in a way he is protecting him.

Jerry provides a couple of solid false ids for the guys, in order to fool Dae Won, which as we see in the undercover scene at the airport even runs the guys finger prints to make sure they are “clean”. I would like to thank the wardrobe department for Steve’s outfit in that scene, very distracting in his top tank vest showing off his guns and pecs but always appreciated by us fangirls.

6.25 Monika.gif

We are then taken back to the airplane scene, which is most definitely one of my favourite in the episode. It breaks my heart to see Steve so hurt and helpless, fighting for his life but the level of emotions and the adrenaline rush still have me excited just thinking about it. I loved loved loved Danno shaking Steve to keep him awake all the time, his near gun fight with Dae Won, his adamant resolve in not letting his “brother” die, his ordering him not to die.

More than once Danno will put his own life at stake first threatening Dae Won of dipping the plane in the ocean if he didn’t make sure that Steve was alive by checking his pulse, and later, while frantically trying to land a plane that he had “zero clue” on how to fly he completely disregarded the advice of Airport control to perform an emergency landing on water because he knew that Steve would drown. Danno will do everything he can to save Steve even if it means to put not only his own life at risk but the lives of the people on the beach as well. I have never loved Danno as much as in that scene. He might play the tough cookie grumpy card aften enough but our Detective Williams has a heart of gold and an undying loyalty towards his Ohana.

In the meantime the rest of the team, after evacuating the beach to the best of their abilities, is waiting for the plane to land, Chin, Kono, Grover, Duke and they all rush to extract Steve from the relic (and to arrest Dae Won). Steve is rushed to the hospital while Danno still watches over him in the ambulance.

Despite a busted rib Danno joins the team in arresting the gang behind the drug business and has to fight his desire to shoot the guy that nearly killed his best friend. Twice we see him tempted to pull the trigger and torn by the urge to end him but eventually he allows justice to take its course.

The suspense doesn’t ease yet though as a phone call from the hospital alerts the team that Steve is in critical conditions and will die if he doesn’t receive a liver transplant in the next few hours. Everybody volunteers to be tested but Danno already knows to have the same blood type as Steve and once again he is the one to save the day.

I had to research a little to make sure of it but the living donation of part of one’s liver is actually very possible and blood type based so I applaude the writers for choosing that particular organ to connect our two lead guys in an even stronger way than we thought ever possible.

6.25 Sonni.jpg

The operation scene is made even more deeply emotional by the music, “Stand by me” while we see most of the Five 0 Ohana worriedly waiting for results. I would have liked to see Amber and Lynn there too but I understand that the scene was supposed to be just shortly after the events of the day and that production couldn’t probably pay two major guest stars for the sake of two minutes on screen so I’m OK with the fact that they are missing. I just presume they would have visit their lovers soon enough after the operation.

We have however some very touching moments, first with Lou loosing his cool with a defective coffee machine and confessing in tears to Chin that even though at the beginning he couldn’t stand McGarrett, now he would gladly take his place on the operation table.

Chin also reveals that Steve helped him out when Malia died, taking him out for coffee in the middle of the night when he knew he couldn’t sleep and just being there for him, without the need of saying words.

Kono walks into Steve’s room as soon as the doctor announces that they’ll be OK to tell her “Boss”, still unconscious, that not only he gave her a job, he gave her also a family. And surely she wouldn’t even have met Adam without being part of Five 0.

All those scenes had me in tears for their full duration.

And finally, the ending, one week after the events. Once again the full Ohana is there right before attending Max’s farewell party. The first time I saw the scene they were the only two minutes that I didn’t like of the episode. I was OK with the joke on Danny of all the cards and balloons being for Steve but I was disappointed at the lack of emotional connection between Steve and Danno. They were bickering. I would have been OK with that if it had been followed by a heart felt “Mahalo buddy” from Steve right after Danno closed the curtains. Then someone pointed out to me that that might have happened during the previous week and that being stuck in the same hospital room with little more than a TV for company might lead anybody to be a bit “touchy” let alone two strong personalities as Steve and Danno. I still missed a sweet moment but from that different perspective I re-evaluated the scene and enjoyed it more when I watched the episode for the second time.


So there you have it! Season 6 is done, we happily know that there will be a Season 7 and I’m looking forward to see what kind of characters development and storylines it will bring.

Mahalo for reading and lets keep the Five 0 love going even during the long hiatus.

Until next time, keep happy and love our Five-0-hana 🙂

Graphics courtesy of my friends Sonni, Monika, Surfbelle and Maureen.



9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 Episode (S06E25 )“O Ke Ali’i Wale No Ka’ U Make Make” (My Desire is Only for the Chief)”

  1. Hello Friend. I know I do not come here much but I do enjoy your reviews very much. Yes I really enjoy this episode and I will be honest I have not liked a lot of episodes this season, but this one was the best. Thank you for giving a shot out to my Scott cann as my Danno, and showing that Danno does have a heart of gold. It was I do agree with you that I wish at the end danno and steve could have had a more of emotional scene , that would have been nice but in all Finally a episode I really enjoy and great acting but scott and Alex

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well written Manu. For sure one of the best episodes, so well acted !!! Although I am a Steve fan, this time I really liked Danno to be the hero more than once, having a golden heart for his best friend. I loved all these warm ohana moments,being together and seeing them all together with their own memories about Steve, being afraid of loosing him. I know for sure I am going to watch this episode again. Looking forward to another season. Mahalo and until next time☺

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well… what a ride! After the action-packed previous eppy, this one got to our hearts! Certainly McG was the hero in #624, saving everyone from certain death, but this one gave us Danno as the one who steps up to the plate and delivers. I loved that the writers did that. Even though we knew McG wouldn’t die, it was still difficult to see him so injured and his life in jeopardy. We got to see the emotions of everyone, but Lou got to me the most. Seeing that big man reduced to tears… wonderful job, Chi! Chin divulging what McG had done for him after he lost Malia… more tissues! Kono speaking to the unconscious ‘Boss’ kept the waterworks going! One of the best episodes ever! Again, everyone involved in this did a fantastic job, cast, crew, writers… everyone! I’d give them a standing ovation if they were here. Since it was the season 6 finale, a special Mahalo to them for another exciting season. And thank you Manu for one last recap/review and giving us a place to express our thoughts. I hope you continue with these next season. Until then, Aloha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well Manu.love. . This is one of your very best reviews Ever and I would have explained MY delight and agreement with all you wrote EXCEPT that our Janno wrote all my thoughts before I did and did it brilliantly. So “thanks Janno” and” thanks Manu” It has been one fine ride through this season with your reviews and my Alex ohana’s comments. Lets hope the hiatus at l least finds some pictures and news of Alex to help us with our “withdrawal symptoms>
      Aloha and hugs


    2. Mahalo for reading. It was definitely one of the best finale of the six seasons. I enjoyed writing for S6 so I’m pretty sure i’ll keep doing it for S7 too 🙂


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