Hawaii Five-0 (S06E24)“Pa’a ka ‘ipuka i ka ‘upena nananana” (The Entrance is stopped with a Spider’s Web)”

Alooooha fellow Five 0 Fans 🙂

So here we are, finally at the end of Season 6. And what an end. The last two episodes have been an amazing ride of action, emotions, twists, Ohana. Just all the ingredients that have made us love the show so much.

6.24 Monika

I have to admit that I couldn’t sleep this morning, despite it being Saturday and being tired from the working week. I was too excited to see the big two hours finale so I decided to get up and get going.

I liked the fact that even if they were, per se, two separate episodes they were linked by a common crime of the week, which connected them in a way that made sense and created a good continuity between the two.

And talking about continuity between 6.23 and 6.24, I really liked the opening scene with Chin in the shower thinking about his niece Sarah and wondering if the decision he made, of letting Child Service take care of her, was the right one.

Very sweet when Abby joined him and reassured him that he was doing the right thing, the scene was intimate and emotional, tribute to the development not only of the characters but also of their relationship.

So the crime of the week initially turned around the victims of a very toxic batch of Cristal Meth, as Max introduces us to, which seems destined to claim another victim while a friend luckily survives being scared off by her partner’s symptoms.

And then, out of the blue, suddenly appears our resident villain Gabriel Wayncroft, whom we find out later on has been living in a dishevelled building together the drug addicts. While we expect him to end up hurting the poor girl, a twist of events brings to Gabriel being shot instead and left fighting for his life.

The Five 0 team luckily finds him trying to escape, right before Michelle Shioma’s men arrive to the site with the one and only task of killing Gabriel once for good.

The team quickly realises that being under attack from 20 hostiles, with no apparent way out and their cell phones being jammed makes their situation desperate. Things are made even worse by the fact that Abby, who was left behind at the entrance to keep guard seems unresponsive to their attempts to contact her via radio.

All the scenes between the Five 0 Team and the Shioma guys in the building were very intense and action packed and I couldn’t help noticing how our Commander mastered his role of leader while being in charge and first in line all the time.

Michelle Shioma was once again an amazing cold blooded villain and I loved the contrast between her front of caring mother, at the swimming pool with her daughters and the ruthless role of Yakuza leader when she said to her man that she would kill not only him but his entire family if he dared standing down instead of pursuing Gabriel and killing the all Five 0 task force in the process.

6.24 Sonni

Trying to escape from the Yakuza men the team finds itself on the roof of the building, with no other way out than jumping onto the adjacent roof. It took a bit of convincing on part of McGarrett to persuade a very reticent Danno that the jump was doable, including a “I love you buddy, good luck” which is always welcome to the McDanno fans.

Being the athletic bunch that they are all our heroes made the jump unharmed, including injured Gabriel. Priceless his taunting Chin saying that he would get what he wanted either way, if he died messing up the jump or if he went to prison succeeding in the escape.

In the meantime Lou Grover had trouble of his own being victim of an ambush together with the S.W.A.T. team while trying to reach and save the rest of the team. Unexpectedly it was Abby that came to his rescue, somehow escaping from the Yakuza guy that was holding her prisoner at gun point  and riding a bad ass motorbike while shooting. Well done Abby!

Our Team ends up commandeering a bus (once again the poor vehicle taking several bullets for the task force) while Jerry, on a seemingly secure line tries, not very successfully, to lead them to safety.

Things seems to turn to the worse for them when they realise that communications with the Honolulu Police Department are compromised by an inside man loyal to Shioma. This will then turn out to be in fact a woman, a police officer by the name of Natalie Ochoa.

Funny detail is that help comes to the team, in order to find the mole, from a very unexpected angle, no less than Robert Coughlin, which is still investigating dirty cops and even if reluctantly, he agrees to help Five 0 after Abby persuades him that they are his only hope to apprehend his brother’s killer.

Chin and Gabriel end up hiding in an apartment building, guided by Jerry, and Chin has to cauterise Gabriel gunshot wound Rambo style, under Max’s suggestion using the only thing they have available, gun powder. Gabriel might be mean and evil but I felt for his pain at that moment.

Finally the team is lead to safety, and Gabriel taken to the hospital, but after finding out that Shioma, despite being under surveillance by Duke, has pulled a disappearing act through a tunnel underneath her bathroom.


We have then the final twist of the episode, which I have to admit I didn’t see coming, of finding out that Gabriel suffered a cardiac arrest and died. I will miss loving to hate the bad guy. Gabriel had a moment of humanity while talking to Chin before, when he asked him to look after his daughter in case of his death.

Very touching was the final scene with Steve when Chin wonders what to do with the little girl and asks himself if he is ready to be a dad.

Of course I cannot fail to mention another topic of this episode, which is Max announcing to Steve that he is going to join Doctors without Borders for three months, to fulfil the dream he realised he never achieved when he was shipwrecked with Kamekona and Flippa.

I will miss our quirky Doctor but I’m reassured by the fact that we know from Peter Lenkov that he will be back after a brief absence at the beginning of next season.


Of course this was only the first of the two hours big finale, so stay tuned because I will be back soon with my review of 6.25.

Until then,

have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday.

Mahalo for reading,


Graphics courtesy of my friends Sonni, Monika and Surfbelle.


6 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S06E24)“Pa’a ka ‘ipuka i ka ‘upena nananana” (The Entrance is stopped with a Spider’s Web)”

  1. Thanks Manu. This was a very intense episode with lots of action & teamwork. Liked it a lot, only a shame Gabriel had to die. I liked his family conversation with Chin about the little girl Sara. And also liked lots of the other interaction/ohana too, so many things happened. Will surely rewatch this episode again, because so much happenend. Mahalo, until next time👍👍☝

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This eppy was fantastic! I loved it’s non-stop, edge of your seat action, I found myself not breathing at times. Bravo to everyone involved in making this 43 minutes of television feel like an action movie! I especially loved the plot twists that took me by surprise – SWAT getting ambushed, for one – I love it when I don’t see these things coming! I’m also glad there was a thread tying this one to the season finale. We all love Steve (Alex), that’s what has drawn us together, but this eppy showed us the true leader in him. No one in their right mind would want to make that jump! But he knew it was the only way his team would survive and his SEAL training led them off that roof! Absolutely everyone brought their A-game to this one, it will be one of my favorites from all seasons. Mahalo, Manu, another well done recap/review. On to the finale. ;>)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mahalo for reading 🙂 Yes, I remember thinking, he is always the Big Kahuna but in this case he has shown his leadership skills in a way that went above and beyond the usual.


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