Hawaii Five-0 (S0620) “Ka Haunaele” (Rampage)

Aloooha my friends 🙂

How did you like episode 6.20? It was another good one wasn’t it? Maybe not as memorable or emotional as 6.19 but still good fun in the typical Five 0 style.


And I’m happy to say that the perpetrator this time caught me unprepared and I love to be surprised so that was really satisfying. Like our Five 0 team Hugh Foster fooled me in believing that he was innocent so after the interrogation I never gave him a second thought. I have to admit that after the intro, reminding us about the ordeal that Adam and Kono have been going through and after the question “What does Gabriel want from Adam?” I was totally expecting our resident villain Gabe to be behind the theft of the indestructable suit and I was surprised not to see his face when McGarrett pulled the helmet off him.

I always love to see the “Kodam” story developing and I am intrigued by next episode already. I found it a little strange that Kono wouldn’t actually believe Adam when he told her that Gabriel went to visit him but that he didn’t accept his job offer and I truly hope that her evident doubts about her husband’s integrity will not create issues in their already difficult marriage. They have always implicitly trusted each other so why not doing it again now?

I loved the scene between Chin and Kono, I have been to the Nuuanu Pali Lookout in Oahu and it brought back wonderful memories. Also loved Chin’s deep understanding of his cousin’s feeling when he asked her “What are doing here then” when she claimed to believe that Adam didn’t take Gabriel’s job offer.

But of course there were another two storylines in this episode, the crime of the week, for Five 0 to solve, involving the theft of the “Iron man” indestructible suit and the other crime of week, for some members of the Five 0 Ohana to commit 😉 , regarding the kidnapping of Mazie the elephant.

Both storylines had interesting concepts and moments.

I loved the introduction of the Honolulu night scene and even if I don’t know them, being completely ignorant about American football, I bet that having the Bennet brothers as guest stars brought a smile on many fans faces. And how impressive was that CGI elephant rampaging (pun intentional) through Kalakaua avenue?

This storyline introduced us to Jerry’s little sister, Isabelle, also known as Chunk as apparently she weighted 12 pounds when she was a child. Well she definitely grew well out of it as she now is a beautiful young woman soon to be Councillor Ortega. Quite a few members of the Five 0 team were surprised to find out that she was Jerry’s sister, more than anybody our current forensic “guru” Eric. Eric seems to easily “fall” for every pretty girl on his path, which might be mildly funny but quite frankly a bit annoying too, but his funny exchanges with Danny, Lou and Steve were amusing.

It is hard to tell if breaking the law to free an animal from captivity is right or wrong, I guess there isn’t a real unbiased answer to it, but Izzie persuaded not only Jerry, but also Kamekona, Eric and Max to help her in making sure that Mazie would find safe transport from Hawaii to Thailand. Hopefully a better life will be expecting her overseas.

I was a bit afraid that being complicit might negatively affect Jerry’s relationship with Five 0, but even if he still didn’t obtained a badge, Steve seemed to be quite happy to forgive his trespassing, still reminding him quite clearly that he is not so easy to fool and that he perfectly knew what had been going on behind his back.

The second storyline brought us some brilliantly funny moments. Jerry promptly “dumping” his sister to join the team at “Universal Export” allowed the guys to tease once again about his crave for a Five 0 badge. Priceless Lou’s argument against it “The guy believes in aliens and you want to give him authority over sane people?”.

The full concept of the indestructible suit leaves me a bit perplexed but I guess it’s plausible that very expensive research would be done on such a valuable asset from a military point of view. More than anything I loved the scenes at the Honolulu Police Department, where our Commander showed once again that a human life is more valuable than a very expensive military suit. Loved that they left the bad guy temporarily go in order to not put the officer further at risk.

Always happy to see Duke involved in the cases, and heart warming to see Steve reassuring him that they’d do everything in their power to protect his fellow officer.

The chasing of the suit gave one a nowadays rare little cargument between Steve and Danno too funny when Danny told Steve that not even his “Big dumb head” could penetrate the indestructible suit when McGarrett announced that they were pursuing the guy on their own.

I guess even the cleverer of thieves can’t outsmart Steve McGarrett even though the resolution of the case by the Commander bashing a police car into Hugh Foster’s van was a little anticlimactic for my taste. Once again though the team decided not to sacrifice the guilty lawyer as collateral to apprehend the guy so in this case Kono had to hold back on her marksman skills.

I have to admit that one of my favourite scenes in this episode was the one between Steve and Danny when McGarrett wanted to take the suit back as evidence while his partner would have gladly kept it as it seems to be “McGarrett proof” so it could save Danny’s life regardless of what sort of trouble his friend will involve him into next. Loved how light hearted the scene was but also how once again Steve pointed out that he did, and will always have Danny’s back.

I think we need more light hearted McDanno back in the show and that scene seemed a good start.

And now we are all waiting for the next episode, to find out what is going on with Adam and why he will evade from Halawa. I hope everything will be OK for him and Kono eventually, I’m a big Kodam fan and would love to see them finally happy.

Until then, I wish you all a very good weekend and an even better week ahead.

Mahalo for reading, Manu


9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0620) “Ka Haunaele” (Rampage)

  1. This eppy will never be a favorite of mine, but it also wasn’t the worst, as many of us said last night after watching this one, it was ‘OK.’ Neither story was given enough attention by the writers for them to be fulfilled, and they both could have been. From previews I had thought the elephant story would be the one I would like more than the Iron Man suit, but it failed on so many levels, I actually preferred the Iron Man story. It felt like too much of both stories had been left on the editing room floor. One thing that I did find interesting was the story and footage of the escaped rampaging elephant was a true one. (Thank you Joey for sharing this with us!) The actress playing Jerry’s sister was not good, her delivery was like that of a amateur news reader. Pretty, yes, and that was what they were going for when casting her.

    The Iron Man story had holes as well, but they managed to make it seem less chopped up. I wasn’t fooled by the meek, nerdy guy at all. Someone like him with industrial espionage on his record no less, who had access and knowledge had to be the culprit if only because there wasn’t enough time to develop additional suspects. The all powerful suit made him feel more, well, more like McG, I guess. And the hi tech, state of the art armor, the future of soldiers was taken down by our own beloved McG in a police car. One thing I did enjoy about this eppy was the humor that was nicely sprinkled throughout. And it was good to have Danny back in the ohana fold, though he seemed under utilized to me. And this is the problem with eppies like this one, not enough time for the story to be told as it should and not enough screen time for all of the regular actors.

    The remaining S-6 episodes I expect will deal with the Adam-Gabriel story as we head to this season’s finale., why else would we have so much time given in the ‘previously on’ section and have the cousins talk in such solitude – beautiful scenery, but why couldn’t they have the conversation at the office? The ‘Gabriel as the new Wo Fat’ hasn’t been that satisfying as the original Wo Fat was, not sure why, but it just hasn’t and I would like to see some sort of resolution to his story. I know it’s a drama and a somewhat serialized one at that and long term bad guys are a staple, but Gabriel as the omnipotent badass hasn’t worked for me. Somehow when Wo Fat appeared out of nowhere and could disappeared into thin air, Mark Dacascos made it seem possible, Christopher Sean as Gabriel does not. All of this is my opinion, of course and I thank Manu for giving all of us a forum where this can happen.

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    1. Thank you for reading Janno 🙂 I agree, a good ep but not my fav of the season. And you are absolutely right, I welcome different opinions, I find it interesting to read different points of views. It makes it fun. So you are more than welcome to express your thoughts here


  2. I agree it wasn’t a Wow episode, but I really liked the nice Steve & Danny moments and yes, we need many more of those. They are what hooked me and keep me watching. AOL & SC have such great chemistry ……..let’s hope they give us more next week.


  3. I judge the greatness of the episodes by how many times I will re-watch them. Unfortunately this one doesn’t rank a re-watch. It was quirky and disjointed. If more attention was paid to the Robocop on steroids portion it would have been good. My money was on Steve all along – he knew the suit was indestructible but not the man wearing it. The rampaging elephant (that looked as fake as it was) story involving Jerry’s sister was as ridiculous as having the 2 football players in it (I’m an American and had no idea as to who either man was).

    It did have a few cute moments, but just not enough. Sometimes tptb try to hard – they think they’re creating an epic Hollywood production with a cast of thousands when all most fans want is a well-written and acted procedural with their favorite crime solvers!

    I’m looking forward to this week’s episode. Thanks for taking the time to review it!!

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    1. You made e few very good points 🙂 Hopefully the final part of the season will appeal more to our wishes for characters development and answers to “abandoned” storylines. Thanks to you for reading!


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