Hawaii Five-0 (S0619) “Malama ka Po’e” (“Care For One’s People”)

Aloooha my Five 0 enthusiast friends 🙂

It seems like yesterday I was writing my blog for episode 6.18 and here we are, already talking about episode 6.19.

And what an episode this was. Most definitely one of my favourite of Season 6. It must be because it centred around one of the most important and beloved topics that Five 0 keeps coming back to time and time again: Ohana, family, and the lengths that we go to protect and nourish it.

The concept of Ohana was illustrated in many different forms through the episode.

First we have the two brothers from different parents entertaining us while having breakfast together. The initial scene between Steve and Lou having pancakes was hilarious, cute and adorable all together. The distance these two have come from their antagonistic initial encounter is amazing. They know each other so well that they can play on one another’s little quirks and faults while having fun at the same time.

The scene of course gave us also a motivation for Danny being unfortunately once again missing from this episode. Could you imagine our Detective “Sunshine” Williams (as Lou called him) chaperoning his daughter and her teenager friends in Las Vegas at a cheerleaders competition? Poor Danno. And on top of that he would be missing those apparently delicious pancakes which reminded me of my very first breakfast in Hawaii in 2013. Steve is right, coconut being a fruit, a drup or whatever he wants it’s the very best topping.


And how cute was Lou asking Steve to tell his wife that he had the “diet plate” for breakfast instead of the pancakes. I am on Lou’s side, Steve not being married he doesn’t understand some little rules about a peaceful relationship. For example I never admit to my hubby either to have finished Nutella on my own rather than together with him.

The “my money-your money” gig was hilarious. By now we all know that Steve McGarrett has many incredible qualities but picking up a check at breakfast or dinner is not one of them. So Lou shouldn’t really be surprised when he ends up paying up with the winnings of an old bet.

Steve’s charming side comes out to greet us when he pays the bill while jokingly flirting with the cashier lady, while Alex’s amazing acting skills are once again revealed to us when his carefree, relaxed expression transforms into worry when he notices Lou arguing with an unknown man outside the restaurant.

For the first time we meet the guy that will turn out to be Grover’s former FBI handler, agent Frank Zagar from Philadelphia, played by Mark Valley, who shared the screen already in the past with Chi McBride on the show “Human Target”. I have to say that Zagar turning up to be the bad guy, the traitor later on in the episode was the only thing that left me a bit disappointed in an otherwise brilliant show. It was predictable. Since the beginning I knew it would be him. And I hoped it wouldn’t be because I like to be surprised. Never mind, there were many other things to like.

I guess the Zagar storyline refers once again to the concept of Ohana, just this time in a negative way. Sometimes family is all the we have, sometimes it is the very thing that hurts us. Lou trusted Frank like a brother and was betrayed for money.

But on  a more positive side we have the Five 0 Ohana jumping on the case as soon as Grover and his family went missing and not letting go until they finally found and rescued them. Steve initial instinct was right and he was never going to leave his friend facing danger alone. Not even when he found out that Grover hadn’t confided in them about his past undercover assignment in Philadelphia with the black mafia. When Lou dodges the HPD officer Steve admits that he would have done the same, as in that kind of situation one can never know who to trust.

Family, and more specifically broken trust and mislead loyalty turn out to be the very reason why the Grover family is in trouble. Aaron Barnes Jr, whom with his dad was incarcerated because of Lou’s op comes to Hawaii to get his revenge. And it is another guy, who once was like family to Lou that gives Grover up. No less than his former friend Clay Maxwell.

But all well what ends well, Steve and Kono make good use of their markman skills taking down Barnes and Lou manages to capture Zagar on his won. I really enjoyed Steve taunting Barnes after shooting him “You should have stayed in Phillie, I’ll give Lou Grover your regards”. You don’t mess with McGarrett’s Ohana and get away with it, fact!

And in an episode about Ohana I can’t not mention that I was truly happy to see Duke, our Dennis Chun, back in the action. Dennis is like family to me, he knows what I mean.

And now let me talk about the Grover family. Well I just love them. Lou and Renee are without doubt the best couple currently on Five 0.


They are believable, cute, funny, real. Like any normal married couple they argue, they tease each other, but when it counts they are there for one another, unconditionally. They have true love. How many times have Renee, brilliantly played by Michelle Hurd, supported and encouraged her husband when he was doubting and worried. How many times, together, have they reassured their kids that everything would be all right?

I love Renee Grover, in my opinion currently the best written female character on the show. She is strong, determined, loyal, passionate and devoted to her family and her husband before anything else. A true role model.

The touch of an hand, an “I love you” said at the very right time spoke more than a thousand words. Very meaningful when Will was worrying about his baseball team was Renee saying that the only team that really mattered was the one right in their car.

I have to admit that the only moment when I had a hint of a doubt about Frank being the bad guy was when he was talking to Will and telling him the story of him and his dad and giving him the knife for his own protection. Smart moment.

And very touching the moment when Will gave the knife to his dad, forced to leave the family to go after Frank and his guys.

I was more than happy to see bad ass Renee taking out one of the bad guys even though she was shocked and saddened but the event. And also grateful to Lou for not giving in to his instinct to kill Frank.  Lou is after justice, not revenge.

Truly enjoyed the final scene, when the Grover family is finally reunited with Steve and Kono. I have to admit that the hugs between Lou, Renee, Will and “Little Mama” and the hug between Steve and Grover brought tears to my eyes.

An incredible episode, one that surely I will want to see again, very soon.

And I’m already looking forward to the next new on next week.

Until then my friends, have a great weekend and a very good week ahead.

Mahalo for reading, Manu



9 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0619) “Malama ka Po’e” (“Care For One’s People”)

  1. I loved this one too, Manu, it had everything I love about H5-0 (except for a wet and/or shirtless McG). It was an intense, well written, Ohana-centric episode, so much better on all points than last week’s show. Alex shows us week after week just how good an actor he is, the subtly he showed when turning from being so charming to the cashier to his ‘something’s wrong’ look changed in a second. Also Alex looks so comfortable piloting that helicopter, I wonder if he ever thinks back to his childhood when he told a teacher he wanted to be a jet pilot… for most of us who had those seemingly impossible dreams as a child, this would be close enough! And I really love how McG & Lou have made their initial head-butting relationship work for them, that bear hug at the end was priceless. Thank you Manu, well done (and not only because I agree with you on every point! LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One thing that I would have added to this would have been to see the results of Eric unlocking Grace’s IG account… a series of cheerleading competition’s shots with Danny & Gracie with the credits showing over them! ;>)


  2. Dear Manu, thanks for your review. Just watched this episode one hour ago and I am still impressed. I agree with you totally. This ohana story is one of my favourites too, worth to watch it soon again. Mahalo, until next time.

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  3. I enjoyed this episode a lot! It took a while for me to calm down after it ended, my heart was pounding and I was actually sitting on the edge of my seat!! It was well-written and well-acted. You could taste the fear. The stunts were excellent. It is, by far, my favorite of this season! Loved badass Renee, Lou taught her well! To hell with all the others Steve needs to make Renee a part of 5-0, she’s a great shot!! The bear-hug at the end was just priceless.

    Liked by 1 person

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