Hawaii Five-0 (S0618) “Kanaka Hahai” (The Hunter)

Aloooha fellow Five 0 fans, we are finally back 🙂

Not only we had two Fridays without our favourite show, which is bad enough, but then I went over to Italy to visit my family, which is good really, but it prevented me from seeing the new episode until yesterday and from writing my blog until today.

But I’m here now and back to business!


So did I like episode 6.18? Oh yes I did indeed! I have to admit that Matt Wheeler’s episodes this season have been among my absolute favourites so I’m not surprised that I really like this one too.

Where to start? Well, from my favourite part of the show, which has quickly become one of my favourite couples on Five 0, of course I’m talking about Chibby! I was more than happy and relieved to see Abby throwing her SF Police badge in the ocean at the beginning of the episode. Finally someone on the show that made the mistake of lying and deceiving to the team but then had the guts to come clean, admit her mistake and choose to move forward and in the right direction. Everybody makes mistakes, it’s part of being human, it’s how we behave in the aftermath that counts and Abby decided that loyalty was more important than career. That not betraying a team of people, a real Ohana, was more important than any mission or assignment. And that wasn’t only due to her integrity and affection towards a team that was as far as they could be from the corrupted image that Couglin gave her but also to her love for Chin. What started probably just as admiration and infatuation has slowly become real attachment and why not, should we call it love? Lets do that! And with love comes the commitment to do the right thing, not just for oneself but even more importantly for the person that one loves. Well done Abby. I hope her choice will bring her the reward of a happy relationship with Chin and a successful involvement as the newest member of Five 0. I truly hope it won’t have bad consequences on behalf of Coughlin.

I loved the scene between Abby and Steve. Once again, Steve understands why she had to do what she did in order to follow her orders. That’s become one of the main features of our Commander. But he also forgave her and accepted her back to the team not because blinded by nonsensical carelessness but because, as he admitted himself, he “saw her loyalty” and the fact that when she realised that the team was actually making a positive difference she made the right choice. That kind of person can help and be part of the Five 0 that he has created and loves.

I also enjoyed the final scene between Abby and Chin. From the initial awkwardness of Chin being unsure if she would stay or not to the following grovelling that he had her doing, with that adorable mischievous grin, to the kiss, which showed more than a thousand words that she was forgiven and they could move on hopefully in a much better direction than before.


Of course there were also a crime of the week in this episode and Danny’s and his kids side line adventure.

The crime of the week was definitely interesting and touching at the same time. Seems incredible that in our time there are still people forced to live in slavery but unfortunately sometimes this world’s reality is cruel and upsetting. Uplifting the fact that an ex convict ended up dead not while perpetrating a crime but trying to help his friend escaping his ordeal.

And the story of Eduard Torres, being away from his family for over three years, surviving conditions unthinkable for most and finally being rescued and reunited with his family was touching and heart warming. Really meaningful the way Kono was touched by the man’s story of survival in desperate conditions in the ocean, surely it brought back memories of her own ordeal that we witnessed in 5.23. Lovely touch. Adorable the moment when Eduard meets his daughter for the first time.

It was also pretty cool to see Steve, Chin and Abby in ninja outfits, badass mode taking down the bad guys. And of course, Season one’s “out of the box” interrogation techniques were back again and I keep to truly enjoy them

The crime of the week also gave us a couple of giggles, from Jerry first, and his adamant conviction that ghost ships and ghosts in general are as real as Grover’s scepticism. Lovely to see that he has probably found a kindred spirit in his “casual” girlfriend. And of course McGarrett teasing Lou about the “white dress ghost”. Priceless his initial poker face that suddenly breaks into a cheeky smile and laughter and even cuter big man Grover sulking and moving away from Steve like an offended teenager. I just love those two together.

And in the meantime, on the other side of the island Danny is enjoying a quiet, family centred, cell phones free day with Grace and Charlie. Quite understandable Grace’s reluctance to part from her phone, she is a teenager after all, and as was proven later it would have been useful to have a communication device available when Danny’s car got stolen. Little Charlie was just adorable just assisting his dad and sister’s banter.

I didn’t fully understand what the aim of the bad guys was in shooting at the drug store at the beginning and in stealing Danny’s car but they definitely deserved what came to them. Lucky for Danny every time he gets in trouble he seems to find a good Samaritan with mad fighting skills to help him out, so in this case we meet the hunter (from the title?) that armed with bow and arrows assists our hero in taking down the criminals. Liked the fact that Danny didn’t aim to kill, but to apprehended even though in typical Five 0 style the bad guy ended up dead.

Also cute the final scene of the Ohana once again coming back together, all safe and sounds, apart from injured Danny, to enjoy an evening at Kamekona’s. Kamekona that doesn’t miss the opportunity to scold Danny for eating at his “rivals” while Steve teases both of them with his surf and turf theory.

All together a very enjoyable come back episode.

And now, after seeing the sneak peeks for episode 6.19 we are all wondering what is up with Grover and his forced family trip and what kind of character Chi’s former colleague from “Human target”, Mark Valley, will end up to be.

Also looking forward to see how the team will come together to eventually rescue the Grovers.

Not long to wait then, until tomorrow (Saturday for me).

Have a good Friday and enjoy the new episode!


4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0618) “Kanaka Hahai” (The Hunter)

  1. Manu you did a great job again, so well written. I liked this episode a lot. For me Abby doesn’t have to be another team member, but being with Chin sounds good to me, finally some happiness. I liked to see Grace&Charlie again with their father. And the interaction between Steve & Lou, I loved it. The crimestory was good also, bringing back memories to Kono. And we all know our world isn’t perfect at all. Mahalo for your review, I am looking forward to the next episode (s). Hope you had a good familytime in Italy. Bye.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. While I liked this eppy, I think you liked it a lot more than I did. But I do agree that the interaction between McG and Abby was perfect. This script felt like it had a couple more rounds to go before it would be right, way too many holes in the story!! Also I prefer it when the team has some semblance of togetherness, this season has had too many storylines like this for my taste. On the up-side, it was great to see Charlie. THX Manu for your thoughts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Janno 🙂 I guess it is mostly because of Scott’s schedule that in many episodes Danny seems disjointed from the rest of the team. Hopefully there will be more togetherness in the final part of the season. Thank you for reading hun!


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