Hawaii Five-0 (S0617) “Waiwai” (“Assets”)

Alooooha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

After a week without a new episode we were treated last night to 6.17. I have to admit that the knowledge of a “Cath related” story didn’t make me jump of joy but I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept an open mind to see where the story would go. I’m glad I did as the episode was a good one, full of action and with an interesting, well written plot.

This week’s episode focused on just one crime of the week, which however had plenty of ramifications and kept us guessing and involved until the very end.


We saw it starting with a rather gruesome bloodbath in the O.R. of an hospital, where a “Doctor” killed and injured a few “colleagues” before murdering a patient with a broken femur. The focus that the camera brought on her tattoos made it pretty clear that they would play an important part in her identification later on in the episode, once again thanks to our Jerry.

When Five 0 started investigating the crime we also saw two of our most beloved members of Ohana helping out, Duke Lukela and of course our resident M.E. Max Bergman.

It was quickly clear that the object that was extracted from the unfortunate “mule” would be one of the main characters of the episode too. It was a flash-drive, implanted in the victim so that he could smuggle it out of the country. The Doctor that performed the implant operation will turn out to be portrayed by no less than Jimmy Borges, a very much anticipated and welcome guest star, who did a very good job in playing the slightly creepy but also useful as a source of information Doctor Yang.

The scene in his shop was rather amusing also because it lead to what I would call a shop-gument between Steve and Danno, the first describing the positive sides of ancient Chinese medicine and the sceptical second defining it as “hardly science”. Steve and Danno might not share the same opinion but their interaction is always entertaining.

The operation was paid for by another principal character in 6.17, Chris Dalton, a cyber strategist, whom, as “expert” Kono pointed out to a puzzled McGarrett, has the job of protecting computer systems from hackers. His job has little use though if he is the very person to extract Government secrets from his place of work to transfer them to the before mentioned flash-drive.

The investigation lead our Commander to the discovery that the flash-drive contained N.S.A. material with sensitive information about secret agents involved in black ops. The operatives’ identities would be compromised if the flash-drive fell into the wrong hands. Later on Steve will also find out that, even though most of the agents were pulled out in time, some of them were in locations impossible to contact and were still in danger. When questioned on having a direct line to one of the operatives McGarrett ingenuously thought the guy was referring to his mother, Doris McGarrett, only to find out that he was in fact talking about his former girlfriend Lieutenant Catherine Rollins. At the same time as Steve so we find out that it was Cath who called him from a satellite phone all those months behind, right after she allegedly left for Nepal. We still don’t know why she called him though and why she didn’t say anything on the phone. We also find out that she is in Ukraine and not in South Asia.

Of course, the realisation that someone he used to be very close to could be in danger makes Steve even more resolute in finding the flash-drive and making sure the information it contains remains secret.

In the meantime, after an action packed gun fight with a frightened Chris Dalton an his girlfriend Ana Novak Five 0 manages to capture the cyber strategist. During his interrogation in the blue room I saw a parallel in his situation with Ana and Steve’s with Catherine. In very different ways and for very different reasons but both men were deceived and lied to by the woman they were involved with. So Steve helping Chris will hopefully made him realise that he needs to help himself too.

Ana manages to re-capture Chris in order to have him de-cripting the flash-drive but thanks to Steve’s strongly persuasive interrogation technique (we hear a shot fired when he is alone with him) Doctor Yang gives up her location and the drive is recovered before the information is released.

Crime of the week solved, so why is our Commander looking less than happy, staring at the ocean with a vacant glance? Of course the realisation of having been deceived when left by his woman, in a very similar fashion to how his mother did, deeply saddens Steve. Danny is promptly there for him, asking if he is angry and trying, with not much conviction nor success, to tell him that maybe Cath lied so that he wouldn’t worry.

Personally I would have preferred to see a little more passion, a little more disappointment in Steve’s reaction, but his calm demeanour and his apparent understanding of her actions in my opinion shouldn’t be misunderstood for prompt and blind forgiveness. It just means that he knows sometimes situations make people behave in a certain way, but he doesn’t have to like it. He might not show it explicitly but I bet Steve is even more hurt now and the trust he had in Cath might be finally completely compromised. I think that would make sense.

Talking about lies and secrets, in 6.17 we also see the team discussing about Federal Prosecutor Robert Coughlin, brother of Rex Coughlin and Abby’s boss, who now they know is after them, either out of a misplaced sense of justice, or more likely as a personal vendetta due to Five O indirectly causing the death of his brother.

Abby is with them when they talk about Coughlin and she fakes ignorance of his identity and purpose, but we see her later on confronting him and defending Five 0 saying that they are smart, they’ll figure his plan out, and that as far as she has seen they haven’t crossed any boundary while performing their duty (good thing she wasn’t there when Steve shot Doctor Yang to extract information :)).

Abby even tries to persuade her boss to pull her out of her mission but Coughlin is adamant that she ether works for him and does what she is told or she looses her badge, which leaves her in a very delicate position.

Her relationship with Chin is also brought up in her discussion with her boss, which clearly shows he has “eyes on her” and is worried her loyalty might lay now with Five 0 (and Chin Ho) more than with him.

In the very final scene of the episode we see Abby joining Chin in his office, with a very worried and sad expression on her face. When Chin asks if everything is OK she says no and starts talking to him but we can’t hear the dialogue.

Personally I hope she will come clean with Chin and the team and will help them from falling into any trap that Coughlin will lay ahead. I also hope that her honesty will save her relationship with Chin. Similar situation with Chin and Abby to the one between Steve and Cath? So why do I hope that Chin will forgive Abby but not that Steve will take Cath back?

There are many big differences. Abby and Chin haven’t been involved for over a decade, they are still getting to know each other and their circumstances are less than favourable. Plus Abby decided to tell the truth to Chin on her own volition.

Cath has lied to Steve in at least 3 important occasions, she has willingly deceived him after being involved with him for several years and after he helped her out of very dangerous situations risking his own life. She left him with no apparent reason nor justification for a full year even after finding Najib. Every single time Steve found out the truth about her lies it wasn’t from her because she wanted to come clean but it was because circustamces dictated it.

So how could he really trust her again. Love might be eternal but in my opinion when trust is gone it’s gone forever.

So now we won’t have a new episode for two Fridays and then I’ll be out of the country on holidays on April 1st so I have no idea when I’ll write my blog about 6.18.

In the meantime though I would like to wish you a very nice weekend and a very pleasant time until next time we meet.

Mahalo for reading, Manu




14 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0617) “Waiwai” (“Assets”)

  1. Well the episde was ok. The crime of the week was interesting.. I do wonder how they can smuggle a flashh drive through airport security inside a person body if the flash drive was made of metal. The female assassin was ruthtless and bad, very well acted.

    Well in my personal opinion I dont see a bright future between Chin and Abby, something tells me she will leave Chin for the team sake but in this case Abby will be honest and tell Chin about it unlike Catherine. The main actress had landed a role in future pilot series so that is why I said I dont see a future between them,

    Like you said here Manu “You would have preferred to see a little more passion, a little more disappointment in Steve’s reaction, but his calm demeanour and his apparent understanding of her actions in my opinion shouldn’t be misunderstood for prompt and blind forgiveness”. Me too. I would have expected a more upset Steve but I guess he was not like that as he he beliees he understands her the reason of why she left him and lie.

    Now it seems Steve will forgive her then knowing the reason why she left him as she wasforced to do so and she could n ot tell him the reason why? So where do Lynn stands now? She was just the rebound girl because he thought Catherine left him because she did not care for him and lied to him?

    I dont know what is worse then lie in order to protect someone or tell the truth even if it hurts and will put a person in danger.

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    1. ‘I don’t know what is worse then lie in order to protect someone or tell the truth even if it hurts and will put a person in danger.’

      I think you nailed the conflict in the McG’s head.


      1. I agree as far as you hitting it right on the head with the similarities of the two men and Steve does need to save himself.
        Excellent review 🙂

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    2. I think even if Cath ws to come back it wouldn’t necessarily be as Steve’s girlfriend. They might bring her back in a minor role, maybe kinda related to the Doris storyline? After all they both are CIA now. And Steve can still be happily with Lynn 🙂


  2. I was also wondering though that Steve understands why she did it but he was still mad at soem point. I do not think she will return any in season six and if we get season seven I hope the writers do not have Steve going to get her or she pops in Oahu. I don’t think Steve would Want to be with her if she is a cia op like Doris and be gone all the time.

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  3. Thanks Manu, just watched this episode. Liked the action and crime story. Hope Cath won’t come back into Steve’s live again, she deceaved him too many times. He may forgive her but don’t let her come back in his life again. And Abby, I hope she will give Chin and team the truth just to prepare them for what to expext in future !!! Looking forward to another episode in a couple of weeks. Mahalo until next time !!! And enjoy your holidays with your family.

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  4. I L-O-V-E-D this eppy! McG looked incredible in it! Reason alone to love it!! It felt very ‘early days’ H5-0 to me and while I like to progress the show and it’s characters have made, every once in a while I like seeing an eppy that feels like the beginning of the reboot! Manu, you recapped it well, so I’ll get a little picky if I may. Yes, having the close up of the faux doc’s hand that was a big give-away as to its importance. When you see the camera focus on something… a phone, door, window, etc. in the background or foreground, it’s meant to get your attention and sets you up for what’s about to happen usually… here it was a hint. And it saves you from having to think too much… they only have 42 minutes in each eppy to tell the story. Because of the time limit, they have to let some details go by…. not enough time and/or money to let us see these details sometimes drive me crazy!! Last night had one big one for me… how did the faux doc/surgeon get into the OR??? I really wanted to know how that was accomplished. I would rather have seen a split screen, montage-style few seconds of film that showed this than all of that BLOOD! I admit, I have a problem with slashing… knives, scalpels, ballpoint pens… and seeing the slashing, stabbing with the bloody result… too graphic for me! Even the snipping of the stitches made me squirm! (The flashback of the pen… UGH!!) This is my only complaint and it’s just my personal opinion.

    I am glad to see the Cath/McG relationship get some attention, we need to know what Lenkov has in mind for this relationship. And we all know it’s his vision, the writers only fill in the details and make it work. Of course McG was concerned and the way Alex portrayed that moment when it went from him thinking it was Doris to hearing it was Cath? Alex, the actor with the super expressive eyes, nailed it. His McG eyes went from concern over anonymous deep cover CIA ops, to Mom (slightly more concern) to fear for Catherine, subtle but there. Of course he still cares for her, he was going to ask her to marry him. Of course he’s been hurt by her leaving him the way she did and most definitely by her deception, but that does not mean he doesn’t still love her! Trust her? No… Forgive her? Probably not. I loved the conversation with Danny at the water’s edge, I love it when they stop bickering and show true feelings for each other and this was perfect. Do we know what exactly McG was thinking” No, we don’t. Alex played that well too. It was a bit ambiguous as I’m sure McG’s feelings and thoughts would be, given the latest info on Cath… I doubt he knew what he was really feeling. More deception, for one thing, but there’s a ‘why’ in there and I think that’s where their story goes next. I would like some real resolution to their story though… and I’m hoping it will be before this season is over.

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    1. Thank you for reading Janno 🙂 You made some very good points there! Yeah, some times the villains in tv series seem to be able to access places that should be nearly impossible to get to. As you said, they cant explain everything in detail so sometimes they leave it to our imagination 😉 LOL I’m a fan of horror movies but the pen in Coughlin’s eye still got me too


    2. Ialso hope foraresolution before the season ends. Enough is enough. I mean if the show gets another season Iwnat th enext season be free of Catherine in all ways possible. I mean as harsh as It may sound the only way the Cath issue can be resolved is 2 ways, either Catherine tells him one final time to move on and forget about her or if Catherne gets killed in the line of duty. Thtat is the only way Catherine issues will be resolved and put an end to her story on the show finally. The more she is still in the picture the more she will be bring back at some point, either by just the show mention her or her showing up very little in the show liked it happened at the beginning of the season.

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  5. Have you all noticed this on the episode. I found a fan comment in another blog abou tthis but I dont see detailswhen the episode is aired I never pay much attention to details.

    A fan pointed that in this episode there were sevearl recording mistakes. and fails.

    In this ep:
    Crew people reflected on the girls phone
    Crew inside the silver car recording (on the back)
    Camaro in the last scene (after all the damage we went thought…

    Have any of you noticed that?


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