Hawaii Five-0 episode (S0616) “Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa’a” (The Solid Cornerstone)

Aloooha fellow Hawaii Five-0 fans 🙂 I hope you had a good week and are having an even better weekend!

Our favourite show was back once again this Friday with episode 6.16, which brought back two fans favourite guest stars, Will Yun Lee as tong in cheek Sang Min and Michael Imperioli as Odell Martin, barber extraordinaire turned lawyer just to help our task force.

A good mix of humour, action and a couple of emotional scenes between Steve and Odell.

Last time we saw Odell was in his barber shop, when the seemingly harmless task of treating McGarrett with an haircut and a shave turned into a dodging bullets battle for survival that lead to the destruction of his shop.


This time we find Odell responding to Steve’s house call for a hair trim, enjoying his quiet life and making the best of his job even if things don’t seem too bright from a financial point of view. And we’ll all agree that he did a very good job if McGarrett himself, looking at the results in the mirror, seemed pretty satisfied. But of course when McGarrett calls for a favour one can always expect to be dragged into some sort of trouble and this occasion wasn’t the exception to the rule. The team needed Odell to help defending one of their friends and assets, who was unjustly accused of murder. Odell tried to explain to Steve that the only reason why he became a lawyer was to get a loan from his father to open a barber shop and was more than reluctant to take on the task, especially when he found out the charge was of “murder” and that the trial was expedited and to be dealt with within 3 days.

Like most of the people on whom Steve uses his disarming powers of persuasion though Odell ended up accepting the case. And nearly walking out in despair as soon as he met the person he was supposed to defend.


When Odell and Sang Min met it was far from being love at first sight. The encounter was lots of fun and the exchange of hilarious and cheeky little insults made me laugh. Odell calling Sang Min “Big trouble in Little China” and Sang Min saying that he would go down for another murder when Odell threatened to cut his hair are just an example.

It wouldn’t have been an happy ending if Steve didn’t manage to persuade Odell, bringing up the topic of his father, which would bring later on to one of the most emotional and heart warming conversations in the episode.

The crime of the week in this episode was directly related to Sang Min defence case and it was about finding the killer of a criminal involved in human trafficking.

This brought to the introduction of another great guest star in 6.16, no less than Ziggy Marley 🙂 He portrayed the character of Bones, a not entirely “legal citizen” with connections with the human trafficking business that could help Five 0 in solving the case.

I also loved that some scenes where shot in the beautiful setting of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, one of my dream places in Honolulu that I would love to visit but will never be able to afford.

The scene between Bones and Lou Grover in the car first and at the pier later were another two of my favourite in the episode. It was really funny how Bones completely didn’t get Lou’s sarcastic comments about being his chauffeur and Lou’s fake Jamaican accent was very well played by our Chi McBride.

6.16 didn’t only give us moments of great fun, it also delivered heart stopping scenes of action, with the team involved in a shoot out at the pier, trying to rescue some poor people trapped in a container and an heroic underwater rescue from Chin Ho and McGarrett when the container was dropped in the sea by the bad guy.

The scene at the pier also brought back our Duke Lukela, always a pleasure when our Dennis Chun is involved in the action.

And even more members of the Five 0 Ohana appeared later on in the episode in one of the funniest scenes, the “mock” trial in which defence lawyer Odell and defendant Sang min were joined by Max, playing the part of the judge, Jerry, portraying the prosecution attorney, Kamekona and Flyppa in the role of the jury and Kono as…..herself 🙂

Very touching her speech about Sang Min changing over the years from a criminal to an asset and friend to the team, which I took as a parallel with Adam. Probably in Kono’s mind and heart, if someone like Sang min can redeem himself there is hope for Adam too to leave his family’s past behind and start anew when he’ll be released from prison.

Right before the trial, where once again we see all the members of the Five 0 Ohana with the exception of missing Danny in support of Sang Min, we had one of the most touching scenes between Steve and Odell. We find out that Odell doesn’t want to be like his “old man”, for whatever reason that might be and is having second thoughts about his ability to represent Sang Min. With a heart warming speech about how much he regrets not talking to his father for years, before his sudden death Steve manages to persuade Odell not only to continue with the trial but also to fix things with his dad. We will see Odell in one of the final scenes picking up the phone and asking him dad to meet and to catch up.

As mentioned before Danny was absent from this episode, one of the 5 in which Scott Caan didn’t take part to pass some more time in Los Angeles with his family. His presence was felt anyways though via a phone call between him and Steve. That cleverly justified his absence revealing that he was in Jersey with his mom to sort the problem of Matt’s bank account. It also allowed Steve and Chin to talk about the issue of “someone” being after the team, with the events of 6.15 being just the beginning of a storyline that I believe will become more and more important in the next few episodes.

Eventually, with a clever reference to Sang Min ‘s being short sighted making it impossible for him to kill someone from a long distance Odell managed to exonerate him from his murder charge.

The final scene was one of the many Ohana ones that we all love, with the full team, including Odell and Sang Min enjoying a meal at Kamekona’s. And with Sang Min sacrificing once again his beloved mullet as promised to Odell in case of favourable outcome of his trial.

Next episode will be a bit of a controversial one, as it will bring back a mention of Catherine Rollins and it will probably reveal McGarrett’s reaction to the news that she lied about where she was going when she left him. I’m curious to see how that will develop.

Until next time my friends, have a great weekend and a wonderful week ahead.



5 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 episode (S0616) “Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa’a” (The Solid Cornerstone)

  1. Excellent review Manu! It wasn’t my favorite either but I did like how it all came together. Seeing the whole team, minus Danny, work on one case was nice.
    Thanks again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another good review Manu, I just watched this episode. Liked the interaction between Steve & Odell and the ohana scenes very much. Didn’t like the part with Bones, but that’s my personal opinion. And it was good to see almost everyone in this episode. And some action too. Looking forward to next one. Mahalo.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The episode was ok but not as good as I thought it would be, especially in the action part. I wanted more action though as I seen on some previews It was good to see Sang Ming back and mingle with the team and always joking with them now .

    So now we have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks for a new episode I guess.

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