Hawaii Five-0 (S0614) “Hoa ‘inea” (Misery Loves Company)

Aloha everybody 🙂

Finally after two Fridays without new episodes of our Hawaii Five 0 we were treated to a little gem that I think will have made many fans happy.

I have to admit I had been looking forward to and dreading 6.14 at the same time. I loved McLynn since episode 6.07 and the spoiler, from Peter Lenkov, months ago that our guys would have disastrous Valentine dates made me fear that a potentially good and healthy relationship for our McGarrett might end even before we would see it beginning. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. But I’ll get to that later!

I really liked that once again the format of the episode was different from the usual. Typically the team was working at solving the crime of the week but the way they were doing it, all together but in separate ways made the episode quite unique.

The little video introductions, all more or less Valentine or love themed were funny and cute. Being me a trekkie the one with Captain Kirk and the Green Alien of course caught my attention. I think the videos were a little nice expedient.

Also really loved the amount of humour and light-heartedness in 6.14, I found myself laughing so many times, eager to find out more and of course at times getting emotional.

The crime of the week was interesting. I mean the story of two apparent strangers concocting on killing their respective husbands has been heard before but I have to admit I didn’t see it coming in this case. I can’t say that I felt much sympathy for any of the two designated victims, a wife beater and a serial cheater, but divorce would have been a safer and more successful way for the wives to get rid of their husbands.

But of course our team getting together to investigate the crime gave us the first giggles at their attempts to extract a confession from Steve about his black eye, which of course lasted for the entire duration of the episode. After all the Commander is “well trained to resist interrogation” if you allow me to quote his own words.

So the first story about the dates disasters came from Mr Louis Pernel Grover, as his wife called in a less than flattering manner. Our Captain seems to be quite prone at forgetting birthdays, Anniversaries and dates, and frankly, his funny and cool, but weak attempt at covering up failed miserably. Lou wasn’t very lucky in getting help from Chef Morimoto, who we were happy to see back guest starring as himself, as we find out during the episode that everybody else in Five 0, apart from Grover received preferential treatment from the Chef. So poor Lou ended up in the dog house, meaning booted out of his own, for 24 hours, no parole. Quite harsh but also deserved. I have to say that Lou’s wardrobe, either playing golf, solving cases or going on a date with his wife is always a pleasure to see. His less than modern suit also brought up some funny comments from the guys.

There a few adorable McDanno moments in the episode as well, like the one when Steve found out that Danny was an expert in Victoria Secret lingerie and their funny visit to the shop. There was so much of Scott and Alex, more than Danno and Steve in that scene. Alex’s little pelvis shimmy still has me smiling and wanting to rewind 😉

Of course then we had Lieutenant Kelly to recant the tale of his Valentine night. To me that one was funny and sad at the same time. Funny because of Chin Ho running after Abby in that skimpy, microscopic towel barely covering his toned body. That reminded me of when my friend Anne and I, last May in Hawaii locked ourselves out of our hotel room chasing out a gecko. I also found quite funny that naughty kid Steve would insist on knowing about the “adults business details” while Papa Lou was trying to move on from that. Sad because we now know that Abby “couldn’t” let herself to become more involved with him because she is hiding something. What it is we’ll probably find out soon but for now we know she is lying and that can never lead to anything good. I still have hope for Chibby though. They really seem to care for each other and hopefully whatever Abby is hiding will not completely destroy their relationship. Some people might call “double standards” here because for the same reasons of lying and deceiving I don’t want Steve to get back together with Cath. But to me, to hide something, like Abby, to someone that one has known for a month or so and has just had drunken sex with, without being involved in a serious relationship is different than lying to a long term partner, especially after a year of absence. But it’s a story for another time.

Chin’s little misadventure gave us also the opportunity to be introduced to our Duke’s lovely wife Nalani. How funny was it when they saw Chin half naked in the hobby of the hotel? And how gallant of Duke to just mildly tease Chin the day after without actually revealing what happened. Of course Nalani was played by Dennis Chun’s real life partner Laura. It was adorable to see them together on screen. I am blessed to call them both my friends and we all know that they are a truly inspiring and “aloha infused” couple.

In the episode we saw a brief scene to remind us that lovely Max and Sabrina are still together and enjoying their relationship, that Kamekona has a secret admirer that every year sends him a box of “funny” chocolates and that Jerry might also have found a girlfriend in his on line friend Meredith, whom he finally got to meet at the end of the episode.

But we still have Danny’s tale of bad Valentine to talk about. To me, Melissa had the most feeble excuse for getting angry at Danno. The poor guy did so much to make her evening special. The bunny napkins, the expensive perfume, the yummie Milanese risotto. He went through a lot of effort. OK, he didn’t write “I love you” on the card. But the “I love you” was evident in the atmosphere he created. Personally I think my hubby has probably said I love you to me twice in 7 years on marriage, and probably less in the previous 7 years we have been together. So what? It’s the actions that count more than words. At least that’s how I see it.

And finally the McLynn Valentine. The sneak peek lead us to believe that Steve’s black eye might come from Lynn throwing at him the box of the missed proposal ring for Cath. Not so. I was glad anyways to see that Steve and Lynn seem to be pretty at ease with each other and they are now a real couple (you perfectly know what I mean). Of course Lynn got upset when she found the ring and she had the right to be. But then she probably understood that a 10 years long relationship can’t be forgotten in just a few months. That she’ll ever be back in Steve’s life or not, Steve will always have some feelings for Cath. It’s natural, we all have experienced something similar in our lives. When you love someone, even though in my opinion Cath and Steve’s love was always a bit “off”, for a long time it’s difficult to let them go.

But Lynn was obviously sensitive and smart enough to understand Steve’s motif and decided to forgive him, and even better to give him a special Valentine treat with a sexy streape tease. Unfortunately one of her shoes hit him in the face, giving him the panda eye that the team teased him about for the full episode, but I’m sure she made it up to him soon enough ;).

So eventually we saw the final super cute video of all the couples being smiling and loved up again, the Grovers finally had their Morimoto dinner, Danny climbed in bed with Melissa and held her sweetly in his harms, Steve and Lynn adorably sitting together having a cold beer.

We also saw Steve deleting Cath from his telephone contacts. Out of his heart and mind? Probably not yet. Out of his life? We know that’s not true as she’ll be mentioned again in 6.17. But it’s a start towards moving on. And that’s all we ask. For Steve to have the opportunity to move on and have a healthy relationship with an uncomplicated girlfriend.

Unfortunately the evening wasn’t so happy for poor Kono, alone since Adam is still in jail, in tears watching her Wedding video. Hopefully soon those two will have some happiness back because they truly deserve it.


And we were left with the doubt: why is Abby lying to Chin saying that she is in San Francisco while she is still in Oahu?

Until next time….Have a great weekend and week ahead.




14 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 (S0614) “Hoa ‘inea” (Misery Loves Company)

  1. I loved this episode. Danny is my favorite character, but I was a little disappointed that he didn’t tell Melissa that he loved her. But we know that Danny is so honest and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He must not be so sure yet. I really like Danny and Melissa together so I am hoping this is just a buildup to the moment he realizes that he really does love her and tells her. And I am very curious about Abby. Maybe something happened while she was in that other room. Maybe she got a call or something. There has to be a reason for it. I really love her and Chin together. And what can I say about McLynn. They are awesome together. I am still waiting for Danno to meet her. Grover was hilarious trying to get himself out of trouble. And hopefully love is on the horizon for our Jerry. I am so glad Hawaii 50 is back. My Friday nights are awesome again. Just what I need after a busy week at work.


  2. I watched the episode and I must say I did enjoy it it was different but enjoyable and funny. Everyone poking at each other for having a disastrous valentines dates.
    Lou story was so funny and t hat suit!! He always break the model in the fashion department but that is part of who he is. Grover had grown on me, he interacts very well with all the members, I hope he sticks around. He had more chemistry in a shorter time with al the team than Catherine had with the rest of the team and she was Steve gf for 10 yrs!!

    Danny and Melissa well. I agree with you Manu that just because Danny did not say the 3 magic words does not mean he does not love her, he meant those words in another way, like setting the table al nicely, etc he did the effort to please her but then Melissa wanted to hear those 3 words from him and came to the lame excuse to get mad at him, not fair. Still I dont know but still Melissa had not grown on me yet.

    Chin and Abby. Poor Chin how embarrasing must had been for him running all over the hotel with a simply tiny towel covering his jewels and almost naked and then run into Duke Im afraid Abby will break Chins heart as she is lying to him we dont know why, eventually we will find out.

    Kono poor the o nly choice for her for Valentines day was to watch alonevideos of her marriage as Adam is still in jail.

    I love the bromance between Steve and Danny at the Victorias Secret shop how Steve can be big tease and Danny not seeing the fun of it.

    Steve and Lynn well so far we saw they are still seeing each other and even far as lseeping together already. It is understandable that Lynn got mad at Steve to find out he still have the ring there but I guess that after 10 yrs dating he cannot just forget Catherine that quick. he may still be a bit broken at her dumping him and all the effort he did to buy that ring. I bet that between Valentines day and teh day Catherine left probably was not a lot of time, the reason for Steve to keep having the ring there. But it is indeed time for Steve to get rid of that ring once and for all, if he wants to pursue a real relationship wth Lynn he has to get rid of that ring and start fresh.

    I could not expect the strip tease scene but poor Steve, that strp tease turn out to be bad as Lynn throw accidentally her shoes on Steve eyes and that was the reason for his black eye. I also believed it was becaseu Lynn threw him the ring box. I also did not expect they were in sleeping terms already, but I guess Steve like Lynn very much.

    Well Steve deleted Catherine telephone contact from his phone, it was about time but I guess it is just a step for him to move on to start forgetting Catherine as a love partner but maybe he is ready already to move on in the love department. Why Catherine will be mention again in 6.17?

    Over all the episode was funny and I like it especially to watch the disastrous funny dates each one had.

    The case of the week just a simple love story of betrayal between 2 couples. As you pointed Manu we could still see Max and Sabrina are still a couple, and that Kamekona had a secret admirer.

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    1. Thank you for reading. What we know so far is that Steve will find out in 6.17 that Cath lied to him about going to Nepal while instead she is a secret agent of an agency, probably CIA of something similar. She wont be in the episode as far as we know but Steve will find out working on a case.


  3. Mahalo for your review, just watched this episode. Liked it, all the different “love” stories. Liked especially the Alex/Scott (or Steve/Danno) parts. But I do hope there is going to be more action again in future, maybe combine some of the stories and actions more. I am still a big fan of this show☺ Thank you and until next time.

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  4. Hey there! I so agree with you about this episode. I loved that there was so much teasing and bantering between the team members. I also liked that they were all working on the same case. When Grover stepped out of the car wearing his funky blue suit, well, have we ever seen Steve laugh like that? It was great.
    It crushed me to see Steve delete Catherine’s number, but not because I want her back. It’s just that you could tell by that look on his face that he still loves her. (Kudos to Alex for always conveying so much emotion with just his understated expression.) And the Coldplay song was perfect for that scene – “When I should but I can’t let you go.” *sigh*. I’m really interested to know what light episode 6.17 will shed on Cath.
    I am a guns and car chase fan too so I hope that will return. Love seeing our team vested up, bloodied up and ready for action! All in all, this was a fabulous episode!


    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 I’m sure it’s very difficult for Steve to let go of Cath, they were together for a long time and he’ll always have feelings for her. We’ll see how he’ll react in 6.17 when he finds out that she lied to him about going to Nepal. I like a balance between action, drama and characters personal lives. I’m sure there’s still plenty of action coming up, in fact I’m told there will be plenty in 6.15 already 😉


  5. Excellent review!! I am hoping the Abby thing is maybe she just has cold feet or something like that. I would hate for Chin to get hurt 😦 Loved the McLynn stuff. Alex looked so sexy spread eagle on that couch in all black!! Lord have mercy , how much more can a fangirl ask for?? I agree about Melissa, they could have come up with something a little more believable. I think just having you at his house and making a meal for you and all the other things is a good sign he wants you there! Seriously! Thanks for the great review 🙂

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    1. Thank you for reading sis 🙂 There a bit more to Abby’s reaction than cold feet and we’ll find it out in 6.15 already! But I hope Chibby will OK cause I think they really care for each other and “the rest” is something that she was into already and she wasn’t planning to fall in love with Chin. I agree about Alex, that scene and the one shirtless in bed where just irresistible!


      1. I don’t think so.

        Abby’s story is more related to Danny’s brother and the fact that the money he stole from the Columbian drug lord was never fully recovered.


  6. It was a very cute episode. They could have eliminated the COTW completely, it was silly and inane and would have left more time to learn about our guys Valentines escapades gone wrong! It would’ve opened up (maybe) seeing Sabrina again and learning about Kame’s secret admirer!!

    What I would love to know is why Abby lied. I’m not a Abby fan but as long Chin is happy I can ignore her. What is she hiding?? And why can’t any of our beloved team have love without any ulterior motives/secrets.

    Poor Steve, sporting a panda eye , Danny tried very hard but … and Grover being in the dog house, again! I’m very glad that it all turned well for all of them in the end!!

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