H50 6.13 Humia Ka Hanu -Hold the breath

Aloha fellow Five 0 fans 🙂

After last week’s amazing episode it wasn’t easy for the writers to follow up with something as exciting and as deeply involving like 6.12 so I’m glad they went for something completely different. The format this week was unusual and the setting, partly in Chicago and partly in Hawaii made the episode unique in his own style. Some might like it, some might not, personally I didn’t dislike it at all.

I love to have lots of Steve McGarrett (and Danny Williams) in an episode as much as any other fan of the show but I also understand that now and again Alex needs some time off, less presence on the screen and episodes like 6.13 allow him to do that. As much as Scott gets his “downtime” to be with his family in episodes like 6.12. It doesn’t bother me at all. Also I like when there is a story centered on one of the other regulars, and considering that Chi McBride and Mikelty Williamson are excellent actors all the focus on Lou Grover and his former friend Clay didn’t disappoint me.


I was saying that the format was different this week because there wasn’t a crime of the week. There were crimes happening but not one that the team needed to solve as a storyline. Nothing wrong with that either, there was plenty going on anyways.

Having said all that here are my thoughts about the episode itself 🙂

The initial scene with the “core four” (yes I like to call them that) was one of my favourite of the episode. I like seeing them having some fun and doing something other than solving crimes. It gives us a glimpse into their “normal” lives, in which they like to surf, pass time together and relax.

Chin enquiring after how Steve is doing after loosing Aunt Deb was a nice touch of continuity with the previous episode and it gave us that ever present feeling of true Ohana between the characters. Danny combing his hair rather obsessively after surfing just made him look so cute, little gestures that make the characters so unique.

Loved his little banter with Steve about his stealing everybody’s waves, followed by Steve’s completely oblivious statement that Danny “Wanted and needed him on his wave”, that he was “party waving”, not stealing, true or not Steve really seemed to believe that and that boyish, light side of him is just adorable.

And of course our Commander can’t resist a competition and promptly jumped into it (and into his car) when Chin challenged him about who knew the fastest way back to town. Chin referring to Steve as an Haole was funny, the boys can be so competitive and cheeky in their spare time, regardless of who is the boss in their professional life. They are friends, they are Ohana, they aren’t just colleagues. I actually understand Steve’s enthusiasm at the idea of a free dinner at Side Street restaurant in Honolulu, I have been there, the food is really delicious.

Steve being Steve though couldn’t resist on setting the rules for the competition, no speeding, no sirens, no HPD escort. Of course as we know he broke the first one immediately and again in an adorably childish way he tried to deny it hiding the speedometer from Danny. Adorable little scene that cargument, gotta feel for poor Danny though that had to pee in a bottle because mother nature couldn’t possibly interfere with Steve’s need of winning the competition.

Also adorable was Steve being as happy as a kid when he realised that they were the first back at Head Quarters. Not sure what the zen pose, breath and smile were about but he surely was very pleased with himself.

In the meantime Chin and Kono were also relaxing and enjoying their ride together until what Steve predicted actually happened and they got lost. Cute moments between the cousins when Chin enquired about Adam and when Kono let him know that everybody was aware of his relationship with Abby. Very sweet of Chin to be so embarrassed about it. I liked that kono mentioned the fact that Abby is supposed to go back to San Francisco, that keeps the continuity with the reason why she came to the island to start with.  Chin’s answer “I try to think about it as less as possible” was a bit sad but quite good. Enjoy the moment while you are living it.

Their little adventure went unfortunately sideways when they met the two guys that were about to bury the corpse of a police officer they killed for reason that we never got to find out. I knew that those two wouldn’t end up well the very moment one of them took Kono’s wedding ring. Bad move! You don’t touch Kono’s symbol of love for Adam and get away with it.

I was very happy and relieved when Steve and Danno decided to go to look for the cousins when they realised how late they were. Once again the McDanno combo saved the day 🙂

And of course there was all the second storyline of Lou in Chicago. He was never going to let go of the fact that his former best friend got away with (probably) killing his wife. So he “kidnapped him” in his own house and tried to persuade him to confess. Failing that he tried to find evidence of a different crime that he suspected Clay to have committed, he just couldn’t stand the idea that Clay would never face justice.

I have read comments of fans on social media that complained about Lou’s techniques being a bit too strong for their taste. Personally I didn’t think they were. I don’t think they were any more extreme than some of the interrogation techniques that McGarrett has used in the past. Grover didn’t seriously hurt Clay, he did damage his house in order to find the stolen money, and yes, he did involve his girlfriend but that was just because she happened to arrive. What else could he do? He never hurt her either and he actually warned her about what Clay was capable of.

I have to admit that there were moments in which I had doubts about Clay being really guilty or about it all being part of Lou’s obsession, but luckily we found out that Grover was right. And I believe that if he was right about the money he was right about the murder too.

I am very curious now to find out what happened in Philadelphia! Peter said we’ll find out in 6.19. Cant wait.

I can help but commend Chi’s acting skills in this episode. Lou can go from being extremely scary with Clay to incredibly sweet with his son. His doubts, desperation and determination were brilliantly portrayed by Chi.

And now there will be two Fridays without new episodes, before we have the Valentine ep with the disastrous dates and everybody’s love life going to the shitter according to Peter. I know what I hope for and what I don’t, I know who I don’t want to break up and who I wouldn’t really mind.

Lets see what the writers come up to and then we’ll talk about it.

In the meantime have a great weekend and an awesome week ahead.

Mahalo for reading, Manu


8 thoughts on “H50 6.13 Humia Ka Hanu -Hold the breath

  1. I agree with your review totally! I loved the core four enjoying some off time together. And of course McGarrett is going to make it a competition after Chin called him a Haole! I thought, oh it’s on now! I also like the dual stories without there actually being a “crime of the week” I gotta say Chi really brought it in this episode! Excellent acting and NO he did not go overboard on his interrogation of Clay, by far! It could have been much worse.
    Excellent review as usual Manu!! Thanks so much♥

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  2. Thanks Manu for your review. I missed the H5O action in this episode, but liked the interaction between Steve, Danny, Chin & Kono. I was a bit confused about the way things happening in Chicago, don’t know the law in the States exactly. But I wonder if you are allowed to tear somebody’s house down like Lou did. His determination to find things out went a bit too far in my opinion, but I agree that he did control himself with not abusing anybody. And he did find the missing money, only not evidence about the murder. Wonder if there is going to be more story lines about these things happening in Chicago. But I do hope there is going to be some more H5O action in future. Liked your review, you did well again☺☺☺ Mahalo.

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    1. Thank you Helma 🙂 Peter said that in episode 6.19 we’ll find out what happened in Philadelphia, whatever it was tat Clay was referring to involving Lou. So definitely the storyline is not closed yet!


  3. Let me say the episode was different for sure and like Helama said here. I miss the H50 action here in fact I had been missing the action on the show lately. I know it is important to know the soft side of the characters, for instanceAunt Deb story etc, but I wish it wont be happening that often. i mean the show is a cop procedural, it has to stick to that always.

    I like the Ohana between the 4 main members and their interaction and the funny things also. I did not see the excitement of the Kono and CHin getting kidnapped by these 2 college guys. WHat was the story there? I mean there were not relly a back story there. I guess they had to write that scene so we could see all the members doing something on the episode. But taht was not really exciting. Also like magic Steve and Danny pops up and killed the kids and that was the end of their Ohana moment, I mean they should have ended theh scene with soem hugs or back in the office or something, I dont know.

    The Lou story not convincing for me. I mean Lous action will definiltey will have consequences on his job. How can he destroy Clay house just like that . ALos he drugged him and kidnapped both Clay and his gf, just to search for clues to blame Clay. His actions were not the best ones .

    Out of 5 stars I give this episode 3 stars. Not the best one for me, it lacked many things. The show needs to go back to its roots ASAP.

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