H50 6.12 S6, Ep12 15 Jan. 2016 Ua ola loko i ke aloha – Love gives life within

Aloooooha fellow Hawaii Five 0 fans 🙂

A new Friday, a new episode, for which we all had great expectations and I have to say, they were all met and even taken to a higher level. Archived all the feelings from last week, I was very happy to see everything I love about Five 0 in 6.12. The return of our caring Commander, lots of Ohana moments, Chibby finally in full bloom, action, fun, deep emotions and a great elaborated plot.

We knew that the return of Aunt Debbie would be a very welcome one, as we all love her character and Carol Burnett portrayed her in a magnificent way. But we also knew that it would be Good Bye and the loss of this important figure is truly saddening.

The episode started with the funeral of Deb’s husband, Lenny, whom we met a year ago and after an initial moment of distrust, which we shared with McGarrett, we learned to love him, if nothing else because Deb did and he was making her very happy. Deb’s farewell speech to her husband was touching, in front of that ocean that they both loved, in the same beautiful place where they promised eternal love to each other, surrounded by her family. Mary, little Joanie and Steve being there was a wonderful Ohana moment, made even better by the presence of Kawica, Steve’s close friend that helped carrying Lenny’s ashes into the ocean. Very meaningful the exchange of a “honi” between him and Steve. The touching of the nose, the exchange of the breath of life between two people as a symbol of the life that just ended physically but not spiritually was a unique way to pay homage to the Hawaiian culture and also a very clever editing transition to the next scene.

The crime of the week was elaborated and well written. Loved the little group of kids that were going to experience a “technology free” weekend. Of course in the usual Five 0 fashion a vacation can never go right and the adventure was cut short by one of the boys being shot. In a convoluted plot full of discoveries and eventually a big twist we’ll find out that the “attempted murder” was no less than an accident, happened because a man was trying to protect his former Japanese spy grandfather’s legacy and his family’s reputation. The culprit saw the big knife and shot blindly. Guilty? Yes of course but not evil. It’s heart warming and refreshing when we find out that occasionally the crime has been committed in this way rather than plotted and executed by a villainous mastermind (BTW I was expecting to find Gabriel lurking in the shadow of that cave but for once he was taking a day off from mischief :)). And also the fact that the grandfather after the war gave up the life and the mission of a spy for love was inspiring. Those pictures of him with his wife were wonderful.

Also it was very good the way all the team, with the exception of Danny who was missing from the episode, worked together to solve the case. Everybody was involved. Max at the crime scene, Eric with his forensic expertise (his funny exchange with Chin about who to call Lou was funny), even Duke on the phone, not present physically but not forgotten.

Jerry was as funny and as useful as ever. Loved his “fake window” with the ocean view and of course the rest of the team completely ignoring his hints about not liking being in the basement on his own. The “Jerry alert” on everybody’s phones is actually a great idea since he always plays such a big part in solving the crimes and this occasion wasn’t an exception. His chat with the lady at the library was hilarious. “Who is going to use the projector?” “Not you”, made me laugh.

Talking about the team I can’t not mention Lou’s shirt. I love it! I want it! It kinda distracted me from the exposition but I loved it.

And on more serious terms how sweet was that moment between Kono and Steve? Here is the Steve that we know and love. The Steve that cares about every single member of his Ohana and worries about Kono’s well being now that Adam is in prison. Not only that, but he also promised to do anything he can to help Adam if he needed anything. Thank you Steve for just being yourself.

And of course talking about the team it is impossible this time to not talk about Chibby! It finally happened 🙂 Chin and Abby are officially a couple. They don’t know how it really happened and we don’t care, as long as they stay together. I loved their scene at the hotel. They were so cute and sweet. To not talk about sexy! Loved the two different versions of how they ended up kissing and in bed together (or the floor or the sofa, wherever it happened). Daniel and Julie did a great job in making this new couple believable and likeable. The awkwardness of the morning after, shortly followed by how comfortable they seem together already is very promising for Chibby’s future. Damned phone, it usually interrupts McGarrett’s happy times and now it has started to interrupt Chibby too. Well I for one am looking forward for more. I’m not usually a shipper but this year I’m finding the new love interests very appealing and I welcome them. Loved also how Abby and Chin are trying to be discreet but of course Lou and Kono already “detected” them. The attraction is too strong to hide 😉

And now lets talk about Aunt Deb. I loved every scene she was in. The bucket list one was so funny. Loved Alex’s facial expressions and smiles and the “I’m glad you have ink too” line. Poor Steve, he can’t say no to Auntie Deb but he had to struggle not only with his control issues but also with getting car sick when she was driving his truck. So he wasn’t lying when he admitted that to Danny during therapy! Little Joanie was having a lot of fun too while inciting her usually brave and strong “now grey” uncle to puke.

Deb’s scene at the restaurant with Nicky was touching. Going from the light, funny talking about “everything is fried here apart from the napkins” and Nicky trying to persuade her to duet with him to the serious “How long?”….”Not long” part of it. Deb knows she’ll be gone soon so she wants to make sure that Steve will still have a “grown up”, wise person to be there for him. Not being able to count on Joe’s loyalty anymore Steve is in great need of people he can trust. Hopefully Nicky will be able to fill these big shoes. In this scene I can’t avoid mentioning my friends Joan and Julie as background extras, at the table near to Larry and Carol’s. Always happy to see them in Five 0.

The girls shopping and modelling scenes were fun, how cute was little Joan with the pink dress and how pretty Deb and Mary? Deb also took care of their financial situation transferring her assets to them. She might not have been Mary’s biological mother but sure she did a great job in being a mom to her.

The light hearted pancakes making scene between micro-manager brother and now capable of cooking sister (in which we had the only mention of our Danno, mahalo Steve for that) was unfortunately cut short by Deb’s passing away. As sad and devastating as that was it was also done in a clever, touching and deeply emotional way. She wasn’t alone when she died, Steve was with her and the passing was peaceful and serene. I have to commend Alex for his acting in that scene. No words are needed when an actor can portray emotions like he does with his eyes and expressions. You made me cry Commander and I thank you for that.


And finally the Ohana together, with Steve carrying little Joanie on his shoulders fulfilled even the last item on Deb’s bucket list. Climbing a very tall mountain. I like to think that it had a more deeply and meaningful spiritual reason than just climbing. Both Steve and Mary have been through a lot but facing it they have grown and raised to a different level. They are two wonderful human beings, flawed of course but amazing at the same time. And Aunt Deb has helped them to get there. And that’s why she was there with them at the top of that mountain.

I loved this episode, I really did. We will miss you Aunt Deb, very much!

Until next time my friends have a very good weekend and a great week to come.

Mahalo for reading, Manu 🙂




12 thoughts on “H50 6.12 S6, Ep12 15 Jan. 2016 Ua ola loko i ke aloha – Love gives life within

  1. Dear Manu. Such a beautiful review. I liked this episode so well. All the emotions shown, heartbreaking. I will miss aunt Deb too, although we knew this was going to happen one day !!! I also liked the many ohana (+ Steve) moments. Looking forward to another episode !!! Mahalo from Holland and until next time

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  2. Why is it that the most emotional episodes are the best?? My favorite scene was the last one. 2 great actors. Excellent performances. No words needed. My heart broke for Steve. And I’m still crying. In tribute to Carol, I’m so glad we had this together. She sang for us and certainly gave us laughs. She was a very bright spot in Steve’s life and will certainly be missed.

    The COTW was interesting. I love that I always learn something every time I watch this show. Of course seeing Chin shirtless and happy is priceless! Loved his comment, “I’ll pick her up in the way”!

    Can’t wait to see what the rest of the season will have in store for us!

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  3. I loved this one so much, it almost made up for the dud that was last week’s episode! The farewell to Aunt Deb of course stole the show. It is sad to know we won’t be seeing her again (unless there are flashbacks!), but when her character was introduced in November of 2013 with an inoperable brain tumor… well, she hung in there a lot longer than we could have reasonably expected. Alex & Carol were always wonderful together on screen and their final moments were touching, poignant, moving, but not overdone in a sentimental way; it had dignity, just like the 2 actors portraying them have. Lovely review Manu for a lovely story.

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  4. Loved and appreciated your review Manu and of course I could not agree with you more.
    Tthe plot and the way it was acted was superb,. I laughed. i cried and I drooled. Not necessarily in that order. Every single actor knocked it out of the ball park but emotionally the show belonged to “Aunt Deb and Steve” A wonderful rapport between both the characters and the actors who portrayed them and so lovely to see our caring Commander back.
    I also enjoyed seeing “Chin and Abby’s ” Love scene as I find DDK a most beautiful sexy man and a fine actor. The kisses{, who ever hung the first lip lock}. were sensual and sweetly erotic . YOWSER!! And did we mention Daniels hot bod !!!!!!!
    !Next weeks episode will have a lot to live up to and I look forward to reading your review of it.

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    1. Thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoyed the ep and the review 🙂 It was a great episode and everybody did a good job! And I agree with you, Daniel and Julie together are one hot on screen couple


  5. The episode was really nice and very touching. Steve and Mary trying to do the best for their aunt knowing she was going to pass away anytime soon as she was the only living relative (that we know of) they had. I also thought that when Steve went upstairs to check up on Aunt Debb she was already dead, but I guess she wanted to say good bye to him one last time so is why she waved him and then died. The last scene when Mary and Steve and the littel baby went up to the mountain to fill up Aunts Debb last wish on her bucket list was very touching.

    I did not expect Chin adn Abby sleeping together that soon and it was funny when they both tried to remember on different perspectives how they end up in bed.

    Case of the week interesting.

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  6. Great review, honey! Very well done! I must say this is one of my favorite episodes and as you mentioned Alex’s acting was superb. I love him for his ability to convey so much only with his eyes and facial expressions. Alex is an brilliant actor … but we all know this, don’t we!?


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