H50 6.11 “Kuleana” – Responsibility

Aloha everybody and happy New Year 🙂

I hope you had a very good time over the Christmas break and that 2016 started in the best of ways.

So we had to wait for a long time for a new episode of H50 and I have to say I was really looking forward to it. Plus, the press release, the pics and the sneak previews seemed to indicate a fun, interesting and bromance focused episode. I was hoping in something similar to 5.17, maybe even better! Boy was I wrong. Well, there has to be an episode, even in a good season that is our least favourite one, I strongly believe right now that 6.11 will be it for me.

Not everything was bad of course, for example Kamekona’s story was interesting and I liked it. Kono and Adam being the episode was also good. But Steve…Maybe the fact that my favourite character was turned into a jerk didn’t help.

But lets start from what I liked first, and then…we’ll see where it goes.

Kamekona’s story: I love when we get to know better characters that are part of the H50 Ohana but don’t often have the spotlight. The flashbacks to Kamekona as a kid, being caring and worried for his little brother and his mum were touching. Even the way he got involved with Levy and his introduction to a life of crime came from the fact that somehow he needed to make money to help his family. Not a justification but understandable. Loved the fact that eventually, he gave up his friend in order to save his brother, not just for personal gain. And the fact that in the end, that was exactly what saved his life. His brother was able to look beyond an easy life of crime and to put his brotherly feelings first.

The role that Chin played in bringing Kamekona in as an informant also shed light into his smart choices. He understood what kind of person Kame could be and helped him to become it. Without Chin’s intervention Kame would probably be still in prison or dead. Now instead he is a successful businessman and someone that can help Five 0 in making Hawaii a better place. Thumbs up Chin.

Kono and Adam: I was truly happy to see them together in this episode. It gave continuity to their story, to the fact that no matter the circumstances they are always there for each other. Kono’s “I’m more interested in you” and “None of this is fine” were perfect lines. And then of course at the end we have the regular appearance of Big baddy Gabriel. I wonder what he might want now from Adam as he has already taken all his money and eventually even his freedom. What more can he ask from this man?

Couple therapy retreat: huge missed opportunity.

There were a couple of scenes that I liked, if I recall it properly they were the ones shown in the promo and sneak peeks. The plane-gument was funny. Steve and Danno bickering as usual about nothing with poor Alyssa stuck in the middle trying to make sense of them. Danno’s line “He gets anxious because he is not driving the plane” was fun. Having said that I wouldn’t mind to be stuck in the middle of those two either 🙂 . Also the scene where they arrived at the retreat was amusing. Steve describing all the perks of the place, the pillow menu and the soap concierge. Got me a bit perplexed when Danny said he had a girlfriend while Steve didn’t say anything about Lynn. Especially as we know from Peter’s Q&A session that she will be his significant other on Valentine day, which is only a month away. In any case it didn’t bother me too much as maybe at this point their relationship was still not well defined.

Steve and Danno meeting Loraine and finding out the retreat was actually couples therapy was the best part of the brocation. Steve’s funny face when she asked him to put down the phone and his double take at the poster of the course were funny. And also Danny’s reactions.


Even Steve’s little evasive manoeuvre to briefly get out of the session was still cool. And Loraine praises to his caring, gentle touch with the ice bag.

It was after that that everything went to shit for me, forgive my directness but that’s exactly how I feel. I couldn’t possible recognise the jerk that returned to the hotel room as being our Steve McGarrett.

I’m not even referring about his “drinks” with Alyssa and her friend. Yeah, he left Danny behind but we don’t know why. Maybe they had dinner together and then Danny just decided not to go for drinks because of his ankle. Plausible. Many people believe that Steve slept with Alyssa, her friend or both. I don’t. I choose to believe that he went out for drinks, had a few too many and ended up having a few drunken kisses with a girl. Right or wrong? Neither. Just silly. Cheating on Lynn ? Maybe not, as we don’t know where their relationship stands right now.

That’s not my issue. My issue is the fact that a good opportunity to have some McDanno bonding and deepening of their friendship was badly missed. Danny tries to connect and talk and Steve, after unnecessarily calling him a negative person just falls asleep. Even the day after, when Danny takes an interest in telling the other couples that over-analysing a relationship doesn’t bring any good and that the important thing is that they love each other and are there for each other Steve seems to be completely oblivious and shallow. Those words apply also to their working relationship and friendship. He still behaves like a jerk.

The final scene, when Steve eventually chooses to pass some time with Danno was just about salvageable but still not satisfactory. Once again Danny opens up and talks about his feelings towards his failed marriage and the fact that he could have done more to save it. Nothing from Steve apart from silly jokes.

Where is the Steve McGarrett that we love? This episode could have been as good, if not even better than 4.19 and 5.17. They both had some funny moments but also some deep, emotional moments that made Steve and Danno’s friendship grow and stronger. I didn’t have any of such feeling in 6.11.

I’m hoping this will just be a bump in an otherwise good season and that our caring, likeable Steve will be back in 6.12 and further.

6.12 with the return of Aunt Deb will be touching and emotional and I have good expectation for it.

Until then have a good weekend and week ahead everybody.

Forgive my little outbursts for this episode And mahalo for reading!


12 thoughts on “H50 6.11 “Kuleana” – Responsibility

  1. Pretty much agree. That bedtime scene was quite disjointed. I was distracted by something cause I didn’t even realize Steve had gone for drinks. I did notice he seemed drunk.
    I did want to explain to Danny that the love that he says is needed in a relationship is demonstrated by the willingness to get the help needed to strengthen the relationship.
    In many of the “breakthrough’ moments these two have had, only one of them has had the breakthrough at a time. When the writers leave the other one aloof, we are left wanting. This episode just didn’t ever really gel with the bromance.


  2. It was a disappointing eppy for me too. I rewatched it this morning to see if maybe my last night’s back pain had influenced my negative thoughts watching it live, but no, it just wasn’t up to what I’ve come to expect from the writing team on H5-0. I’m getting a little tired of the opportunities that the writers are wasting. Next week we get Aunt Deb plus Joanie & Mary, who we haven’t seen in ages!! I hope they get this one right. THX Manu, good observations all around.

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  3. Pretty much agree, liked some backstory from Kamekona & Chin, the Kono/Adam part and some scenes from Steve/Danno, but this whole episode is not going to be one of my favourites .

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  4. It was disappointing the way Steve acted. I thought near the end when Danny was explaining to the other couples it was very weird for Steve to show no emotion whatsoever. I don’t understand why they do that. Recently I’ve watched the episode with the stake-out. That was a great bromance episode! I agree the writers wasted an opportunity. Excellent review!

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  5. I totally agree with your brilliant review Manu
    . It’s ok for a man to be a “man” especially newly single and “feeling his oats” but to be disrespectful of his friend and partner while being sloppily Buzzed !! Steve looked like a bit of a bit of an Oaf in this episode ,certainly not the behavior of a highly decorated Naval officer and “Gentleman” even if he is not on active duty. This was not “My” Steve Mc’Garrett in this episode either.
    I hope next week will make it up to all of us.

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  6. Finally I saw the episode and like most of you there are parts that I like and some I did not like. THe kamekona/Chin story was interesting and poor Kame”s brother who ended up in jail but it was to save his brother from being killed by Levi.

    The plane arguement was funny and poor girl stuck in the middle, but like Manu said I wotn mind being stuck with those 2 either as I will try to dialogue with both of them anyway I can to keep a conversation with them.

    Steve arriving at the resort and describing the perks he looked like a school boy receiving a new toy for Christmas.

    Steve being drunk and acted like a jerk was no good. We did not know if she slept with the girls or not or just got drunk and received some kisses at the end . I dont blame Steve for falling asleep while Danny was talking to him. I mean he was drunk and not paying attention, that is what drunk people do, they behave like fools, it was natural that anytime soon he was going to end up slept. What I did find dissapointing was that once sober the next day and Danny open up and told Steve about the marriage problems he had with Rachel many years ago, Steve seemed he did not mind abotu Dannys problems and he was more focused in what the hotel had to offer for them and all the perks. I mean Steve could also had shared things with him, like if he had problems with Catherine when they began dating or what about Lynn, if she is still inthe picture? Really?

    Also this was a total flaw, how could Gabriel being a wanted man in the island, went to see Adam that easy with police all around the prison and not get caught? Unless Gabriel paid the police inside the jail. I could make more sense to it.

    I hope next episode is a much better one. I mean I need more action on the show. this is a cop procedural show . Give me action like Season 1.

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