H50 – 6.09 Hana Keaka (Charade)

Aloha everybody 🙂

Here we are, another Saturday and another review for an episode of our favourite show. I have to say it was a really enjoyable episode, full of funny moments but also of sweet and thoughtful ones.

The crime of the week was the murder of Professor Thomas, less than popular teacher that ended up his career in a very gruesome way, becoming food for pigs. This week everybody was concentrated on this one case, which is a nice change from the multiple storylines dealt with in the last few episodes.

I really liked how Steve, who knows his partner better than anybody else, decided that Danno was the best candidate to go undercover as an Economics teacher. So we find out that our Detective Williams has a minor in Business Science and seems to be quite knowledgeable in the subject. In my opinion he was pretty credible in the role of a teacher. I found him adorably dorky when trying to put some distance between himself and the student that was flirting with him in his office. His nervous smile and the attempt to persuade her that he wasn’t approachable made me smile. “Can I call you Ben?” “No you cannot”, that was great fun. He also seemed to be quite at ease with his “colleagues”, the other teachers. Well done Danno!

Of course this storyline also brought back E-Train Eric, Danny’s nephew who joined uncle D. in his undercover mission as a “college idiot”, which I think he played in a very funny, enjoyable way. I believe Eric is a character that fans either love or hate, personally I like him, he brings a good comedy relief spirit to the show.

I read on twitter that the Campus storyline also brought in an already famous, but with very little on screen time if not for the deleted scenes, guest star. No less than cute Dotty Caan was spotted in yesterday’s episode. I personally didn’t see her but I’ll look out for her when I’ll watch the episode for the second time.

At the beginning of the episode there was a brief reference to Adam’s murder confession, which gave continuity from last week’s storyline. Great how Kono believes that the deal he was offered, 24 months, was so harsh for an evident  case of self defence just because Adam is the son of a Yakuza boss. I guess she’ll soon find out the truth, since we know something big is going to happen with her and Adam in 6.10, I’m curious to see how this pans out and how it will affect their seemingly unbreakable love.

In this episode we also saw two of our beloved characters, Max and Jerry, being their usual adorable selves. “Eureka” Max yells when he finds a partially eaten, severed thumb, only our enthusiastic forensic scientist could be excited about this kind of discovery 🙂 He was also the one that smartly worked out, even if the organ had become pigs food, that a bullet through the heart was the cause of the Professor’s death. Which brought in cause to employ Jerry as a human poop detector, in order to find the bullet. Loved how Jerry took that less than alluring job as “proper detective work” and did it without even complaining, in fact providing the final clue that lead to the solution of the crime.

Our two hopefully soon to be “love birds”, Abby and Chin were quite adorable in this episode. I think the chemistry between them was more subtle and so more believable than in 6.08. I love chivalrous men, which are actually not so easy to find anymore, so I would join Abby in praising Chin for opening the door of the car for her. It was a sweet gesture. Also when he offered her the use of his office to write her reports, her gratitude was visible in her glance. All together I think they are going in the right direction to become an item. The way they look at each other, the way they smile at each other, I like that they are taking things slow and easy, without forcing them.

And last, but not least, we had Nahele and Steve’s storyline. I have always loved this ever developing relationship. Nahele went from being “the kid that stole his dad’s car” to a close friend, nearly a “son figure” for Steve that reveals to us many admirable traits of our Commander’s personality. We all know how much his father meant to Steve and how much loosing him the way he did has affected his life. So being a caring and protective father figure to Nahele for Steve is not just a given responsibility but a choice. He can give to this kid all the support and understanding that his father would have, and probably wanted to give to him, but for the reasons we know about he wasn’t able to. John McGarrett’s legacy lives on in his son and in this way their connection is more alive than ever. Steve was able to see behind the façade. Some people might have thought that Nahele was just being a stubborn and non-understanding teenager that couldn’t forgive a father that made a mistake a long time ago. Not Steve. He understood that there was something deeper and more painful that was keeping Nahele from being happy that his father wanted him back. Knowing that someone used to be a thief is one thing, but having basically witnessed them murdering someone in clod blood left an undeletable scar in Nahele’s heart and mind. And Steve believed him. Also meaningful was the fact that they had their heart to heart in Steve’s father’s car. That car means so much for all of them. It was heart warming the way Steve was able to get Nahele to open up. “I will always protect you” and “Trust me”. There it is again, that word that means so much to our Commander.

Steve & Nahele

To my knowledge there won’t be a new episode next week, and 6.10 should be another “big”, interesting one.

Until next time, have a blessed weekend and a good time in the weeks ahead.

Mahalo for reading 🙂



11 thoughts on “H50 – 6.09 Hana Keaka (Charade)

  1. Thank you for another great review Manu. I love the way the relationship between McG and Nahele has developed, I hope the writers continue exploring this in the future. “Trust me’ is a phrase that has followed Alex, do you remember ow many times Mick made that same plea?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 Oh yes, I hope the relationship between Steve and Nahele will be explored further as it is very interesting. Yeah, it seems that many of Alex’s characters have trust issues, either themselves or to get others to trust them. Mick is an awesome example


  2. Another great review Manu
    I agree it was a tun and fabulous episode. Loved Danny as a professor and he is super cute in Glasses loved all the story lines and I am looking forward to how they play out and of course reading your reviews of them
    I really like Chin and Abby but in the back of my mind I am not quite sure Abby is all she seems to be and I hope I am terribly WRONG about this feeling

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  3. I watch the episode and it was ok. I like Danny as a professor, he looked cute. The relationship between Nahele and Steve is growing and it is very nice. Nahele looks up to Steve as father that is why he prefers being with him than his real dad, but his real dad we know he is a scumbag and a murderer, no wonder he does not want to be with him.

    Chin and Abby well, it was nice Chin being all this gentleman for her and she was grateful for that, but, they seem like they like each other but like a poster said here Im not quite sure about their relationship either. It is too early to tell and I dont know if Abby will return for more episodes. Chin had been nice and a gentleman to her and all and they seem to get along but more as partners but so far I dont see much chemistry between them in the relationship department and if the actress wotn be around so much for more episodes, I dont see a reason to make them as a couple, if she will stick around more then the writers need to start developing the story of making them as a couple, but take things slowly.

    Chin was always nice in what he does.

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