H50 6.08 – Piko Pau ‘iole

Aloha everybody,                                                                                                                                                                        here we are, back to talk about another great episode of Season 6 of Hawaii Five 0. After the excitement of the previous two weeks I watched this episode in a more relaxed, detached way, but still I truly enjoyed it, especially all the twists and turns in the plots, I love when the culprit is finally revealed and I can say “WOW, I didn’t see that coming!”.

The Adam storyline was definitely interesting since it took a few developments that I thought were really unexpected. Adam being “kidnapped” again by Tom Bishop and turning into an action man worthy of McGarrett’s respect was refreshing and different from the usual. Loved still the sweetness of him worrying about Kono first more than about himself when he asked “what about my wife” and “can I call her to say goodbye”. Very nice touches. I thought it was a bit strange that Kono wouldn’t detect any sign of distress in her husband’s voice when she called him, but after all she was working a case and might have been slightly distracted. But what I LOVED the most about this storyline was the final scene, where Adam meets Kono at the police station and comes clean about killing Bishop and his man. Finally total honesty and disclosure in a “Hawaii Five 0 couple”. I respect and like that, after all it was for self defence and I’m 100% sure Kono will understand and support Adam through this ordeal.

Onto now to storyline number two (we were spoiled not just with two but with three this week 🙂 ) We finally got to meet Inspector Abby Dunn from S. Francisco, future “McGarrett in gonnella” to lead a similar task force on the main land and, as far as spoilers go, potential new love interest for our own Chin Ho Kelly. I have liked actress Julie Benz in other series, like Angel and Dexter, and I thought she did a great job in her introductory episode. She was charming and smart, even slightly flirty with Chin now and again, which leads us to hope in positive developments for their story. Since the very beginning the glances exchanged between her and Chin were promising and the final “I like what I see so far” referred to whom? Hawaii, Five 0 or Chin himself? Her exchanges with Jerry (or I better say Special Consultant Ortega since he is a bit touchy about it) were rather funny too. Poor Jerry was jelous of her getting a badge after 15 minutes from arriving in Hawaii and of her location with the “grown ups” rather than in the basement. Nice little touch when Jerry referred to Alcatraz, since that was the title of one of Jorge’s past shows. I’m curious to see how Abby will interact with the rest of the team and how her relationship with Chin will develop. Interesting that she is staying at the Moana Surf Raider Hotel, S.F. police must pay very well to be able to afford those prices 😉 Loved also that this storyline brought back Duke Lukela to us and to Five 0, not just in one but in three scenes, I always miss him when he isn’t in the episodes.


And then of course storyline number three with McDanno dealing with “Hank the conman” and the various twists and turns that kept me wondering until the very end of the episode. I have to admit I didn’t find Hank or his partner particularly charming, if nothing else I concur with Steve in finding him rather annoying, but he was pretty good in his deception, nearly fooled all of us at the same time as McGarrett and Danno. Of course one of my favourite things was the return of Danny Williams, the show is always more fun when he is in it. I enjoyed a few of his exchanges with Steve, including him probing about Lynn (glad to hear that Steve seems to be seeing her quite often after the first eventful date) and Steve being all secretive. The first time we saw Steve and Danno interrogating Hank I found very funny the way Alex started laughing after saying “We are not idiots”, that was so much more Alex than McG. Also, in the blue room the reference to McDanno as Starsky and Hutch was pretty funny, as much as Hank’s constant worry about the drain, the dude works with his pretty face, can’t possible allow it to be damaged right?

And of course, after being absent for a couple of episodes our favourite resident villain Gabriel was back with a vengeance, pushing his way in every single one of the storylines dealt with in this episode. He “saved” Adam’s life paying off his debts with the Yakuza, at the same time providing himself with a powerful ally and binding Adam with a debt that will be very difficult to get out of. Gabriel was also the master mind behind Hank’s crime in order to put a digital spy into Five 0’s computer network, good ploy to keep a step ahead of them and getting away with more mischief. And of course Gabriel also ordered the hit to rob the Chinese of their guns, which most definitely will have serious consequences down the line.

The confrontation between Gabriel and Chin at the end of the episode was intense and also allowed Abby to be introduced to a character that most definitely will affect her life too, especially if she will get romantically involved with Chin.

And last but not least I have to mention the beautiful shot of the Hawaiian sunrise in this episode. The colours were so dreamy and gorgeous that I couldn’t help myself from being temporarily distracted from everything else that was going on.

All together a well balanced and interesting episode that mostly set the roots for future storylines and more surprises, as it often happens with our favourite show.

And next week we’ll have Danno going under cover as a University Professor, I find that already alluring.

Until then, have a great weekend and a blessed week ahead! Mahalo for reading!


4 thoughts on “H50 6.08 – Piko Pau ‘iole

  1. Wow! So very well thought out. Is this after only one viewing? I don’t catch it all the first go round. I thought Hank was really handsome and charming. What can I say? I honestly love the bad boys. I thought Steve was a little to easy and forgiving. Not skeptical enough of this “annoying perp”. I love McGarrett best when he is totally badass. Having said that, he was absolutely gorgeous as usual. Loved the Starsky and Hutch line and it was well timed and well acted. Loved badass Adam but didn’t see the ending coming with him. I honestly couldn’t understand the entire Gabriel Yakusa plan fully on my first viewing. But I did absolutely love this episode.

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    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 When I watch the first time I take notes and then I write my review. Then I watch the ep again just for fun and to see what I have missed the first time. I feel that if I watched it more than once before writing the review I would end up being too analytical while I prefer being more spontaneous when I write.


  2. Manu
    I loved your analysis of this fabulous episode which to my mind had a bit of everything and enough “eye candy’ to get any Red blooded woman breathing hard. I think you write very well and am enjoying checking in each week to read your review/

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