H50 6.07 6.07 “Na Kama Hele” (Day trippers)

I have one word to describe episode 6.07: a winner!

After the heights of last week with the great Halloween episode and waiting for weeks for the “first date” one I didn’t know if my excitement would meet with my expectations but I have to say it did and I now consider ep 6.07 my favourite not only of Season 6 but very likely in the top five of all six Seasons.

The first scene will Lou warning Steve about the risks of going on a first date in a remote location was heart warming and funny. As the big brother figure that he is, Lou wants Steve to get back “on the horse” and out there dating, but he is also righteously worried that McGarrett might not be ready or might get hurt again. His change of heart after seeing how hot Lynn was was very funny, for a moment his hormones took over his brain and he encouraged Steve not only to go to the “remote island” with his mystery lady but to never come back.

Loved Steve’s attitude as well in this scene, he seemed mildly amused at Lou’s rebukes and sincerely looking forward to his date. Steve is such a positive character and seeing him enthusiastic and hopeful towards a potential relationship put a smile on mine, and surely many other fans’ face.

And finally we got to meet Lynn, beautifully portrayed by actress Sarah Carter. She immediately made a positive impression on me, she is pretty, cute and funny and the way she smiled at Steve when she arrived with her car was like a premonition of good things coming down the road.

Now, the boat trip was without doubt my favourite scene in the episode. Not only because it allowed us to get to know Lynn a bit better but because her interaction with Steve showed nuances of her character and of the dynamics between the two that I found very thoughtful and interesting. So we know that she is a friend of Ellie’s, which is good already since Ellie is a good friend of Steve’s and she wouldn’t have introduced Lynn to him if she didn’t think she could be good for him. Also Ellie told Lynn about Steve’s dad, which means she thought she was worthy to be trusted with such a delicate and private subject.

I adored the song that was playing during the boat trip, that’s why I’ll use some lyrics from it in the pic I’m sharing, it’s not mine, I found it on twitter but can’t remember who to give credit to. I don’t often use pics in my reviews but this one will be useful to visually explain what I’m about to say. The glances between Steve and Lynn and the glances to each other when the other wasn’t looking just melted my heart. Steve was evidently feeling emotional talking about his dad and Lynn fully understood that and didn’t push the subject too much. One thing at a time, hopefully there will be plenty of occasions. When she asked to take the wheel I thought that was another important moment. Control freak McGarrett doesn’t like Danny or Lou driving their own cars when he is around and yet he allows Lynn to pilot the boat. He is starting to trust her already. And we know how much he needs that. She even says it at a certain point, “trust me”. I want him to be able to do that so much and to not be disillusioned again. And of course I can’t not mention how hot it was to see Steve sliding behind Lynn to let her get to the wheel. That hands placement was much hotter that many sex scenes I’ve seen on TV so far.


And when they arrived to their snorkelling site I absolutely loved the playfulness of their behaviour. And of course they both looked gorgeous, which never hurts. But I have to mention another character on the show that I find beautiful: Hawaii itself! How wonderful were the underwater shots? Coupled with the Hawaiian music they were just dreamy.

I also truly enjoyed the hike, and finding out that Lynn is not part of law enforcement or military, she works in human services, helping troubled people and especially kids. She says she doesn’t like giving up on anybody. Another good omen, hopefully, clearly in comparison with Steve’s past experiences with the women in his life? Lets hope so.

The selfies were funny! But also meaningful was Steve’s uncertain expression when he looked at the pic of him and Lynn together. He is probably afraid of allowing himself to be happy or to even believe he can be. He is human. He needs reassurance and stability. Lets hope the writers are willing to finally give that to him.

But let me take a pause in my McLynn gushing and remember there was another case going on, with Kono, Chin and Lou trying to save the father of a boy that was blackmailed into throwing a football game by a mob boss who would loose a lot of money if the team won. Adorable the initial scene with the boys babbling on about “was Lynn thumb-worthy”? And Kono calling them idiots with not much success. The second case was also great in showing us how Lou can be scary and funny at the same time, when he approached the two baddies at the stadium and how bad ass Chin can be if someone tries to ruin an innocent person’s life just for the sake of money. Chin is usually composed and moderate but seeing a young man potentially going trough the same kind of awful situation he suffered in the past took out the alpha male in him, really loved that.

And now back to our date from hell. What a change of pace when Steve and Lynn found the hidden plane and the bad guy started shooting. From romance and sweetness to action, life saving run in the forest and Steve turning on his Navy Seal mode. I thought Sarah did a great job in portraying the terror in Lynn. And I was so grateful that she didn’t behave like a female version of McG, but just like a capable and yet normal girl in a very dangerous situation. It’s refreshing. Steve’s ” I won’t let anything happen to you” was heart felt. As was him taking care of her injury when she was bleeding. Definitely if I had to choose someone to have a super dangerous date with it would be Steve McGarrett.  Was I the only one to find it hot when he placed is hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming?

I was happy to see the beautiful Waimea Falls in the episode. I was there in May, and even if they are in reality not as big as they look in the show they are of an unforgettable natural beauty.

And of course our hero wouldn’t let his new girl behind. Steve wouldn’t leave a complete stranger behind, let alone someone he already cares about. It was a good trick to fool the bad guy, and it worked.

The end was touching and sweet. A lesser woman might think, dude, you are gorgeous and exciting but I value my life more! Not Lynn though. And she is ready ( I think they both are) for a second date, “next Saturday” for coffee and malasadas.

And you know what? So am I. I really hope we’ll see McLynn together again. With a bit less excitement and a bit more romance. There is a lot of potential there and I hope it will be used.

So I bid you farewell this week with a big smile on my face.

Have a great weekend and a blessed week ahead. Until next time!



18 thoughts on “H50 6.07 6.07 “Na Kama Hele” (Day trippers)

  1. Dear Manu, as before an excellent review !!! You just took the words out of my mouth, such a great episode !!! Loved it. I didn’t see these waterfalls last september (yet), but did enjoy some Hawaiian live and beautiful nature being on Oahu. Love Hawaii too and especially the story line of Steve & Lynn right now. Hope the writers will work this out further, really love it !!!
    Also the second story was a nice one, luckily all turned out well. Like Chin standing up for people in need, sometimes crossing the lines, Lou being scary & funny and Kono trying to stand up against “men”s talk”.
    Looking forward for the next episode (s) and your next review. Mahalo from Holland,


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  2. Oh sweet “Baby SIS” You had me glued to this review from your first sentence just like the first frame of this weeks episode had me glued to the tele!! Laughed out loud with what you said about Lou’s “hormones taking over his brain”” I was ROLLING !!!Boys WILL be boys Manu
    I really like Lynn and you know I was a huge McRoll fan but Steve honoured Catherine by telling her {and us} the truth. “I can’t wait for you”
    Lynn is Pretty. Intelligent, Sporty and very kindhearted and most of all she seems UNCOMPLICATED. Quite unlike Doris, Jenna. Lori or Cath,/ Just a lovely Hawaiian born girl he will enjoy getting to know. I hope the fan girls go easy on her character and her personally . It is early days yet. The ending was perfect for them “Coffee and Malasadas ” for their 2nd date. I don’t think she would want to go Ziplining very soon after their first date
    Loved Chin. Lou and Kono in their story line Dare I say I found “BADASS CHIN scorching HOT. I also loved your shout out to the beauty of Hawaii,aka “Our 2nd island Home” Right????
    I’ll meet you here next week for your next review
    Mahalo from California

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  3. As usual, enjoyed your shared thoughts on our favorite show. Your thoughts bring out hidden activities and feelings that we sometimes miss whe watching the show. Keep up the good work and I will be following your posts weekly !


  4. I loved it. I was very happy that Lynn was a woman and scared to death and showed it. The chemistry between them was real. You know things are going good when Steve allowed her to pilot the boat. He needs to finally have someone he can trust. The banter between Steve and Lou at the beginning and Chin wanting to know for Lou if she was “thumb worthy” was hilarious. The COTW well, what can I say, it wasn’t good but I enjoyed every minute of Chin being all alpha male!!

    After reading a lot of very nasty things about Sarah I just want to say to all those very rude, ill-mannered women, if it was a family member or good friend going thru the same thing would you rally behind them and encourage them to get out there again or scream at them to get back with the person who caused such pain and heartache??

    I hope Lynn is around for a long time. Steve deserves and needs happiness, trust and love in his life from someone and she fits that’s bill.

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    1. I completely agree with your comments. People should learn again the meaning of the word respect. I bet, if they are McRolls or McDannos, that they would cringe at people talking like that about their favourites. Double standards are a big problem in this fandom and that’s why I tend as much as I can to not get involved. I hope writers and producers will not cave in to bullies of either type.


  5. I have always said we don’t need a female version of McG. I love that she won’t be that. Thumb worthy is an expression I had never heard so enlightened I was on that one. I loved everything about this episode. I too found it very hot when he placed his hand over her mouth. I feel the writers know us ladies well sometimes. And teaching her combat breathing. I learned another thing there. All the playfulness and flirting was so sexy and fun. It provided a whole new energy. This is my favorite this season and definitely up there when including all seasons. Great review sis!


  6. Great review! I have also been a big McRoll fan. However, I really liked Lynn and will support McLynn if that is what the writers give us. Great episode. It was refreshing to see McGarrett happy!!!

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  7. The best one yet..<3 Loved the relationship between Steve and Lynn..<3
    and of course the team handled their situation with 5 O attitude..<3


  8. Thanks for the review Manu. I liked the episode. The banter between Steve and Lou at the beginning , Lou wanting to know who was the date and then advicing Steve not to go on the date then when Lou saw Lynn and he changed his mind and told him that he can go and stay with her…. was really hilarious Lou and Steve make a good team iit is different than Steve and Danny but a different kind of relationship. In this case I choose Lou over Jerry to be honest.

    I like Lynn too, she seem like a down to earth lady, free spirited, and seems she is not complicated and likes simple things. I like how Steve flirted with her and how they joke to each other. They even hugged a bit at the end when they were talking about the second date. Steve did not even hesitate to ask her for a second date, he just felt to do it because he felt good around her. I hope she sticks around.

    I think it is time for some fans to move on and stop talking about Catherine/Steve as a couple. I still see some blogs keep mentioning to bring her back. and that they have the best chemistry and they are a good couple, maybe til death do their apart” if that was a possibility for those who like them as a couple . I mean it is clearly noone knows if that will ever happen and I think it is time Steve moves on, he was clear to her when he told her ” you know I cant wait for you again”., Steve cant wait for her for all eternity,, until she decides to return to explain her motives for leaving him with no explanation. For fans it seems that is not possible and it is out of the question.

    The case of the week was a bit weak for me and I believe Chin exceeded a bit when he hit the guy 3 times at the interrogation room even Lou thought he was overdoing it. I understand he was upset about the situation but he got carried away a little.


    1. Thank you for reading 🙂 I hope you are right about Lynn sticking around and about Cath not coming back as Steve’s love interest. Time will tell, fingers crossed for a long living McLynn!


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