H50 6.06 – Na Pilikua Nui

Hello everybody 🙂 I hope your Halloween weekend is going very well, so far I’m enjoying mine.

Halloween 2015(2)

Being a big fan of horror movies and thrillers I’m always excited for the Halloween episodes of Hawaii Five 0 and this one I have to say was the best, in my opinion, of the six seasons. I loved it so much! It had all the ingredients of a mini horror movie and it all worked perfectly, I don’t know how they manage to achieve that in just 45 minutes.

The initial scene already got me pretty tense when the kids discovered the body parts, can you imagine taking part to a “fun evening” (yes, that would be fun for peculiar people like me) and end up finding a real corpse?

The walk-gument between Steve and Danno was rather funny to start with and then it turned into a sweet, caring moment when Steve realised that Danny had made plans with little Charlie and didn’t want to miss their first Halloween together. The tone immediately changed from teasing to understanding, that’s something I love about our boys.

And then we had one of my (many) favourite scenes  in the episode. Our own Max, fully clothed with his annual Keanu Reeves Halloween tribute, reveals very skilfully that the bodies belong not only to three different women but even four, and some parts are missing, deepening the mystery of why is the killer taking this kind of macabre trophies from his victims, which will be explained later on in the episode. But what I loved in this scene was Steve’s sensibility towards Max when he realised that this serial killer case had similarities with the one that lead to the death of Max’s biological mother. McGarrett asking Max if he wanted to step down from working a case that would reopen painful memories shows us how much every single member of the Ohana takes out the caring side of Steve. He really felt for Max and felt the need to protect him. Our Commander is really the Big Kahuna of the team. And we LOVE him for that. The final scene between Steve and Max was a fitting conclusion to this storyline. In very different ways, the two characters have lost their mothers and they are unlikely ever going to “know” them, not really, not even if Steve’s mother is not dead “anymore”. But he still manages to comfort Max telling him that he can only find his mom in his heart. Such a thoughtful gesture. We love you Steve McGarrett!

OK, enough gushing Manu! There’s another case to talk about 🙂 Yep, our Jerry nearly ended up donating much more blood than he anticipated when a gang attacked the clinic where he went all dressed up as Count Dracula. I liked the sweet banter between him and the nurse which turned out to save her life too. I found the second case to be a little disconnected from everything else but it was a good way to show off the high investigative and deductive skills of Chin and Kono, loved the way they understood that it was a hostage situation at the Pets Clinic and they took charge of resolving that issue while Steve and Lou were busy with the other COTW.

Back to the serial killer case, some people might think that it was a bit unrealistic that a girl from the UK would go on vacation to Hawaii on her own. Think again, yours truly here, and more than one friend that I know, would do it in a heart beat. In fact I nearly did in May when I went to Alex’s self defence seminar but luckily I was the joined by a friend. I’m digressing again…

Anyways, I was happy to see Danny’s nephew back as well, Eric helping out solving another case brought some needed humour as a tension breaker in a nail biting episode. His enthusiasm while analysing the amulet and later on at the crime scene was rather contagious, I’m pretty sure I would behave exactly in the same silly way. The “uncle D” that promptly turned into ” Detective Williams” made me smile.

And what about our Detective Williams? Not only he had to deal with a serial killer in this episode, but also with the even more terrifying notion that his little girl had lied to her parents about the sleep over and was instead at a Halloween party which looked for kids definitely a bit older than her age. Danno knows how dangerous it can be for a girl/woman to make bad choices, he has experienced first hand how a little naughty transgression can turn into tragedy when people meet evil ones, so his fears are more than justifiable. Loved that before even getting to her he practiced his speech on his own, to try not to sound patronising or harsh, and I have to admit he succeeded in the way he spoke to Grace, whom, even if embarrassed and a little annoyed understood that her dad was just trying to protect her. One little note that I liked at Grace’s Halloween party is that they used the song “Levels” by Nick Jonas. Nice touch towards an ex guest star of the show.

Of course back to the serial killer case, I was so tense and genuinely afraid for Steve and Lou when they entered his house. That chapter had everything that a proper horror movie should have: the creepy cat in the house and the bird outside, the darkness, even Steve’s laboured breathing told us that our brave Commander sensed something was very wrong in that house. And the expression of horror on his face when he saw “Frankenstein’s bride”. Thumbs up to Alex for putting so much tension in one facial expression. The killer’s knife striking as soon as Lou turned on the lights made me jump in fear for Steve. I loved that for a change we didn’t see the fight between McGarrett and the killer. It added to the suspense.

And then finally the adorable scene between Danno and little Charlie. So sweet that instead of asking for them he did donate some candy to the children in the hospital, a very nice gesture. And daddy’s request to his newly found son not to grow up? As sweet as he could possibly be. And Charlie calls him Danno already, they have already established a bond even if they haven’t been together for his first three years.

OK and now I am truly looking forward to next week’s episode. I know it will be a controversial one for many reasons but personally I can’t wait to meet Lynn and to see Steve on a date with somebody new, which hopefully will turn into a happy, enjoyable relationship.

Until then, mahalo for reading and have a great, creeeeepy Halloween weekend and pleasant week ahead!


18 thoughts on “H50 6.06 – Na Pilikua Nui

  1. Liked your review a lot. Being a fan of Alex I truly liked the sensitive moments in this episode with Max (& Danno). And the moment after catching the bad guy !!! As for the story about a girl going on holidays alone …. I already went to Hawaii twice, all by myself, coming from Europe. So this isn’t odd at all. Manu, you did a good job, until next time !!! Aloha.

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  2. Great review for an awesome episode! I also loved the sensitive side of McGarrett with Max and Danny! Alex has the best facial expressions.


  3. I really enjoyed this episode and you captured all of the high points in your review. Great job Manu. I also think this eppy was the best Halloween one for H5-0 so far. Kudos for the first time writer of this episode too.

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  4. First time poster on your blog. I like all your reviews. Thanks, Manu. I thought this was the best Hallowe’en episode HF-O has ever done. Most of them have been quite lame, IMO.
    Love, love, love our Steve showing his sensitive side with Max. It’s interesting that the episode about Max’s mothers’ murder, in Season 2, was an episode that Alex wasn’t in, due to his rehab. The subtlety of how Steve mentions the incident, suggests that he was told about Max’s history, later. I give the writer kudos for that. HF-O is not known for these sensitive touches.
    I liked the Ohana of the team, and also Danno’s scenes with his kids, especially Charlie at the end.


    1. Thank you for reading and welcome to the blog 🙂 I agree, this was the best Halloween episode. I wasn’t keen on the one in season 5, I thought that one was the weakest among the Halloween ones. Yes, definitely Steve found out about Max’s mum case even though he was in Japan going after woo-Fat at the time.


  5. First time poster to your blog, Manu. I love all your reviews. Thank you. I thought this was the best Hallowe’en episode HF-O has done . Most of them have been quite lame, IMO.
    Love, love, love our Steve’s sensitivity with Max. It’s interesting that the episode from Season 2, about Max’s mother, was an episode Alex wasn’t in, due to his rehab. The gentle and subtle way Steve brings it up, would indicate that he was told of Max’s history later. I give kudos to the writer for that. This show is not known for those kinds of touches.
    I also liked the teams’ Ohana, and Danno’s scenes with his kids, especially Charlie at the end.


    1. I have to agree with you on the part that this time the writers hit it good when they had to write that Steve alreayd knew an d was told about what happened with Max mom as he was not even on it.


  6. An excellent review Manu. You nailed it!!!I I have to agree with all you wrote. This was by far the best Halloween episode H 5-0 has ever presented. Alex did an amazing job portraying the range of emotions the plot asked for .,.Tenderness for his “Ohana/Team”, Horror and apprehension at” Frankenstein’s” house and relief when all ended well
    . I thought Scott and “little grace” did some great acting also and she is becoming a very lovely young woman
    . I look forward to reading many more of your reviews. You have a talent for doing them

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  7. I enjoy this episode. All three different stories were blended well in their own way.

    Steve and MAx good scenes as Steve was very understanding, tender and sensitive with Max , as he was very emotional especially after he saw what this modern “Frankestein” did to his bride. Our Big Kahuna will always back all of his team 100% regardless what it will be.

    Danny and Charlie scenes at the end were cute and I love when Danny told Charlie that if he can do him a favor that “please do not grow up” hehe!.


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