H50 6.05 – Ka ‘alapahi nui

Aloha everybody, here we are to talk about episode 6.05, which I have to admit had me excited since we saw the pictures of the Five 0 Ohana training together for the Tough Mudder challenge. Plus that video of Scott pouring a bucket of mud on Mike’s head and Alex falling on his knees laughing and very badly singing Happy Birthday (stick to acting and playing guitar babe, singing, not too much 😉 ), Daniel laughing in the background and Grace taking part to the fun made me already in very good spirits towards this episode.

Did I actually enjoy it? VERY MUCH 🙂 The opening scene of the team running together “Rocky style” with Lou Grover in the little car coaching them and the team’s doctor, no less than our very own Max Bergman, was lots of fun. Not sure why he ouzed them with water but why not? It added to the fun. Gotta love how Steve was ready and more than happy to jump into the mud, the big kid that he is (I bet Alex himself would have loved it), while Danny was reluctantly pushed to go through with it, but his hardly hidden smile told us that underneath the denial Danno the kid liked it too.

Even though I would have totally loved the full episode centered on the muddy Ohana there had to be a case of the week. The spectacular stunt of the killer du jour escaping jumping with his motorbike from one roof to the other was just amazing. Sometimes I forget to mention how much work and professionality the stunts and the coordination of them take on our show, but they are so good that many times I find myself holding my breath, big thumbs up to Jeff Cadiente and his team. All the motorbikes tricks in this episode were so breath taking, including the big crash at the end, which Peter Lenkov confirmed was real, no CGI involved. WOW, I’m in awe.

OK now guys, would you believe me if I say that I was so curious about the mystery call that I didn’t even notice that McGarrett was shirtless and very slowly putting on a black shirt and leaving it open just about long enough to tease our already raging hormones? What do you mean you don’t believe me? OK, then you already know me better than I thought 😉 Not that I was paying far too much attention to that sculpted torso, but I am always happy to see that the makeup department remembers to show also Steve’s numerous scars, not only his abs and pecs, what can I say, I like continuity. Where was I? Oh yeah, the mystery call. I’m intrigued to find out who is stupidly calling Steve without saying a word. Personally, since they mentioned her, I don’t think it’s Cath, that would be hardly believable or surprising, I’m more inclined towards Doris, maybe Joe, or none of the above. Who is spying on our Commander? Intriguing for sure.

On a completely different note I have to mention how cool Chin was in this episode with his motorbike, once again and with his big gun when the team arrested the bikers. Daniel knows how to rock his props.

I liked that in this episode many of our guys had their say in the blue room, AKA the interrogation dungeon. Steve being reluctant even to believe it when the dude didn’t know what Top Gun was was very funny. Seriously, I don’t believe anybody doesn’t know about Top Gun, not even the new generations. Gotta say that I found mister Ice Man quite fascinating, call me shallow but I always like a good looking baddy, even thought I kept getting distracted by the semi-fluorescent skull on his jacket, that was pretty cool indeed.

So back to the COTW we find out about this payee on Maui, and my instinct of frequent viewer of investigative shows and movies told me immediately ” Ah, that’s going to be our victim that has another wife and family over there” It came to me much earlier than the team realised, did anybody else have the same epiphany? So the resolution didn’t catch me by surprise like last week. Having said so I wasn’t expecting the victim’s daughter to be the criminal master mind behind the killing. Why would she? To protect her mom from the truth? Unlikely. Was she so much enraged with her dad for deceiving them to get to the point of killing him? What a bad daughter. I don’t know, I’m not 100% convinced of her motivations. Unless she is just one of the many psychopaths that our planet seems to be inhabited by. That’s the most plausible explanation. I did feel for her poor mom though. She really lost everything. And the same for wife number two. What an awkward moment it would be to meet ones hubby’s second secret wife. Can you imagine? If he wasn’t dead already I think I might kill him myself. Poor ladies.

And finally there was the tough mudder competition. I think we all agree that Kono might already suspect that something is up with Adam. The way she was talking about him with Chin? The woman is far from being stupid or gullible.

Loved Kamekona’s and Flippa’s visit to the team before the competition and the fact that he never misses a chance to try to advertise his business.

Lou’s speech was inspiring, the guy is such a strong presence for the Ohana.

And the very final scene. I was expecting to see them actually taking part to the competition but the way it was shown to us with the pictures worked so much better from an emotional point of view. Thank you writers and editors for this gem. It really got me emotional, nearly teary. The Ohana were there for each other in the competion as much as they are in “real life”. Up to the end, even if they had to carry injured Danno to the end line, covered in mud and tired, they pulled together and they did it. All for a good charity cause but also to strengthen their family bond. I truly loved that scene. Steve and Danno hugging, the full team exulting, the picture at the end that shows them all together.

I could watch that scene over and over again, and I will :).

And now, being me a big fan of Halloween, I’m already looking forward to next week’s hopefully spooky episode.

Until next time, mahalo for reading and have a blessed weekend and week ahead.



6 thoughts on “H50 6.05 – Ka ‘alapahi nui

  1. Manu
    I absolutely loved this review. Well written and fun to read. I agree with all you said, which does not always happen even among the most loving of friends.. Great JOB!!! I am looking forward to your Halloweem review next w===EEK !!!!!!!!


  2. I watched the episode and I can say I enjoyed it. THe motocycles tricks very good. The case of the week wa sok but I also cant believe that a daughter could hate so much her dad just for deceiving her and her mom that he was living a double life that got her dad killed by her bf. I guess she must had been so enraged when she found out about the lies that the only thing he could think of was killing her dad without thinking of the consequences later on.
    I like the opening scene too all of the Ohana running and mnaking jokes to one another. Then the final scene was the icing of the cake, the team supporting and helping each other and be there for one another. I like also how the competition was shown in pictures rather than in life, it makes things more intersting to see snaps of the team helping each other throguh the obstacles. That is the Ohana we all came to fall in love in Season 1, back to old times as I had missed those things. hope taht Ohana will be repeated more this season. I must admit honestly that I did not miss Jerry at all, he is good at times but as we could see in this episode, he idoes not need to be in every episode, the 4 core were enough.and I thought I was seeing an episode of Season 1, that is what I had been missing.

    Hope future episodes will be like this one.

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