H50 – 6.04 Ka Papahana Holo Pono

After my personal emotional rollercoaster of the previous week, I have to say I have been looking forward to episode 6.04 and it didn’t disappoint me. A very well played mix of emotions, action, mystery and humour that left me with a smile on my face.

The first scene, with lonely Steve looking sad and a bit lost on the edge of his bed was very touching. We got to see his vulnerable side, the thoughtful glance at the abandoned toothbrush that seems a parallel to the feelings of abandonment he must be going through at this stage. It’s good to see that he is not brushing off the disappointment easily but it’s also good to see him putting on a brave, moving on attitude when he is talking to Lou at the hospital. Steve said two very important truths, this is not the first time Cath left, and once again he will get over it. It won’t be painless or easy but with the help of his Ohana he will make it. And of course his friends are there for him.

Lou is such an amazing character. Strong, supportive, pro-active in being there for Steve. Their relationship is so different from the one between Steve and Danno, but it is so reassuring to know that someone as balanced and settled as Lou is there. He is similar to a big brother figure and I love him. He is there not only for Steve but also for Danno, whom we find out is in hospital to donate his bone-marrow to little Charlie. Loved how he told Steve to go to “make sure our boy is OK” when the work phone rang. And Steve didn’t miss the chance, yes, Danno comes before the job. Clever way by the way to explain Scott’s absence, since we know that he will be in five less episodes than Alex this season.

I truly enjoyed the crime of the week in this episode. The twists were clever, the action impressive and the resolution? I never saw that coming. I love when the revelation of who the perpetrator is leaves me surprised. Never thought about the maid being the guilty partner for a moment. Well done writers.

And what to say of the return of an awesome guest star? Willie Garson as Gerard Hirsch is priceless. I love his kind of humour, clever, funny, quirky, without being too loud or vulgar. He added a needed comedy aspect to the show and he did it perfectly. His banter with Kono made me smile. “Unlucky you” when he realises she is now married. And the worry about not looking stylish in that colourful shirt. He took out Kono’s cheeky, funny side, it’s nice to see her laughing like that.

This week we also briefly saw two other fans favourites, Max and Duke, however short their scenes might be I am always happy to see them. Jerry’s contribution and his very personal take on “one of the biggest island’s mystery”, of course “alien’s abduction” theory was good.

I really liked the “team under cover” scene in Waikiki, I thought it was very well played, smooth and even if they nearly lost Gerard eventually it all worked out well.

We even saw another glimpse of what I call “our weekly crazy McBond” with Steve recovering the painting while cars were passing by at high speed, babe one of these days you’ll give me an heart attack with your stunts! Big thumbs up as usual to the stunts team, both for the characters and the vehicles, really impressive action.

Funny also the bantering in the truck between Kono and Steve, it must have been so frustrating for McSpeedy to be overtaken by Chin and Lou.

And of course there was the parallel storyline of Adam being kidnapped by the Yakuza and forced to extract information by force from Gabriel’s guy. I liked how Adam instantly knew he was in trouble as soon as he entered the lift and how he tried to talk the guy into giving the information without using violence at first. Only when Tom Bishop, well played by Aussie Steve Bastoni, made him realise that he might go after Kono later on Adam decided to reluctantly use his fists. Adam is a stand up guy but when his loved ones are threatened a man has to do what he has to do right? Unfortunately I fear that his choice not to share the events of the day with Kono will have consequences in the future. I know he wants to protect her, considering he might have to do something illegal and she is Five 0, but I don’t like that he had to lie to her. Sooner or later she’ll find out the truth so why not tell her already? She would be on his side no matter what. She has always been. It’s just my very personal opinion but he should have told her the truth. I love them as a couple and I would hate to see their relationship to be tainted by lack of trust. Lets hope their love will be stronger than the adversity.

And then the final Ohana scene. I always love them. The team is there for Steve, now including Hirsch in their numbers. The caricatures were pretty funny, nice touch. I have to say that for me, no celebrity in the world, as good looking as he might be, could be competition for our Steve, but Mr. Jerry Rice did a great job in being charming and personable. Loved how Lou thought the girl was checking out Steve instead. And loved how Steve’s first thought was for Danno, to get an autograph for him to cheer him up in the hospital. Granted poor Danno might be disappointed for missing out once again on a VIP encounter but it’s the thought that counts right?

So all together an episode that brought back the enjoyment to me and the hope for an amazing rest of the season. Starting from next week’s episode, with the team coming together for the tough mudder challenge, I am so looking forward to it.

Until next time, have a wonderful weekend!


7 thoughts on “H50 – 6.04 Ka Papahana Holo Pono

  1. I love your review manu, I loved to read them you capture them so well, I dont’ share the same view of the episode I thought it was ok , but I enjoy how you sum it up. sometimes catching things I may have missed great review

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  2. I also thought the episode was okay. I really don’t like the direction they are taking Adam and Kono. they just got married and already he’s keeping things from her. That’s not good. They can explain it away by saying he is trying to protect her but as well all know she’s badass, she can take it.
    Awesome review!!

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  3. I finally watch the episode and I agree with some of you it was just ok,, not the best episode out there. It was just ok. It had some humor, action, mystery and feelings. I miss Danny as some of you but we all know why the actor will be in less episodes than the rest of the actors.
    I like that the remaining characters all play a part in solving the case, it was like a team effort, this is what I think we been missing from past seasons, team work in every episode, not just focus on each character independently for several episodes.

    It was sad to see Steve sitting in his bed thinking about what happened to Catherine, poor him and him staring at the 2 toothbrushs there like he felt abandoned in some way. I like how he confided in Lou to tell his feelings about the Catherine issue, Lou is a good friend, a different kind of friend than Danny is. I mean all the 4 core are friends of Steve, but each one has a different impact and meaning to Steve. I also like how Lou try to cheer him up by telling him to join him and his family for a get together. I do like the phrase Steve told him, “this is not the first time Cath left, and once again he will get over it”. For me that means that If Catherine ever returns, he wont forgive her never and he needs to move on, and Im glad he thinks that way, it be so wrong for him to take her again after what she did, but I doubt this time that will ever happen. He acknowledged that he has to move on and forget Catherine little by little, she let him down one more time and that is something he wont forgive again, he already been abandoned by his mother twice and by Catherine twice too, I bet that after that he will in a way become stronger and decides things better in regards of his love life when that happens in order not felt let down again.

    I like the last scene also all the team together and all of them supporting Steve and try to cheer him up. I bet the rest of the team also do not like what Catherine did to Steve. I mean they all supported Catherine when she joined the team and this is the way she pays Steve and the team who try to help her???? Im sure that if she ever returns the team wont welcome her. The reason why her story line even if thje writers left a door open for Catherine to return, it is not going to be anytime soon, I doubt even if this season at all, maybe season 7 if the show will get a season 7 but taht is not even sure but that is the strangest thing, the last scene of Ep.6.03 was not even necessary at all if the writers knew she wont be return at all, why they did that scene is something we all dont know. They should have left the story the moment Catherine left Steve for Afghanistan, that should had been the end of their relationship not even when she returned for Konos wedding but they drag the story unnecessarily.

    Lets see how Steve will handle when he mets Lynne for the first time. Will be chemistry between them, attraction, etc?? Will the team like her?

    As we all can see, they all work together good as a team when no love interests or love conflicts are on their way. I hope it remainslike that in the future. I mean that love issues do not interfere much in the team work solving cases.

    I also do not like the direction the writers or Peter are taking on the Kono/adam story. either They just got married and now Adam may be thinking turning to the wrong side of the law again in order to find Gabriel and get his money back. and going behind Konos back. Of course he will do taht in order to protect her but he should have trust Kono and tell her what is going on but my guess if that if Adam tells Kono, she will freak out and go after the bad guys herself and the show story will focus on that more than solving cases of the week, they have to keep up the audience hanging about that story and dragging it a bit more.

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