H50 – 6.03 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu I na mauna

Here we are, another episode done for Season 6 of Hawaii Five 0.

I already apologize to my readers. I’m feeling strong emotions about the McRoll revelations and I intend to express them. Respectfully but without holding back. And I’ll do it first, even before talking about the rest of the episode’s topics. As we say in Italy, “via il dente via il dolore”! And then I’ll talk about the lighter stuff 🙂

I have been looking forward to this episode because I was hoping we’ll finally have some closure on the McGarrett/Catherine storyline. I was happy with it until the very end. Then I felt bitterly disappointed. The phone call that reveals not only that Cath is still in the Navy but that she might be working an undercover op that has to do with Steve left me very unhappy. The previous scene got me emotional, nearly teary, I was feeling the emotions from both characters, their struggle in admitting that the relationship was over, that they needed to move on in different directions to find themselves. Call me naïve, but like Steve I believed her. And I felt really sorry for Steve but also hopeful that finally he’ll be able to get over a woman that he was never really meant to be with and move on. And then the bombshell. What is she up to? Navy? CIA? Frankly I couldn’t care less. And I truly hope it is not just a ploy to leave the door open for the character to come back. I mean, clearly they intend for her to come back but I hope not as Steve’s girlfriend. He deserves better! Much better than being lied to and deceived all the time. And please don’t tell me she is doing it to protect him or for a good cause. NO! If you truly love someone you can’t deceive them in that way. Not for over a year, not for a month, not for a day. The main attributes of love in my book are trust and respect. She gives him neither. For what I have seen in the past 6 years all she can give Steve is sex. 5 minutes of bliss and then what? Sorrow and disappointment. The parallels between Cath and Doris are so strong. Doris’ deception led to Steve’s father’s death and to the destruction of their family. Her coming back into his life only brought him more pain, questions and abandonment. He didn’t deserve this from his mother, he doesn’t deserve it from the woman who’s supposed to love him. No reason in the world for her behaviour will persuade me that she deserves another chance. He was willing to spend his life with her, to risk his heart once again. She left him. She lied to him. She hurt him more than if she had never come back. No long term storyarc will ever satisfy me. She needs to be gone. Out of his life. Steve needs someone in his life, a true love that he can trust, that he doesn’t have to suspicious of all the time.

I’m hoping Lynne will be this person. if not Lynne then someone else but I’m hoping Cath will never be back as McGarrett’s lover. I want to see Steve smiling not because he got laid but because he feels loved and respected. I love this character more than I can express and I can’t stand to see him constantly emotionally hurt. He is a caring, loyal, giving soul and he deserves the same treatment. At least I was happy to see that he decided and clearly told her that he wasn’t going to wait for her anymore. Ha asked Danny “What am I an idiot?” when he suspected that she was leaving again. And he was right. His heart is broken right now but hearts can heal. With time and care. His friends will be there for him, hopefully a new love will be there for him. Lets not turn him into an idiot again in the future. Please! That’s all I ask from the writers.

And now on to the lighter parts of the episode.

Eric was a lot of fun 🙂 I’m glad he managed to turn his life around and study in order to find a good job that gives him drive and enthusiasm. He is a bit overenthusiastic and scarcely tactful but it’s OK. A bit of laughter can only be beneficial to the show. And thanks to him we got a rare glimpse of shirtless Danno. I enjoyed that very much. I liked Charlie, but if he is not available anymore I’m sure Eric will be a good substitute.

Really enjoyed his little banter with Max. Two tactless individuals talking to each other completely oblivious to the effects of their words. “Surely nephotism had nothing to do with your employment”, priceless.

And Jerry finally got an office and a Five 0 related business card. Not as good as a badge but pretty cool all the same. Loved his first interaction with Eric. “Who are you exactly?”.

I’m glad Danno’s irrational “happiness” for Steve is finally going to be over. I found it out of character and difficult to understand. His conversation with Cath was better. He probably indirectly caused her departure with his questions. He was looking out for “his boy”. Danny wants Steve to be happy but he surely doesn’t want him to be left hanging and waiting for something that will never happen. And once again Cath fooled me, as well as Danno, when she said that she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. She must have already known that it was another lie. Thanks God Steve has Danno. He is the family that he has never had. He is the one character that never deceived or lied to him. They support each other, they tell each other off, they argue and they clash but they are always there for each other. Danny will be there for Steve once again now that Cath is gone. The ones of you that know me well are aware that I’m not a McDanno shipper, not in that way. But I truly believe in their brotherly bond and support. I truly believe that their friendship is stronger that any other relationship either of them have been into in the past, or present. Steve and Danno are what makes me still believe in this show. They are the fundament of the Five 0 Ohana. I hope to see more of them, much more. You are wrong Danno. Cath is not the one that gets the best out of Steve. You are!

With all the character stuff going on I have to admit I paid very little attention to the crime of the week. I remember thinking that the diver was one of the unluckiest men on the planet and having the creepy sensation that Gabriel would be the voice behind the evil plot, once again. And we had an enjoyable McBond scene in the boat chase, I liked that.

Now, as Steve closed the box of the ring, I want to close this review and my feelings about McRoll. I hope in a rest of Season 6 with good plots, characters development, action and fun. I want to go back to fully enjoy my favourite show, and I’m sure I will.

Until next time,

Aloha and have a great weekend and week.


21 thoughts on “H50 – 6.03 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu I na mauna

  1. Great review. I agree about the situation with Cath. She mustn’t come back anymore to hurt Steve’s feelings again. He deserves more happiness with someone he can trust completely. I like the interaction between Steve & Danno too, although I am more a Steve fan. Curious about how (all) situations will turn out in next episodes. Well done Manu !!! Until next time.


  2. This eppy was such a roller coaster ride, I felt emotionally bruised when it was over. I agree that Danno’s conversation with Catherine might have been the reason she left so quickly. It was difficult to see Steve so pained once again. I guess I am more curious than you are about what Cath’s ‘op’ is and whether or not it has something to do with Doris, but I do think Steve will never forgive her for what she put him through… I think he is done with her. Well said, Manu.


  3. I really dont know what to say about this episode, It left me with a sour taste on my mouth. This episode I was looking forward as I wanted to see what will happen with Steve/Catherine, ohh boy was I dissapointed. I dont know who is to blame for this crappy (sorry the language) ending for Catherine and Steve relationship. It is so bad how Peter or the writers like to play the fans, it was so wrong. First of all Steve under any circusmtance should forgive her. I feel for him. Once again he was heart broken. How many times he has to suffer in the hands of a woman. He suffered once due to his mother and now for Catherine. Catherine twice lied to him, and deceived him and even worse Catherine turned into another Doris, working perhaps for the CIA?? . She told him once to move on and now when she was back Steve had hope everything was going ot be ok, ohh poor him . Really… why bring her back to have her leave again and that too with a lie. Why put Steve through all that heartache.

    What is wrong with the writers and Peter, they seem like infatuated with MB or something always leave a door open for her in case she will like to return. Is not worth anymore if she returns, she deceived him one more time, she became a copy of Doris, that was the worst part. If Steve had this huge resentment for Doris for faking her death nd even alive she continue to lie to him and Steve hates dishonesty. Imagine when he finds out what is really going on with Catherine that he lied again to him like for the 3rd time. or imagine if she will return and tell Steve the whole truth, no plizz no.He will be more devasted and heart broken than he is right now. I hope this new lady who is coming as his love interest is nothing like Catherine or even Lori and Steve can heal ihis broken heart in peace and in time.

    The excuse for the writers to get rid of Catherine was lame and crappy, I thought of a different ending for her.I sense that.
    I believe the fault has to be aimed to Peter and the writers, as they kept playing with the fans of the show, writing Catherine story like this and now writing her departure the way it was done last nite. I believe it iwas done like this was that in order for the viewers to start liking the new girl, they have to write a story that ruined Catherine very much as a person and be seen as a very bad woman, who still kjeep secrets from Steve, and a woman like taht Steve does not deserve.

    Im sensing they did that in order the fans to end up really hating her for doing this to Steve once again, to leave him heart broken for the second time with a fake excuse and he bought it

    I dont know if the new girl will be accepted by the fans as each woman who comes into Steve life is doomed to say it in a way but even the Mcroll fans agreed that the writers ruined Catherine with an ending like this.

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    1. The more I think about it and the less sense this story arc makes to me. I hope this new love interest will be well written and likable and won’t turn into “nothing done” like it happened with Lori and Ellie. It’s time for Steve to move on and find some happiness in love. The writers probably believe that a happy love life make a character boring, Peter even said that about Danno, but what they don’t understand is that continuously going back and forward with the same character doesn’t make anybody happy. Now the McRolls are unhappy and we are not completely satisfied because there wasn’t complete closure to the story. In any case I hope for Lynne to be a character that we can like and that can bring a breath of fresh air in Steve’s life. He deserves it and we do too.


      1. I also hope the new lady in Steve life will be well written and it will be lovable by the fans, because the way Catherine left did not appeal to many people, even Mcrolls fans and therefore that could backfire to the new lady in Steve life.

        I hope that after the Lori and Catherine fiasco, if you could call that a fiasco, the writers or P. Lenkov are wise enough not to make the same mistanke one more time when hiring a new lady for Steve . Peter and the writers by now should already had learned their lesson.

        Lets see how the new love interest for Chin will do as she is also a woman and we can see the difference between Chin love interest and Steve love interest how both ladies will be written and who will do a good job on the show

        Even Dannys love interests are not that good on the show either.

        Whats up with Peter or the writers with all the women on the show since its pilot. They dont know how to treat women well.. They better keep all the men on the show single unattached. maybe the stories will be better when there are no ladies on it with the exception of Kono of course.,

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  4. Beautiful review Manu and well done. I agree 100%. I had a feeling this episode would spark a lot of emotion from fans. But mydear I think you sum it up best I agree on your points of cathy and steve. . Here is one thing I want to say, I agree that steve desvers to be loved , I feel he always has it with Danno. Its not a sexual love, but a love of brothers Danno has been the one one there for him He loves him , so even if he does not see it, Danno loves him . I am a fan of another show called the walking dead , and on the show two characters with a relationship like danno steve the one like steve told the other “you are my brother.” I hope we can get a line like that from one of them .

    As for steve like all of us I want Steve to be happy , and in love but I feel it should not be rushed, and the crew should not rush steve into love like they did with Lorie. He his heart needs time heal. so I feel its little fast for Steve to be in love, I feel that should come toward the end of the season not at the start after his heart is broken he needs time, so I will watch and see how this goes.

    I do feel peter does don’t know how to write romance. But Manue great review and I enjoyed reading it .

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  5. Nice review Manu! I agree! I do wish they would have closed the door, locked it and thrown away the key on the Catherine character but no such luck. Steve deserves to be happy and loved. Period. Since no good deed goes unpunished, I hope Catherine’s payback to her “benefactor” doesn’t bring hurt or harm to Steve and that she’s the one to suffer for her sins. Here’s hoping that Lynn will be able to 1. withstand the hate that will most definitely be thrown at her and 2. be the one so everyone will have closure on a story arc that’s at the point of hemorrhaging and should have died at the end of s4.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I also hope that the writers won’t cave in to the sure McRolls hate for Lynne and they will give Steve some deserved happiness with her. I would prefer she didn’t but if Cath has to be back I hope it’s only as a side character with a secret mission to be revealed and not anymore as Steve’s gf.


  6. I cant believe what Im still reading on many blogs about this particular episode. Many Mcroll fans want Catherine back at any cost, because they say Steve/Catherine belongs together and Catherine is the only woman for Steve, that she is the only one who understands him and do anything for him. Some even say that bring Catherine back so she can finally marry Steve and that be a good proper good series ending in case the show is not renewed for a S7.

    Some Mcroll fans believe Catherine reason for leaving Steve like that and they understand her doing and support her. They say that Catherine is not saying anything about her possible undercover job because she is doing Steve a favor, by hunting down Doris and bring her to him, that is why she could not say anything about it to Steve as it is a dangerous mission and she cant put in danger the people she love and for the fans that is love for a guy.

    I mean they could be right in a way but plizzzz I dont want them anymore as a couple, she could do all the missions she want and help the team but not return as a love interest anymore, that is doomed, they had no chemistry, Steve cant wait for her forever until she decides to come clean to him and he even told her that that he cant wait and she even said she understands. So I hope Peter infatuation with Catherine or MB will dissapear and forget the idea of bringing her back just to please the Mcroll fans one more time. This is starting to get annoying really, otherwise we will have to boycott Peter over Twitter and let him now ENOUGH is enough with Michelle Borth character and whats up with him and her. Why cant he let go??? I cant find other shows that had done what Peter did with MB character or in this case a female character.

    What do you think people?


    1. As much as I don’t like the idea of Catherine coming back as a character and even less as Steve’s girlfriend Five 0 is Peter L.enkov’s and CBS’ show so at the end they’ll have the final word.
      We can only let the McRolls like McRoll, the not-McRoll enjoy the episodes without her and hope for good storylines and well developed characters for the rest of S6 (and hopefully for a potential S7).
      Personally I would never presume to tell Peter on twitter or anywhere else how to do his job, I will express my opinion but I will still continue to watch the show even if Catherine will be back because there are many other things that I like about Five 0 and I won’t let a character or a storyline to take it away from me.

      I have to ask for a favour though and it’s something important: Peter Lenkov is a happily married man and in no way I will allow on this blog allusions about him, MB or anybody else. One thing is mentioning a preference from a writer for a character but please leave out real life people.
      Thank you


  7. Once again I watch the episode, especially the last scene where Catherine breaks up with Steve. I have to say Steve was very sad when he heard the news. Steve even told her that she choose to be in Nepal rather to being with him, she said she wishes she could be in both places at the same time. Then Steve told her he wont wait for her and she said she knows and she all crying. Then they say each other good byes and Steve was devastated. She cried in the car it is normal as he was her love for many years so a bit understandable but then she got the phone call and like forgot everything she told Steve. Those look like cocodrile tears . THe nerve she had to break up with him. How dare she will return and then ask for forgiveness after she lied to him one more time. Stegve was defvasted I hope he wont take her back, she had lied to him many times and the last scene was such an acto in order for him not to find out the real truth behind her departure. Even if it is to protect him what she is doing now. Steve ont like she lied to her one more time. I hope Steve can really move on and forget about her. She does not deserve him even if they were a lets say a couple for 5 yrs. Steve hates dishonesty and Catherine did that to him. Hope she wont return at all


  8. I’m a bit late in my viewing of this season, I’ve just seen this epi today and I appreciate your review Manu.
    I totally agree with you about Cat, enough is enough. Where is the need to make her come back for nothing? May be for giving an end to their relation and give opportunity to Steve to meet another woman but leave us with possible come back one day.
    For nothing in the world someone could lie as she does, and she did a lot, when you love somebody.


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