6.02 Lehu a lehu (Ashes to Ashes)

OK I’m back from Italy and finally had the opportunity to see episode 2 🙂

I liked it, especially the balance between personal lives, which weren’t too intrusive and the case of the week, which was interesting. Initially I thought, oh no, not another bad guy caught by Five 0 that escapes and they have to catch again.But then the story became more interesting and as usual the twists and turns didn’t disappoint. Our villain of the day, Mr. Duclair, is still rather creepy and disturbing, which is good, that’s how I like my villains. When he “escaped” I was disappointed, been there done that, but then when he gave himself up I really didn’t see that coming, thumbs up to the writers for that twist. I like the fact that he realises that he cannot stop himself from doing horrible things as a free man, and he is willing to go back to prison. Redeemable villains are intriguing, I strongly believe nobody is 100% good or 100% bad and I’ve always been fascinated by a well written, multi layered bad guy. Not sure what to think about Mr. Trout, maybe he reminded me a bit of the Red Dragon character, for those of us that know the “Hannibal Lecter trilogy”.

And now to our Ohana.

Let me start with Kono and Adam. Could we ever love them more? Yes we can! The scene at physiotherapy  was adorable. Even when Adam snapped at Kono, which is a very human thing to do, unfortunately usually with our loved ones, I could feel the love and dedication between them two. Kono saying that there was nowhere else she’d rather be was heart warming. And the lovey scene of them entering her house, with Adam “carrying” Kono showed us how difficult it has been for them to get to this new starting point of their lives, and the fact that they made it through all the tribulations. And finally the closing scene, with the Yakuza guys being killed, presumably by Gabriel, sent a chill down my spine, his looming presence can be felt even when we can’t see him, which makes it even more disturbing.

Carguments. I love them, they are funny, quirky, they usually put a smile on my face. I don’t think we are yet back to top notch form with them but we are getting closer. The ones in this ep seemed a bit out of the blue, but it’s nice to know that Steve is considering giving Jerry an office. And the way he talked about the marriage proposal is so McGarrety, I found that cute.

Talking about Jerry, he is adorable in his boyish way on ingratiating himself to the team, being there when they need him, and at the same time never loosing an opportunity to try to get an office, a badge… He really feels he belongs to Five 0, and I agree with him. I also loved his t-shirt, he has never lost his identity of paranoid conspiracy theories enthusiast.

Catherine helping the team. I guess with Kono having to deal with the consequences of last week’s ordeal and the Yakuza threat Catherine filling in for her as an independent helper fit in quite well. I have never disputed her skills as a Navy operative and an Intelligence gathering asset and once again she came through helping with the case. So that part sat well with me.

The scene Cath had with Steve in the office also didn’t disappoint me, I guess it was quite sweet. I don’t agree with her that Steve puts the job before everything, how many times have we seen him breaking the rules (even the laws) in order to help the people involved in a case, not necessarily the case. But when she said that there wasn’t any other place then home she’d rather be…that left me a bit more perplexed considering the events that lead to her disappearance in season 5. The still present awkwardness between them helped making the scene more realistic but as a couple I still don’t find them remotely as believable as Kono and Adam.

Now we are left with the big question! Will the proposal happen? And if it does what will the answer be? I keep changing my mind. I was thinking recently, maybe all the spoilers of Cath not being in the show after episode 3 and of Lynne arriving in episode 7 are only there to make us believe that he won’t propose or she’ll say no when in fact nothing negative will happen?

But then a friend of mine reminded me that the fandom is a small world, we read spoilers, rumours, we are up to date with everything Five 0 related, but what the general audience has seen so far in the promos are all the clues that would lead to a favourable outcome. And the huge turn might be that it won’t happen.

Personally I hope that something will happen that will prevent Steve from proposing. I love Steve McGarrett and I really don’t want to see him rejected when he is doing probably the scariest thing in his life from a personal point of view. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Cath to say yes, I have already expressed my feelings towards the relationship, I just don’t want to see Steve suffering because of her rejection. I’d rather the proposal to not happen at all. But I hope not to be left in doubt again. If Steve has to move on hopefully it will be for good. So well done Peter and writers, you got me hooked even to a storyline that I don’t particularly like, but now I need to know the outcome of.

Until next time then,

Aloha and have a very good week!


6 thoughts on “6.02 Lehu a lehu (Ashes to Ashes)

  1. I saw the episode it was just ok. The villain was creepy and I dont know why but I feel he will again strike in the future. He acknowledge that if he was set free he will do more harm than being locked up so he rather being in prison. I dont see the reason why Grover asked him to be on his knees whule cuffing him. I mean he could have easily cuff him being seated, especially if he was wounded.

    Carguments they were funny, Danny always being sarcastic as usual, especially describing the way in an army style of how Steve will propose to Catherine.

    Jerry is funny in small doses and since he had helped the team so many times now, he feels that he needs his own office, which is bit understandable.

    Kono and Adam.Poor them when they will leave them alone, I guess until Gabriel is dead or all members of the Yakuza will die but that is impossible. Gabriel for sure was the one who killed those guys inside the car, I dont want the writers to drag too long this story about Kono/Adam/Yakuza for the 25 episodes of the season it can become tiring, maybe some episodes but not the 25 episodes. Too much of a thing is not always good. Kono needs to go back to work and focus on work she cant think the whole time on the Yakuza and Gabriel.

    Catherine working for the team, it was understandable given the circumstances that Kono was with Adam since he was just released from the hospital and she needed to stay with him for some days and since Catherine was part of the team and had some knowledge in Intel, she was the only one who could help the team as she was available and close to them.

    Catherine and Steve. Well. The kiss on the forehead was a bit odd, I mean why not on the mouth, since they were a couple. When she said home is the place she rather be with, I wonder why she even mentioned that when she left Steve in Season 5 to help find the Afghan boy and then when she sent him and email saying he has to move on, so the phrase home is where she rather be, was very contradictory and out of place, I dont know what was she thinking. As a couple Steve and Catherine in these first episodes behave like friends more than a couple who supposedly love each other, They felt distant. Steve wants to talk about them since she came back but she always tell him, they are plenty of time to do that. Hello??? Why she cant make the time he is asking for? He had told her that twice already. Sounds like she is avoiding something.

    Something will sure happen this Friday between Steve and Catherine something that perhaps we the fans wont expect despite all the rumors na spoilers we have read so far that make us believe Catherine will say No to Steve proposal or that Steve wont propose at all, but something for sure will happen that make Catherine say NO, maybe we find something about Catherine that we did not know about her and the reason for her to say no or Steve finds something about Catherine that make him not to propose after all, but then we dont know what it is, until this Friday when the cat is out of the bag finally. In the promo Danny telling Catherine Steve deserves to be happy made me believe that Danny dont want his buddy to get heart broken and Danny sense that Catherine will break his heart, maybe Danny tells Catherine in secret Steve will like to propose to her but he warns her. Maybe Catherine is wise enough to leave Steve and let him be happy. Who knows!! Finally on Friday we will know what will truly happen.

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