H50 6.01 Mai ho’oni I ka wai lana málie (Do Not Disturb the Water That is Tranquil)

Hi everybody,

so here we are, with my very first review about an episode of Hawaii Five 0 🙂 I hope you’ll enjoy and of course comments and opinions are very welcome.

We have been waiting for months for the premiere of Season 6 and from many points of view I have to say it didn’t disappoint me. Being a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies I was thrilled with the introductory scene, the costumes, the dialogue. The music was very enjoyable as well. I thought the scene linked well with the crime of week, which was intriguing and full of twists and turns as usual. Who doesn’t like a good treasure hunt anyways?

And I loved that it gave the opportunity to Jerry to take the lead and basically be an asset to the team again in solving the case. Gotta love his banter with Steve in the office, I think he takes out of Steve a funny big brother side and I bet sooner or later he’ll get an office in HQ.

At the end of the crime of the week we also saw McGarrett unusually fighting a woman, she gave him a round for his money but hey, pirate or not eventually she wasn’t a match for our Commander.

On to a completely different subject, Kono and Adam’s Wedding reception! As I deeply love them as a couple when they were introduced as Mr and Mrs Noshimuri I had goosebumps on my skin. And their first dance on Tia Carrere’s beautiful singing was adorable. Thank you Peter and writers for creating such a hot and believable couple.

The Ohana dancing was another of my favourite moments. How adorable was Max with his unique dancing style and groovy Duke dancing with Kono. Grover calling his wife “Her majesty” was priceless and the little McDanno twirl made me smile. I will not yet comment about Steve and Cath at this point because I have a little paragraph about them later.

So, since this is a TV Wedding the bliss couldn’t last forever and our two love birds had an abrupt and painful interruption of their “morning after”. Five 0’s new resident bad boy decided not only to steal Kono’s breakfast (as if that wasn’t bad enough) but to also beat up her hubby and torture her to obtain the money that Adam was supposed to use to get his freedom from the yakuza. The beating and torture scenes were quite harsh but I think they exposed some important traits of our new villain. He is a sociopath! His complete lack of emotions or sympathy for his victims is rather creepy. He can swing some irony though and I think he is one of those characters that we’ll love to hate. Incredible as well how good Christopher Sean is at portraying a character which is so far away from his own lovely self.

I’m truly looking forward to see how Kono and Adam will get themselves out of this new pickle and hopefully they’ll be able to start a happy long life together.

And now lets get to the part of the episode, and very likely the first few of the season, that leaves me perplexed and doubtful. Of course I’m talking about Cath’s return and Steve’s apparent urge of proposing to her, completely forgetting everything that has happened the year before. I don’t understand it. I have my own theory about his behaviour and here it is:

Steve McGarrett is a brave and strong leader, a tough Navy Seal and a caring, good hearted man, but when it comes to his relationships with women he is an emotionally fragile kid. He was abandoned twice by his mother and then again by Cath, the woman that was supposed to love him. As many people with abandonment issues he has probably developed the mistaken notion that he might have caused it and might have himself to blame for it. Consequently he decided to go for a misguided big gesture in order to prevent someone from leaving him alone again. Anyways this is my theory. And I’m very afraid that he is going to pay for his good heart once again.

Regarding Cath I have to say she is a character that I used to like, up to Season 4. Then things became too much focused around her relationship with Steve, she became part of the team and all seemed to get very confused. Eventually she left and by her own admission she only came back to not miss Kono’s Wedding. Her attitude in ep 5.25 was OK, the reunion was slightly awkward as expected, nothing wrong with that. But in 6.01, when after Steve kissed her she said “took you long enough” my hot Italian blood started sizzling and all I could think was “Girl, took you over a year to come back to him even after you found Nashib and after dumping him via email, so what about you loose the attitude and are just grateful that he didn’t slam the door in your face?” I am very curious to see what Peter and the writers have thought up about this storyline. Either way I hope by 6.03 it will be clear in which direction they want to go, either one that I hope for or the other, but please do not let us hanging for another 15 or more episodes.

I honestly want to see Steve experience some personal life happiness but as things stand now I would rather it to be with someone new. Clean slate and moving on. That’s why I welcomed the rumors of Sarah Carter’s Lynn being a new love interest.

And finally let me talk about Danno’s reaction to the news that Steve wants to propose to Cath. Danno the guy that up to 5.24 was reminding him how much she walked on his feelings and left him alone and miserable. And now he giggles like a schoolgirl at the news of his best friend taking such a rash decision? I don’t get it, I don’t think this is the Danno we know and love. I understand that Danno, Chin Ho and Lou want to support Steve and wish him happiness but is this the right way? Time will tell, but chances are that our Commander is heading for yet another heart break and in all honesty I find that upsetting.

So this is it for this week. You might have guessed already that my reviews are mostly going to be character rather than plot based. Always remember that this is just my own opinion, I’m no critic, expert, nor professional writer, just a talkative fan 🙂 And of course feel free to express your opinions, also the ones that are contrary to mine, as long as you do it in a respectful way towards me, other fans and any member of writers, cast and crew of Hawaii Five 0.

I will be away next weekend so my review for ep 6.02 will be later than usual.

Until then, have a very good week!

Aloha and mahalo for reading.



14 thoughts on “H50 6.01 Mai ho’oni I ka wai lana málie (Do Not Disturb the Water That is Tranquil)

  1. Thank you for your honesty regarding the obvious elephant in the room – the Steve/Cath relationship. You hit the nail on the head about their relationship. She left him to die after he willing went w/her to help her, she lied to him (about his mother – but she’s another story) broke up with him in the coldest fashion ever, via email (like they’re 18!), and then shows up on his doorstep a year later w/the flip remark, I didn’t want to miss Kono’s wedding. I guess she kept in touch with Kono and no one else. If this is how she shows someone she loves them I’d hate to see how she treats someone she doesn’t (oh wait, we did, the entire social media debacle). Others have said she “gets him, understands him”. I don’t see it, you don’t treat your love like a doormat. The sooner she’s gone the sooner Steve can have a normal life. I’m also looking forward to him having not only a relationship with “Lynn” but also with others if this isn’t meant to be.

    I’m not sure about Danny’s reaction either. You’re so right, he’s not the Danny we know and love! Lou and Chin were shocked but that was to be expected. That’s it! Maybe the shock of such a rash statement from the stoic Navy SEAL was like a bump on his head, causing temporary amnesia ! (A small part of me is joking ).

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    1. Yeah, some beahviour are difficult to understand. I know it is hard work to fit everything in a 43 minutes show but i think personal relationships need a bit more of depth and development on the show. Peter said he is focusing on that in s6, lets hope eventually things will feel clearer and more understandable.


  2. Sorry I hit post. Before I finished.

    I did the enjoy the episode, the pirate story was vey unique! And Jerry saved the day! My favorite part was when the bad guy closed the refrigerator door and there was Steve in all his deliciousness!

    As Peter said, sit back and enjoy the ride. My seatbelt is fastened and I’m locked and loaded.

    Again, thanks for your honesty.

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  3. Congratulations on your first #H50 review! Well done! I like the way you think! The COTW was interesting and enjoyable – loved Steve’s take down of the woman “pirate.” Kono and Adam’s “morning after” was really hard to stomach and I think Gabriel is going to be a fantastic arch villain!

    I’ll hold judgement on Cath until after 6.03, but right now I’m leaning towards giving her a fond farewell.

    Poor, conflicted Danny. Wanting to have Steve’s back and questioning Cath’s behavior towards Steve, and yet when Steve says he’s going to propose, Danny gets giddy with excitement! Obviously, even though married life has been the pits for him, Danny still believes in the institution and desires happiness. I don’t really see it as being out of character yet. I’m curious as to what part Danny will play in 6.03 when the change in Steve and Cath’s relationship takes place, as I’m sure he’ll have an opinion.

    Glad to see you putting your thoughts into words. Looking forward to your next review. Aloha!


    1. Thank you 🙂 You made some good points. I’m also looking forward to the first 3 episodes to air so to be able to hopefully understand better where the writers are going. And of course there are so many thinks to like about the show so I’m looking forward even more to the rest of the season after 6.03.


  4. Great review Manu! I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store. I’m sure Steve definitely has abandonment issues especially when it comes to women. But that won’t just disappear with a new woman. That he needs to work on by himself. Not saying I don’t want him with someone, I do. We get a chance to see Alex in sexy situations, and you know how I am 😉 Can’t wait to see what’s coming up this season!

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    1. Very true, he needs to deal not only with the abandonment issues but also with the “small” matter of his PTSD. that can’t have disappeared especially after the highly traumatic experience with WooFat.


  5. Finally I watched the episode. It was not the greatest one but not the worst one either. The pirate story was a bit cheesy for my taste and the introducttion scene I thought I was watching a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, hehe!! not a cop procedural show.

    Poor Kono and Adam, how much pain they still have to endure in order to be happy. I guess the ties with the Yakuza will always follow Adam, wherever he goes, something that unfortunately it was passed to him through his dad.
    I hope Adam will survive because really since Season 2,, the main characters of this show cant really be happy with their significant others something that needs to be fixed by the writers. Either they make all the characters single so they wont endure any kind of pain or if they will make them have a partner, please do not kill them off or make them suffer. There is something about developing love stories in this show that the writers continue not to care or fix.

    Now regarding Catherine. After kissing Steve and tell him “took you long enough”. Excuse me??? She got to be kidding. She never returned to Steve after finding Nashib, she stayed in Afghanistan for almost a year doing who knows what, then sending him an email to tell him to move on? Now she comes back and like question him that he took him long enough to kiss her? You got to be kidding, she seem not to care for him and she is back like nothing happened between them. Steve should have kicked her butt right there and complain how dare she told him that but then Steve seems to really care for her so he did not say anything. ALso when they were in bed after the party with the clothes on, she acted like nothing happened when he told her they needed to talk and she said sure.. SHe is acting, everything is fine. I hope Steve finds out on the supposed last episode Catherine will be, that she is not the kind of woman he thought she was and even if he is so happy to propose to her, he will know for sure the kind of woman she really is.

    Now Danny reaction to Steve proposal was odd. He always was the guy who told Steve what is going on with Catherine and him, he always has his doubts about her in some way after she s left him and even told him that she stepped on his feelings also when she started to work with Billy, Danny always hesitate but Steve want to follow his heart but now Danny is all this happy?? I dont get it maybe he want to be happy for him as the rest of the team members and be there with him so Steve feels the support from his team, but I know Steve will face another heart break soon.

    I hope once an for all Steve will learn that be with Catherine wont give him the happiness he is looking for, he needs someone different who can teach her new things in life, especially if Catherine already told him he needs do move on. If it is not with the new love interest, at least he needs to be alone for a while so he can do some self search. Steve was abandoned twice once by his mother and now probably by Catherine, probably he cant accept the idea to be alone again so he needs some woman to fill that void, that was left by his mother for so many years and since he and Catheirne know each other for a long time, he believes she is the best one to propose and ask her to marry him but since Catherine left him, things changed and Steve needs to acknowledge that in some way.

    I like the carguement between Steve and Danny,

    Lets see what other stories Peter and the writers have in store for us. I hope the ratings improve and stop with the cheesy storylines, and focus on what made the show successful in Season 1. Focus on the work team, action, character development, some funny things from time to time and less on the romantic side of each character, just in small doses.


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