Welcome to my blog :)

Hello everybody 🙂

As the first post on my blog I would just like to welcome you all and explain a little of what the blog is going to be about. I’m hoping to make it fun and pleasurable to read. After 5 Seasons of watching Hawaii Five 0 and reading other people’s blogs I decided I might give it a go too. I’ll be mostly expressing my opinion on the episodes of Season 6 and if the opportunity arises on other Five 0 related topics.

I don’t have pretences of being an expert on writing, plots, editing, directing, I’m just a fan that truly loves this show and gets pretty involved in it, in the development and journey of the characters and in the evolving of the storylines. My opinion is going to be expressed in a respectful way but of course the ones of you that know me have noticed that I’m not shy in expressing what I think and I intend to do so here as well. I will focus mostly on what I like but I will also point out what I don’t like, is it characters or storylines, we’ll find out. And of course being this just my personal opinion I won’t mind being contradicted or challenged, as long as all is done in a respectful way.

So lets start in explaining why I like Hawaii Five 0 so much that I have decided to take some time writing about it.

  1. Lets not circle around the subject and just come out with the truth immediately: I adore Alex O’Loughlin. He is my number one reason for enjoying the show. I think he is an extremely talented actor, beyond the obvious of his gorgeous looks, and he has managed to bring to life a Steve McGarrett which is at the same time strong and vulnerable, decisive but emotional, caring but capable of doing what is needed to get the job done. I wish to see this wonderful character developing even more and continue his journey of self discovery and relations with his people. Needless to say that I also deeply admire Alex as a man. What’s not to like in someone that started from nowhere, worked hard and was able to grab his lucky break to become who he is now. How could I not admire his dedication to his family, his charity projects, his job and even his fans, many of whom, included myself had the privilege to meet him personally and experience first hand his caring and giving nature.

SOTB (3)

2. I have come to really like the dynamics around the extended Five 0 Ohana, including not only the four main characters that were part of it from the very beginning (Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Kono Kalakaua and Chin Ho Kelly), but also the oldest and newest additions of Max Bergman, Duke Lukela, Lou Glover, Jerry Ortega and all the various other characters that joined the cast in the past and will do so in the future. I’m looking forward to follow their stories and their journey.
3. After travelling all the 7074 miles (11,384 Km) between home, in England and Hawaii twice I have fallen in love with this beautiful land. It’s difficult to explain and probably a little corny but I feel at home there. No matter how tired or jet lagged I was, I have always felt healthier and happier there than anywhere else. I love the natural beauty, the history, the mythology, the aloha. Not everything is perfect even in paradise but given the opportunity and if I wasn’t tied to England and Europe (Italy) by work and family I would move out there in an heart beat. My good friend Dennis Chun has told me more than once that Hawaii will call me back again and that the connection I feel with the land is real and I believe him.

So there you have it, I hope with time my writing will improve and will become more interesting and enjoyable, in the meantime bear with me and lets have fun together.

Until then xoox from Manu


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